What are we all playing this weekend?

Happy April Fool’s Day! Or is it? It is, and you can tell by how video game studios are demonstrating their truly rubbish sense of humour. Luckily for us, April Fool’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, which means few people are around to receive their awful e-mails. Unfortunately, I am working today, so me, I’m here, I’m reading these. Don’t worry, I’ll try to protect you.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: [Adam is away at Rezzed this weekend so I assume he’s playing… a lot. Not fired! -ed.]
Alec: I will be playing NOTHING against my best wishes, as my PC has developed an excellent habit of shutting itself down a few minutes into any game. I think it’s the power supply and have ordered a new one, but if it’s not I’ve pissed £90 up the wall for no good reason and you’ll thus have to put up with grumpier than usual posts from me next week.
Alice: I finished — properly finished — Nier: Automata this weekend and… I do want to go back and fill out my collection of odd alternate and fake-out endings, but my heart is broken. I had trouble sleeping on the night I finished it and ah, maybe I don’t want to go back. Maybe I’ll revisit Titanfall 2’s multiplayer now this weekend trial has drawn people in and I can beat up on players even worse than me.
Brendan: Hacknet’s Labyrinths DLC just came out, so I’m going to spend the weekend pretending I’m an elite hacker once again, clacking away at the keyboard and shouting “I’m in!” at every available opportunity. You can tell I’ve been looking forward to this, because it’s one of only two things that have been on my Steam wishlist for months (the other one is Stellaris’ Utopia DLC). If I crack all the codes before sun-up on Monday, I’ll crack on in Nier: Automata, which is pleasingly weird.
Graham: I will spend this Saturday at EGX Rezzed, which means I don’t know what I’ll be playing but it’ll probably be some cool indie thing at a stand at the show. Or at least I hope that’s what it’ll be. Alternatively I will be in meetings all day and then on Sunday, when home, I’ll be too tired to do anything.
John: I intend to play Thimbleweed Park, but I’m filled with fear I won’t like it, that it will be too fiddly, and because The Cave was bloody awful. I think what I’d prefer is a pill that makes me forget the plots of all the LucasArts games so I can play them again.
Philippa: [Pip is also away at Rezzed and she has sent me so many texts that I am promoting her to field boss. Pip, you have the authority to fire Adam and Graham at Rezzed -ed.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Lars Westergren says:

    I’m going skiing, but I have my work laptop with me for possible emergencies – a condition for being allowed a vacation. I installed Thimbleweed Park and Bomb Squad Academy (thanks John) for evenings,or if the snow is gone. Looking forward to that.

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      particlese says:

      I wish you better snow than I had last weekend! There was enough of it that I didn’t have to do any grass skiing, and it still tasted all right, but the weather was warm, and the snow was mighty soggy. Ah, and enjoy the bomb defusal, too. :)

      • Lars Westergren says:

        Snow is extremely soggy, like skiing in sorbet in the afternoon. The games are good though!

        Thimbleweed Park on Linux instantly crashes if you change the volume through hardware buttons though. I don’t think the engine likes the semi-transparent overlay.

        • Lars Westergren says:

          A steam pop-up for a card drop for the game also caused a crash. Sound continues playing, but video and mouse cursor freezes.

        • Snowskeeper says:

          Oi. :(

        • Mi-24 says:

          I happen to know rimworld works well on linux (at least for ubuntu), I find it’s quite a good game for my laptop when I’m away.

  2. caff says:

    Thimbleweed Park, and Rocket League.

    • criskywalker says:

      Me too. Thimbleweed Park brought back that feeling again after so many years! It is great to play such a game.

      And Rocket League, always, Rocket League.

      Are we reaching a new gaming golden age again with so many great games?

  3. benjamin says:

    Witcher 3 – 35+ hours in and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to play a Bioware / Ubisoft open world again.

    • Hoot says:

      You won’t.

      Not only because The Witcher 3 is epic in every sense of the word, but also because the only 2 ‘open world’ games that Bioware have released are DA:I and ME:A and they are both shit.

    • golem09 says:

      Near the end you might be a bit fatigued by all of it. But be assured, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine are excellent at making you motivated and excited again. Heart of Stone is probably the best story dlc I’ve ever played. Not completely through Blood and Wine yet, but it’s just like a super nice extended Epilogue so far.

      • heretic says:

        Couldn’t agree more

        I picked up the DLCs when they were on sale on gog recently and the dialogues, animations are just splendid it’s a pleasure to experience.

        Blood and Wine is a refreshing contrast to the North’s gloomy atmosphere.

