For Honor update ups Steel rewards, River Fort returns

Tidying up some of the week’s leftovers before we shuffle into the next… For Honor [official site] has launched an update reintroducing the River Fort map and boosting the amount Steel players earn by playing. (Steel is the virtuacash used to upgrade and customise characters.) And Ubisoft say they’re going to start communicating a lot more about what’s going on with the game.

All this comes from the first This Week in For Honor post, a new weekly series of dev updates. Producer Stéphane Cardin acknowledges For Honor’s stability problems and insists “our devoted team is going full force to address the situation, and we will continue to be here for the long term” Which is grand because For Honor’s rough edges hide a diamond worth polishing. Cardin explained on Thursday:

“Our top priority right now is stabilizing the game experience. Our top engineers have been working to address connectivity and matchmaking issues since launch. On top of that, we are working on balancing our Heroes, making sure our upcoming content is easily accessible, and bringing back the maps we removed. Those maps were the ones showing the highest rates of desync, and we want to re-introduce them progressively after our testing. Speaking of that, we are happy to bring back River Fort today and hopefully we will re-introduce High Fort as soon as possible.”

That patch is now live, obvs. The other big feature was increases to Steel rewards big enough that, according to Ubi, they “can raise your daily income by as much as 45% in the first two hours.” The details:

  • All matches Steel income are increased by 25%
  • Daily Orders Steel income are increased by 33%
  • Side Orders income are increased by 50%
  • Community Orders Steel rewards are increased from 500-1000 to 2000 Steel

This change comes a fortnight after one player calculated that it’d take a hardcore player about a year to unlock everything in the game they’d paid for, and casual players over two years. Calculations like this are always hazy but even through the haze it was clear: that’s a long time.

Ubisoft have at least one year of free content updates planned, following a similar plan to Rainbow Six Siege. That’s worked out great, so fingers crossed for For Honor too.


  1. Seafoam says:

    For Honor does something remotely honorable for once?
    Huh, that’s a first, let’s see if they can keep this up.

  2. Heavenfall says:

    Have they switched to hosted servers yet or is it still embarrassingly “peer 2 peer”?

    • Mortivore says:

      Still the same shite P2P-system. I don’t even bother booting the game knowing I’ll be waiting 3 minutes for a single Duel to pop up. Let alone other gamemodes which are plagued with host migration issues.

      • Sian says:

        This isn’t exactly in defence of the P2P system, but: Are queue times really due to that? Especially since duels seem to be the least played mode in my experience.

        • Mortivore says:

          From personal experience I’d say duel queue takes the least amount of time. It takes longer when I try to play any of the other game modes which often don’t end due to the large amount of connection errors and failed host migrations. It seems that the more players are required for a gamemode, the longer the queue times are or the higher the chance that you’re kicked out of the server due to connection errors.

          • Sian says:

            Weird, because I really don’t share your experience. I hardly ever get connection problems to begin with, and apparently people I play with don’t have those problems very often either (and I don’t mean friends, I mean randoms) because I rarely see a migration or even someone leaving. I’m not denying that those problems exist – they obviously do and are in dire need of fixing -, but I am wondering why our experiences are so different.

            As for the queues: Aside from Players vs AI modes, duels are most frequently in the medium or low activity brackets whenever I check, while the four players modes almost always have high or very high activity. I can see why it’d take longer to get people together for a match with more players, though, and that’s because of matchmaking, presumably, not P2P; as broken as that is, it still does some work and tries to find players in your skill range, so it can’t take just anyone and thus it takes longer to find people – moreso if it has to find seven other players that fit the bill.

  3. Jarl says:

    I don’t really care that much about For Honor, since my toaster is too old to run it, but RPS needs more Manowar beside this alt text. And more tight leather outfits.

  4. thomas16632 says:

    lol so those number says, you’ll have to grind 25% less of 2 year, just 1 year and a half to unlock the content of a full priced game.

    which uses P2P & bad matchmaking.

    Improvment indeed :) (still not buying this lol, no money from me )