Quake Champions closed beta next week

Quake Champions [official site], Bethesda’s multiplayer FPS with a highly over-complicated business model that we’re calling free to play in the absence of anything more straightforward, is getting close. Close enough that I can raise a wet fingertip to the wind and sagely declare that a beta’s a-comin’.

A closed beta specifically, and if you want any chance of getting into this first round you’ll have to strafe directly to the sign-up page – they’ve been taking applications for a while already. However, sticking your name in the hat now at least means you’ll be in the pool they select from for promised future betas.

This beta kicks off next Thursday, April 6, by which point presumably we’ll all have stopped gossiping about whatever it is Bioware are revealing they’re doing to tart up Mass Effect Andromeda on April 4.

The beta brings with another new character, hoverboard-riding ‘transhuman punk’ Anarki. He looks a little bit Necromunda, and though heavily based on the olden Quake III fella of the same name, his hoverboard seems to be more of an active feature, he’s a whole lot less butchered-looking and a whole lot more yah bro:

Yeah, I definitely preferred him when his mouth was stitched shut.


  1. thelastpointer says:

    dat fov at 0:35 tho

    • sjjs says:

      Yeah, that looks to be around 105 degrees – pretty much my standard FOV in any game that lets you tweak it.

      That’s very cool to see in a current game – greater overview of the arena, much higher sense of speed. When you’re whooshing around on Overdose or Distant Screams with a high base FOV and the Speed powerup… all kinds of awesome.

      (I just hope they will still allow it to be scriptable – sometimes you do neet to get that quick custom zoom of 20 to 40ish to nail that sucker way off in the distance. :D)

  2. PseudoKnight says:

    This new era of multiplayer games focusing on characters instead of classes is really brutal on teams that can’t do characters well… which seems to be most multiplayer development teams. I wish they just wouldn’t. Gameplay looks great, but ugh.

  3. Mungrul says:

    Anarki was pretty obnoxious in Quake 3 if you read his text barks, but the character model and vocalisations were great.
    This is just embarrassing, and looks like it’s designed by someone old with a confused idea of what the “Kids” like these days.

    Paul Steed did great character design for Q3, RIP.

    • terves says:

      Seems to me they were deliberately going for ‘obnoxious late ’90s Xtreme sports bro’.

      Speaking in terms of things that actually matter in a Quake game, having the option to jump around with Quake 1-style air control as a passive ability for a character makes me very happy.

    • sjjs says:

      Dang it, I completely forgot Steed passed away such a long time ago… :(

  4. Banks says:

    This trailer killed all the interest I had on the game.

    What a cringefest.