    • Amphetamine says:

      I’m at the 33 hour hour mark on my 2nd try after initially bouncing off it 6 months ago. Didn’t grab me properly until somewhere around 4 hours in but now I’m hooked.

      The writing is solid with fantastic lore and good twists on your choices. I saved the children but later on dearly wished that I hadn’t.

      • benjamin says:

        I stopped playing yesterday because I just reached the scene where I discovered the full consequences of that choice. It was hard to process!

        • mabeo says:

          Oh my, same here, I couldn’t continue for 3 days. I’m thinking about restarting, I have no savegame before I started that chain of events.

          • Katar says:

            There isn’t a right answer to that quest. At least not without information about what happens much, much, much later in the game.
            I saved the children and still think that is the “right” choice to make at that time even knowing what I now know from very near the end of the game. As at least some people who get punished are “guilty” and “innocent” children survive.

    • Ben King says:

      I’m also going to be playing with Geralt this weekend, still working on the bloody baron but got side tracked clearing out a bandit infested beach then hunting for sunken treasure. About to hang out with one of his sorceress lady-friends/co-workers today.

    • jssebastian says:

      I just finished the main quest of the Witcher 3… still processing the outcomes, but thankfully there are expansions so I’m not done yet! This game really is so much better than all the RPGs that came before it, that I don’t know how I could go back to them now.

      I think I got the “good” ending.. My Geralt always chose to protect his friends, politics be damned… so the outcome is mostly personal happy endings, but the political outcome of the war and everything is not really that great.

      So this weekend if I get to play something it’ll be Hearts of Stone, and maybe a bit of Never Alone with my daughter. She loves playing as the arctic fox but some of platforming is still a bit too tricky for her.

  4. Fomorian1988 says:

    Still Torment – I like it a lot, the setting is great and there are some great moments of writing (saying goodbye to a certain companion is really touching). It’s no Planescape: Torment, but it’s probably the best written of the Kickstarted classic RPGs. Not a fan of the crisis mechanic, though.

    Other than that, I’m hoping to start Subnautica. It’s been long enough since it hit Early Access that I don’t think there’ll be any major gameplay mechanic changes and most of the game is finished.

  5. PHPH says:

    Nier: Automata.

    I’ve finished A and B, and I’m working on my third playthrough now. I love this game…its vibe and atmosphere are so strong and the machines are so weird…

    And I just love the way the story is presented. In a vacuum, the story’s good and interesting, but with the way the game presents it, it becomes incredibly interesting and I’m completely hooked on playing through and finding out more. I have no idea what’s ever about to happen, and it’s super fun.

    Also dota.

  6. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I shall be playing Bastard Grey Lizard Simulator, sorry, I mean Rain World. Really wasn’t sure about whether to pick it up, in the end thought I’d try it for 2 hours and see, but am liking it so will crack on.

    Brendan wasn’t joking about how tough it is though – I am very slightly savescumming (not for every death, just in case I get stuck in an area with no food and the inability to open gates into other areas) but don’t tell the devs that. It’s not like they’ve been known to visit RPS or anything…

  7. Andy_Panthro says:

    I’ll be playing Futuristic Robot Dinosaurs, or Horizon: Zero Dawn to give it it’s worse but real title.

    But since that’s on PS4, for the benefit of my PC gamingness I’ll also be continuing to play JA2 1.13 (I’m taking back Drassen at the moment, and it’s a real challenge!)

  8. Orix says:

    Well, I’m done with the mammoth (HAHA) game that is FarCry Primal, felt there was enough closure at the defeat of Ull, and couldn’t be arsed to go after Batari. I’m done.

    Now I’m playing some smaller 1st person adventures. First up is Adrift and SUPERHOT, then maybe some Firewatch or Sunset or Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Doubt I’ll play all of those this weekend alone, but may dip into several of them.

  9. Captain Narol says:

    Tiger Knight : Empire War

    Quite feels like a chinese rip-off of Mount&Blade, in a multiplayer arena format, but strangely addictive. You can even play a roman general now !

    Also still Crusader Kings 2 (crushing the Aztecs!), Warband Bushido and Magic Duels, as usual.

    • caff says:

      Tiger Knight sounds interesting. It’s free, so I’ll give it a go.

  10. golem09 says:

    I got lucky, so … PERSONA 5

    • mgardner says:

      Lucky you, indeed! Enjoy! This will be my choice for next weekend, for sure.

