Titanfall 2 launches big update and trial weekend

Titanfall 2 [official site] has launched a big free update adding a new map and more so, to celebrate, a free trial is running this weekend. Until Monday, all and sundry can
swing by Origin to play the full multiplayer side and one singleplayer chapter. Titanfall 2 was our favourite FPS of 2016 for bringing together the two best things in FPSs — giant robots and fun, fast movement — and I heartily recommend giving it a go.

The ‘Colony Reborn’ update adds a remake of the map Colony from the first Titanfall. Also new is the R-101, a new pilot rifle which is obviously a bit like the R-201. The update brings a load of balance tweaks, bug fixes, and premium cosmetic doodads too, so get stuck into the patch notes for full details. This trailer gives a peek too:

The weekend trial packs all of multiplayer, the ‘training gauntlet’ tutorial, and the singleplayer chapter ‘The Beacon’. You get to explore an underground facility with thrillingly long stretches of wallrunning then be literally thrown into an aerial playground. That’s a good chapter, that, and the point where I felt Titanfall 2 trusted me enough to do spectacular things by myself.

A new blog post about the making of The Beacon explains that it was actually the first Titanfall 2 campaign level they made, the one where they figured out exactly what they wanted and established the basic template. That would explain it.

I didn’t play much multiplayer myself, because other games have already claimed that “I must master this!” part of my attention span, but I enjoyed what I did play. Even if the revolver does unlock far too late. I’ve never been happier to be corrected: last year, Respawn added a revolver unlocked at level 1.

If you take a shine to Titanfall 2 and want the full thing for keepsies, it’s half-price on Origin this weekend too, down to £25.


  1. Chewbacca says:

    I really have to pay Titanfall 2 a visit again.
    So many good multiplayer shooters at the moment… (Battlegrounds, RS6: Siege, Wildlands (at least in Coop!))

  2. heretic says:

    Titanfall 2 was my first foray in multiplayer shooters since Left 4 Dead 2 years ago. I really enjoyed some of my time with it.

    However the match making is terrible.

    The most enjoyable games were evenly matched and only scraping a win or only just losing to the opposing team, but having to make a real effort to get there.

    Unfortunately most of the games were stomp fests on either side and really not fun at all :( clearly some people’s ability is so much higher than others that I’m not sure why the match making just wasn’t working.

    Played a couple of games where the opposing team were all using grenadier type weapons and destroying our team at spawn. And I was in teams where people were camping spawn as well, either losing or winning in these games just felt terrible and not fun at all.

    Maybe the match making isn’t working as there is not a large enough player base? Shame though as it could have some great moments.

    • LegendaryTeeth says:

      Yeah, that is why I didn’t play long. It seems to just match you with whoever is available. I had 2 other friends I was trying to play with and we just got matched against super high level players every time. This was during a sale too, so presumably there were other newbies around we could have played with. Not a fun time when we could be playing Overwatch instead.

    • sp0q says:

      People already got their hands on in-game files saying about a new titan and Frontier Defense, so keep your fingers crossed :)

    • Herring says:

      I felt that at the beginning too. I stuck with Bounty Hunt for ages as you can still contribute with bad FPS skills if you just hunt the NPCs down. I played Titan V Titan later on and I think that would have also fitted the bill too (as it’s proper “rounds” format) and the Titans themselves can’t be insta-gibbed.

  3. Kollega says:

    Gosh dang it to heck, what wouldn’t I give for a Titanfall game with co-op multiplayer (story missions, wave defense, whatever). I would love to play the game, but I can’t really justify buying it just for the short-if-awesome SP campaign, even at a discounted price. The primary draw is obviously multiplayer, but it’s practically assured that I’d play a few matches and never really come back. I’m guaranteed to fare embarrassingly badly against experienced players (something I know from my pitiful attempts to play the in-dev Unreal Tournament), and getting stomped into the ground is just not fun. But if it had the equivalent of the Spec Ops mode from CoD:MW2 onwards, which I could play with my friends, I would be all over it. Here’s hoping that Titanfall 3 will have those.

    • Eightball says:

      Same (well I actually got the game, got stomped in MP, and left).

    • Herring says:

      I posted below but I started playing when it was mainly experienced players and if you stick with gametypes with NPCs (Bounty Hunt / Attrition) or maybe Titan V Titan you can contribute without having Uber Elite FPS Skills.

      They’ve now modified the random-selection gametype so you can exclude modes too. So I stayed away from Pilot vs Pilot, Live Fire (now) and the Coliseum.

  4. crazyd says:

    Alice: A couple updates ago, they provided a new revolver (better than the original from my perspective) that’s available to everyone with no unlock. Wingman Elite, it’s dope as hell. Beefy projectile that’s accurate from hip fire.

    I goddamned loved this game. It is so good that it has ruined all other shooters for me. Everything else just feels slow and boring. And too lacking in giant robots. It clicks with me like no other game has in a long time.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      OH SHIT see youse on the servers

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      That and you can use your moneys earned between rounds to unlock things early.

    • Herring says:

      Agreed. I’m old and slow and my glory FPS (Quake World) days are behind me but I can’t seem to stop playing it.

      And while they come faster now, I can still get top / near the top occasionally with some Extreme Evil (TM).

  5. April March says:

    Waah, I’m interested but I don’t get a PC capable of running this until next week. :C