  11. Hoot says:

    Between playing an awesome life simulator called “Life!” where I still have to finish cleaning the kitchen and other areas of the house I live in to get ready for decorating I will be aiming to finally finish DOOM and then plan to continue my Pillars of Eternity play-through.

  12. Agnosticus says:

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam beta wave 6 1/2 is on! The sunny weather is a little in its way though… :)

  13. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I will be continuing Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

    This game is so much better than people give it credit for.

    One, it’s a solid example of a Deus Ex / Bloodlines type urban immersive sim, stealthing and talking and fighting your way around interesting people and places. Second, the backlash against the thematic elements (mechanical apartheid etc) was totally undeserved. Some people had simply decided *before even playing it* that NO GAME is allowed to tackle such themes, or reference current events without showing them literally as-is (hello allegory).

    You can have a debate about where these elements do and don’t succeed (and sometimes they don’t), but you do not get to decide what games are allowed to talk about. For the most part, the parallels of oppression, discrimination and segregation fit the story and world just fine, and I applaud the devs for attempting to delve into such a difficult subject.

    It’s a good game, and most of all it’s a worthy continuation of Deus Ex.

    I will also be playing some more Snake Pass (great!) and maybe some Rain World, though I might save that for later so I can really sink my teeth into it.

  14. GornValim says:

    I’ve just finished Evoland, which was fun and short – just what I needed. I can now go back to one of the many behemoths I have on my hard drives. Probably The Saboteur (it never gets old to wander in the city you live in, even if the place and the period are recreated in a comic-book, tarantino-like way).

    Besides that, I have to finish my second playthrough of the first Witcher – I can’t wait to see the end of the boring chapter 2, I know that the game gets much better afterwards!

    I wanted to go back to The Secret World, but I don’t see the point, now that the reboot has been announced.

  15. Jonfon says:

    After kicking my 6 year old son off Day of the Tentacle (which he’s really taken to, he’s replaying it himself after 3 of us played through it a few weeks ago) I bought Mass Effect (not the new one, ME3 cos I’d never gotten round to it before and its cheap) and quite enjoying it. Combat is still that “neither-here-nor-there” thing stuck between a shooter and an RPG which irks me (every time I use the Sniper rifle to shoot an alien playing peek-a-boo over some crates I get flashbacks to MDK from 20 years ago). And last night I seemed to be defeated by an evil 35 degree upwards slope I just couldn’t walk up for some reason.

    If the Reapers really want to overthrow humanity they should just seed the earth with 4 foot high objects and slightly slanted ramps and corral us in.

  16. aircool says:

    I have no idea… something that will take me away from the grey, overcast skies and constant rain. Something that doesn’t require too many buttons to learn, or too much text to read, but has a lot of depth…

    Preferably, something I haven’t played before.

    • Flavorfish says:

      Rain World!.. oh wait. never mind.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Downwell? GoNNER? Nuclear Throne?

      • aircool says:

        Alas, whilst some of those games look interesting, I can’t stand ‘retro’ graphics. I grew up with Pong and all that crap and my eyes just can’t handle the past.

        I tried playing Dungeon of the Endless once (I like their other games and DotE gave me free content), but I couldn’t work out what the fuck was going on :)

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          KBrigador is on sale right now and is amazing. Retro graphics but in the late 90s RTS sense.

          As an aside I loooooooove Dungeons of the Endless, but yeah it can be a cluster fuck sometimes.

          Did you ever give Invisible Inc. a go?

    • jonahcutter says:

      One Finger Death Punch

  17. SepticKnuckles says:

    Trying to get the time to finish that last deus ex game. Not bad but makes me feel empty inside. Dishonored 2 is calling me.

  18. Flavorfish says:

    Rain World

    It’s completely amazing and the first game I’ve been addicted to in years.

    I feel like the developers made this all for me. It’s like some psychadelic crossbreed of the emergent ecosystem and postindustrial environments of Stalker with the exploration and creativity of Knytt. I just can’t express how much I love it… I haven’t binge played a game so hard for many years.

    I know this game got a lot of mixed reviews due its obtuse and frustrating design, but I think history will be very kind to Rain World, it uses emergence to develop interesting gameplay situations more than other game in recent memory (including FTL!)

  19. Ejia says:

    Horizon. No, not Horizon: Zero Dawn. An indie space 4X named Horizon. It looks and feels like a late 90s throwback in a way that is both endearing and cringeworthy.

  20. Carra says:

    Seems like I’m the only one that’s playing Mass Effect: Andromeda :)

    • Minglefingler says:

      You’re not! I’m really enjoying the game despite its problems which I acknowledge Although I feel that it’s been given more stick than it deserves. It definitely needs a better UI, Sam to shut up, the ability to switch loadout whenever you’re not in combat, storage space on the Tempest, AVP, email and strike team access from forward stations and a quicksave button. I know that’s a long list and there are other issues I’ve not mentioned but I do love the game, I just wish it had been delayed for a few months to add the polish it needs.

      • welverin says:

        I too am enjoying it (when I can, it likes to hard crash my PC, makes me worry about playing it at all), and there are a few other people I know playing it.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      I would be playing it right now if I were not in the middle of another game. Looking forward to getting to it when they’ve had a chance to patch some of the bugs and maybe polish it some more.

  21. Mi-24 says:

    witcher 3 blood and wine mostly; also assembling a new PC, anyone got any tips for transferring current HDDs to the new machine?(avoiding formatting if possible)

    • svge says:

      You unplug it from your old motherboard and PSU and plug it into the new motherboard and PSU.

      • Mi-24 says:

        Here’s to hoping it’s that simple; I am a little worried it might not be (I have retail version of windows 10 so shouldnt be issues there hopefully) but I might as well go for it, if an issue arises I can just plug back into the old PC and work out what to do from there

        • Hoot says:

          Woa. Don’t listen to this guy. Seriously.

          If you’ve bought a new motherboard+cpu combo then you cannot avoid reformatting your boot drive. Sorry, but there’s just no way around it. The system will be configured for the old mobo/cpu chipset and you will have massive problems.

          If you haven’t upgraded the mobo+cpu or are just talking about data hard drives (as in, only NON system programs or pure data like movies, music, etc) then you CAN just unplug them, and put them in a new board.

          • welverin says:

            can’t you still put the boot drive in a new pc, so long as it’s not the new boot drive? I believe I’ve done that before, though it’s long enough ago I’m not sure if it was actually a different pc.

          • Mi-24 says:

            Thanks for the advice, both of you. I’ll just explain the situation in a bit more detail:
            I am replacing everything except for peripherals, graphics card and HDDs (so yes new mobo and CPU).
            I have 2 HDD’s: one 2TB for storage (not boot drive but does contain applicatoins and all games) and one 500GB drive which has my OS and some other work applications.

            Is what you’re saying that I must reformat the boot drive but can leave the other? I read somewhere that win10 can be “sysprepped” ie removing all hardware dependent info for transferral to a new PC. If I have to reformat the boot drive that’s not too difficult given it is the smaller and mostly just the OS.

            Once again thanks for any advice, it’s a bit of a nerve wracking thing to do.

          • Hoot says:

            Welverin is right but in this case, after you expanded upon your situation, it doesn’t apply.

            I refused to upgrade to Win 10 because it was far too Mac-esque for my taste. When they release a true successor to Windows 7 that preserves everything about it, I will upgrade. I did read over the “sysprep” procedure though and it seems like a bit of an arse on.

            If I was you (and I’ve reformatted many, many times over the years) I would backup everything that I wanted to keep from your 500gb drive (documents, etc) onto the 2TB drive. Put your new PC together but leave the 2TB drive unplugged and boot from the Win 10 disc. Do a clean format and OS install onto the 500gb drive and then download and install all your drivers, Windows updates, etc.

            After you’re up and running plug in your 2TB storage drive again and point your Steam client or whatever to the SteamApps folder and all your games should load into Steam (this part is broad strokes, google transferring Steam Games to a New HDD for a more in depth procedure). It’s worth noting that if you have games/programs installed on your 2TB drive that aren’t through Steam or another digital distributor then you will need to reinstall them as all the registry entries will have been on your newly re-formatted drive.

            I’ve just got on Twitter (@TCMHoot) so hit me up there if you need any more help/advice. RPS comment section isn’t the easiest mode of communication.

          • poliovaccine says:

            While I know it’s true a new boot drive requires formatting (and partitioning) for it to function, I was under the impression that stuff (both partitioning and formatting) was done automatically by Windows 10 installation? As in, there should be no need to format manually/oneself? Is that mistaken? I’ll be in this same boat relatively soon, myself, so it’s worth an ask.

          • Hoot says:

            @poliovaccine Yes, Windows Install takes care of the formatting / partitioning for you, as in you don’t need third party software. The problem with using an existing boot drive in a new PC (with new motherboard and CPU) is that without re-formatting that drive all of the system files and entries contain instructions and drivers for your old motherboard and CPU chipset. If you try and boot from this without reformatting, you’ll run into massive errors as your hard drive is trying to load the drivers for your old board.

            I hope this makes sense :)

          • KenTWOu says:

            If you’ve bought a new motherboard+cpu combo then you cannot avoid reformatting your boot drive. Sorry, but there’s just no way around it.

            Actually, there is a way around it. I know nothing about Win 10, but for Win 7/XP all you need to do is uninstall your motherboard HDD controller driver and install standard HDD controller driver instead. Then you could unplug your HDD from your old motherboard and plug it into the new motherboard. Otherwise you’ll get BSOD, cause Windows won’t be able to find the correct drivers for the hard disk controllers. It’s better to uninstall all motherboard, CPU specific software as well. I did that several times before switching to a new motherboard and CPU or before HDD cloning. But I will add ‘do it at your own risk’ anyway, and backup everything.

          • malkav11 says:

            Having swapped out my motherboard and CPU but not my boot drive a year or so back, I never reformatted and I never had any issues. If you do have issues, it might be worth trying a reformat, but why go to all that trouble out of the gate?

          • fish99 says:

            A lot of the time you can get away with not reformatting, you just need to uninstall drivers beforehand.

        • Mi-24 says:

          Update: I tried just plugging in the old HDD to see if it worked and it did! had to reset monitor driver to get it to the right resolution but otherwise fine. Currently installing crysis 3 to prove I can run crysis.

          Thank you to everyone who gave advice;
          malkav11 and fish99

          Friendly people like you are on of the (many) reasons RPS is so great

  22. pertusaria says:

    Zelda. There is only Zelda. Well, almost – I did sneak in a few levels of Cosmic Express the other day.

  23. haldolium says:

    would love to play NieR, though Platinum decided to not give a fuck about making a proper port so I guess its already game over for me.

    But Rain World seems a very nice alternative. I also just got Planet of Mubu, rather for the soundtrack as for the game though.

    And I guess I will kill my girlfriend a few times in Ultimate Chicken Horse.

  24. ansionnach says:

    I finished all the Catacomb games, so maybe the Blake Stone ones.

    I think the Catacomb Abyss might have been the first game I played based on an id FPS-ey engine. I remember liking it much more than Wolfenstein 3D… and, I still think it is in most ways.

    The first game in this series (excluding the 2d, top-down ones), Catacomb 3-D by id themselves is pretty awful. I think I had abandoned it at an advanced stage before because it was so dull and repetitive.

    The Catacomb Abyss, which wasn’t made by id but their former publisher Softdisk, is really rather good. Locations are distinctive enough and not really maze-like. It’s as if the team got the engine and decided to focus on game design (something Tom Hall left id over was the lack of interest in this). The designer of this and the other games in the “good” Catacomb trilogy, Greg Paul Malone II, was producer on Duke Nukem 3D, another FPS game from reasonably early days that took game design more seriously (can’t say how much Malone was involved in design decisions here).

    Movement in these Catacomb games is very different from that in similar id engines. It’s plodding and could maybe cause motion sickness, but it’s like you’re a wizard wandering around the smallish maps at your leisure rather than legging it like someone more athletic and not wearing a frock. The small levels make the movement fast enough and also make them manageable. The oddness of the controls makes everything feel more in character. To start with you need to adjust and the strange controls simply underline that this is not a first-person shooter… but a game where you’re a wizard who just so happens to shoot things, viewed from the first-person!

    I played The Catacomb Abyss with the keyboard as the mouse controls are tricky to use (unlike Catacomb 3-D and Wolfenstein 3D, where they are the best option). For the other two games I used a joystick, or specifically, a Dreamcast controller acting as a joystick within the game and with all the controls that weren originally only on the keyboard mapped to the controller using DOSBox. Using the controller mapped to the keyboard for movement produced very different results so for this game, joystick control is the best option. Perhaps these games howl for a console port as they’re possibly the earliest such games that took the modern “design” decision to slow everything down and focus on joystick control…

    The middle game in the trilogy, The Catacomb Armageddon, is the low point. It does add a lot of new graphics and enemies but there are too many hordes of enemies that require millions of hits.

    The last one, The Catacomb Apocalypse, is definitely the best. It throws out the structure of the previous games and surprises you with a things like with a hub level, some time travelling and non-hostile drones that can sometimes guide you if you don’t kill them. One level is deliberately mazey, but the drones help you out here. When it comes to gameplay aspects that could be infuriating this game usually has a hint or something to counter it.

    All-in-all I recommend The Catacomb trilogy (but not Catacomb 3-D) to anyone with a little patience and interest in early FPS-like games. Even right now I think they’re good enough to be worth a look, but at a price that’s lower than the non-sale gog one. Since they are all quite similar you’re only really buying the lot for one short game that’s fun for a few hours. That game is The Catacomb Abyss, which is the free shareware one, anyway. I suppose the verdict is that I heartily recommend The Catacomb Abyss. If you like it and can buy it very cheaply, The Catacomb Apocalypse is also worth a look. I wouldn’t recommend starting with this one if you’re only going to play one game, because even though it’s the best, it’s a good bit harder (than the first one, anyway) seeing as a lot of enemies have ranged attacks.

    • Premium User Badge

      subdog says:

      I like your style.

      • ansionnach says:

        Thanks. Well, I hate Blake Stone. Some things are best left in the past… as they weren’t even any good back then. Was never grabbed by it and now I know it better I dislike it even more. Its “innovative” features were supposedly friendly scientists who you weren’t supposed to shoot and vending machines you could use. The friendlies are used to whack you over the head since they’re so often placed in the line of fire. The non-friendly scientists can kill you in two or three hits on the second hardest difficulty and they look identical. The vending machines are for food. I suppose it reduces back-tracking for health but it’s nothing to shout about. Weapons are horribly unbalanced. The automatic laser tears everything apart and the first two weapons that precede it are useless against all but the weakest enemies. The music is horrible but that can be turned off. There’s an auto-map and the levels aren’t terrible labyrinths, but I’d still take Wolfenstein 3D any day. The few weapons it had were fun to use and there’s still something compulsive about it.

        Oh – Blake Stone has monster generators that cannot be disabled or destroyed. Its sins against game design are many. It hates the player so it can go and wallow in its sub-mediocrity for eternity, unwanted and unloved.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          Don’t worry Blake Stone, I still love you.

          (Sincerely. I can see your reasons, but I don’t reach the same conclusion. It’s CERTAINLY a lot more fun to me than Wolf3D. Catacombs Abyss is still ace though.)

          • ansionnach says:

            The maziness is the worst thing about wolf3d. Drove me mad even back then. Think episodes 4 – 6 suffer more from that.

            With Blake Stone I found normal difficulty not engaging enough. Even the next one up was easy enough and I was getting more health pick-ups and tokens than I needed. Ammunition was generally the same but sometimes you’d get locked into a certain part of a floor and have so many enemies thrown at you that you’d run out and each one would take far too many hits with the standard weapon. You go from finding it easy enough to impossible. Enemy, weapon and pretty much every aspect of design are unappealing to me.

            I think wolf3d has aged a lot and was always limited and repetitive, but there’s something about the moving and shooting that was compelling. The early eighties Apple II games have aged far better. In those, every enemy is a threat that could kill. There’s no need for all this mecha zombie nazi nonsense.

  25. diji says:

    I’ll be playing outlast: whitsblower in preparation for the sequel this month.

  26. TR`Ben says:

    I’m getting back to ranked R6:S. Haven’t played it for a while. And I hope to continue my journey of getting into adventure games by playing Stasis.

  27. Alice O'Connor says:

    The April Fool’s Isaac Daily is a tricky one! I think it could be really powerful and quite possible, though. I died on The Depths II while trying to dodge between two long-lived portals and a load of impending explosions.

  28. satanlicious says:

    Despite the decidedly negative reaction to Mass Effect Andromeda on this site and many others, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into it this past week and I’m finding it to be a generally awesome experience. To be fair, it was disappointing initially, and this was exacerbated by my high expectations for it. There’s no excuse for Animation-gate (Crab-walk-gate? My-face-is-tired-gate?) or the lackluster dialogue, OR the overwhelming, unnecessary size of the game itself, but I’m reaping a lot of enjoyment out of the fun of the combat, the great new companions, and that feeling of goofy space-land adventuring that only Mass Effect can give you.

    That, and my continued path to Diamond in Overwatch.

  29. jordanix says:

    Total Warhammer. Weekend feels like the only time I have to play it.

    Vermintide, which I do play during the week.

  30. shu172 says:

    mixture of Witcher 3 (as I love it), Super Hexagon (as I hate it) and some games from Origin subscription (as I “accidentally” bought it)

  31. Thulsa Hex says:

    NieR:Automata, inevitably. I loved the initial play-through and am working on route “B” now.

    I have Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ready to go, too, but I’m a little bit afraid of being disappointed! Somewhat relatedly, I watched an episode of the Expanse last night and realised that Kenzo is played by the dude who does Jensen’s voice. It’s almost too weird seeing that voice come out of an actual human!

  32. Arkovian Rep says:

    Fun with Bombs (=Bomb Squad Academy, I also followed Johns recommendation). Also They Bleed Pixels and Renegade Ops. I bought a controller two weeks ago -XBOX 360, wireless- so I’m fond of games with gamepad support.

  33. Darth Gangrel says:

    I’m playing F.E.A.R. for the first time and despite being 11 ½ years old, it looks quite good when it comes to character models. The crates (constant companions of FPS games) and other background stuff do look like they’re from a decade old game. Really fun and the AI doesn’t behave in the normal peek-a-boo way.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      The very best thing about the AI in FEAR is the way you can absolutely terrify it.

      “Move out!”
      “No ****ing way!”

      It’s funny, FEAR almost feels like two games bolted awkwardly together – the honestly pretty weak horror sections are almost entirely at odds with the combat, which generally makes you feel like an indestructible god of death.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        Having now played the entire campaign, it was great to hear them shout “Oh shit!” or “I need reinforcements/He’s gone through the whole squad”. It’s also funny when you can kill them mid sentence or just after someone has asked if they’re okay.

  34. Zenicetus says:

    I’m continuing to slog through Mass Effect: Andromedan Teen Adventure. I’ve dropped the difficulty level, so combat is just a minor speed bump for getting through the story.

    There is just too much recycled combat with a very small number of enemy types padding out the game. Among the many other contrasts with the Witcher series, at least that series understood that you don’t want to be fighting the same exact things over and over.

    There may be a story here worth finishing the game though, and it’s not like we’re spoiled for choice in sci-fi action/RPGs anyway. So I’m trying to finish it. I just wish it was an A-level game instead of somewhere around C+.

  35. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Currently playing through 9S’s section of Nier. Love how it remembers which side-quests you’ve done and only gives you the unfinished quests. Bumped up the difficulty to Hard and apart from the enemies doing a lot more damage it is not too bad given all the buffs my character now has. Not a huge fan of the grindy loot drops. If anyone can tell me where to find a Clean Nut without making an ejaculation joke I will buy you a Coke.

    • AutonomyLost says:

      I’m not sure of a precise location of said Clean Nut, but I suggest you make one of your A/B/C loadouts buffed out with a couple higher-level “item drop rate” chips. I think I have my B loadout equipped with two of them totalling a 40% increase in enemy item drops, and have been finding a ton of shit via that route. Credits/money are of absolutely no concern, at the very least, if you do this; you’ll find so many chips to sell it’s stupid. The only thing eluding me on my second playthrough is God damned “Pure Water”. I have to wait until I get a bit further before I can obtain any for Pod upgrades!

      Anyway, I’m working on 9S as well. Have fun!

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Yeah, I had considered doing that as well as using those G Luck+ items. Haven’t really done much with using multiple loadouts. Right now I’ve just been trying to maximize defense so I can take more than two hits.

        It will be nice when we can get a reliable wiki with all this information on it.

        Here’s your Coke.

  36. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Devil Daggers, non-exclusively because I watched Sojk’s video on what the orb does. (The comments there are actually informative and made my eyes bug out a couple times.) I’m nowhere near that level (still 330s-ish), but I somehow still can’t get enough of this game, more than a year on.

    République, because the “Manifesto” edition eeked its way through customs today and is awesome.

    Elder Scrolls Online because it’s fun and I’ve friends who play. They devs just last night added a broom for a weapon and a bucket for a helmet, the former together with a little dusty Argonian lore, and both via a new store category labeled “Pay to Lose”. Both are highest-tier in quality but are terrible choices for serious play, so I used them to beat up baddies while otherwise naked.

  37. darrrrkvengeance says:

    picked up RWBY:Grimm Eclipse yesterday for my birthday. it’s really not very good, tbh. but i’m RWBY trash, so . . .

  38. Lumière says:

    Got a sudden itch for a good roguelike, taking the dust out of my ship in FTL.

  39. poliovaccine says:

    Rain World. So into this game.

    Runner up is Kona, which I’m savoring cus it doesn’t have huge replay value.

    Been getting back into my favorite citybuilders lately, too – namely RimWorld and Banished. May find time for one of those, or to check out a third I’ve owned forever but have yet to crack into: Planetbase.

    Anyone have any experience w that one? Positive, negative?

  40. keefybabe says:

    Still Dark Souls. About to AVE IT at the four kings.

    As I get more and more into this game I get more and more convinced it might be the best game ever made. Which is crazy because I bounced really hard off it at first back in 2012.

    • Shazbut says:

      It really has to dawn on you doesn’t it? I remember when I started and wondered what all the fuss was about for quite a while, until some feeling slowly arose that the game is an utter masterpiece.

      I find it hard to love though. It’s hard to love something that is so relentlessly cruel to you.

  41. malkav11 says:

    A dash of Hex: Shards of Fate for my weekly draft and perhaps some gold farming.

    A sprinkle of Monster Slayers, a fantastic little deckbuilding roguelike which launched last weekend and has already been updated like 8 times, all improvements.

    But mostly, Mass Effect Andromeda, the Mass Effect sequel I’ve been waiting for since I finished Mass Effect 1. I love it almost unreservedly and could not disagree with most of the complaints more. (Though yes, there are some tweaks that I would like, mostly to UI and repetitive SAM barks. But a quicksave would also be nice.)

  42. Premium User Badge

    zigguratvertigo says:

    I’m going to start Thimbleweed Park. It does look good, but my life’s history with this type of game has been equal parts fun and frustration. Perhaps by design.

  43. Don Reba says:

    Going to be playing the just-released PC version of Bayonetta all weekend.

  44. Xristo says:

    Taking my time with Horizon Zero Dawn. I love PC gaming, however some PS4 exclusives are must haves! This is definitely one of them!

  45. Unsheep says:

    Some Automobilista and WRC 6. I’m really impressed with WRC 6, the developers are significantly improving with each new release. WRC 5 was a 3/5 for me, but WRC 6 is a solid 4/5. It’s one of the best WRC games around, alongside WRC 2 (Milestone) and Rally Evolved.

    Automobilista has so much content now that it will probably take me 2-3 years just to complete a championship in each vehicle class. I’m proud to have supported it while in-development, it’s such a unique game.

    RaceRoom got a new track and car this last week, so I will test those out as well. Since the last two added tracks have both been Swedish, it does look like Sector3 are building up for a new STCC game, which is awesome.

    Casually playing some Gran Turismo 6 and MotoGP 13-16, getting into the groove of things before Gran Turismo Sport and MotoGP 17 arrive.

    Lastly, I’m continuing my replay of the Yakuza series, still on #4. I’m really impressed by the writing, voice-acting and characterizations in this game (and series), I think it surpases what the best Rockstar and BioWare game can offer.

  46. Snowskeeper says:

    I’m playing “panicking and writing an essay about railroads in 19th century Germany at the last moment aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please save me.”

  47. Risingson says:

    Thimbleweed Park. Which plays like someone wanted to do the perfect Dave Gilbert adventure.

    And The Witness, which is one of the cleverest Myst clones I’ve played, as a really well designed Schizm or Rhem.

    What a time to be alive.

  48. fish99 says:

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 150hrs in. Still enjoying it as much as ever, and I still have quests to do, the last 20 shrines to find, 2 more memories to find, then the last 2 Beasts and the finale.

  49. Josh W says:

    Seen as I seem to have been able to give myself sunstroke, I’m probably going to be playing something gentle like Osmos.

  50. sege says:

    I’ve had 4 attempts at starting a Witcher NG+ this week and have given up as it’s too hard for an aging gamer like me. Only the shameful story mode is left in the deceasing difficulty settings list… I’ve really noticed this last year that I’m crap at games now. I had to play doom on easy level. Gave up on Dark Souls and never looked back. I assume I used to have more patience, more interest in learning game systems etc and probably better eyes and reactions. Age is turning me into a casual gamer.

    • malkav11 says:

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing on whatever difficulty allows you to enjoy the game. It’s been my experience that harder difficulties very rarely improve my time with a game but turning the difficulty down often does.

    • moms says:

      Well, sege, if it makes you feel any better, I started off as an aging gamer (in my 50s.) I’ve pretty much always played (at least, single player games) on whatever the easiest setting is. I figure I’ve got, at least, 400 unplayed games, in my Steam library alone, and only a finite amount of time left in which to play them, sooo…
      This weekend I’m speed gaming. 30 minutes to an hour or so with.. Portal Stories: Mel, Path of Exile (trying to get through a normal labyrinth), the Temporal Invasion, Endless Fables: The Minotaur’s Curse, and Rocket League (I play with the all star bots because playing with humans is the equivalent of nightmare setting.)

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      The Witcher’s combat is pretty trash anyway so you aren’t missing out on anything.