Hearthstone journeying to Un’Goro on Thursday

Blizzard have announced that the next Hearthstone [official site] is due on Thursday, April 6th. Journey to Un’Goro will venture into the primeval Un’Goro Crater to play with dinosaurs, battle monstrous plantlife, and embark on Quests with a new card type. Here, have a peek at what awaits in the free-to-play card game:

Journey to Un’Goro will bring 135 new cards. Some of the more interesting cards are Quests, which will always appear in your starting hand and offer rewards if you can meet certain conditions. For example, if you can summon ten Murlocks for the ‘Unite the Murlocs‘ quests, you’ll get the mighty Megafin – who will then fill your hand with more Murlocs. Each class has their own unique Quest, while others are for all.

Another new card ability is Adapt, which offers cards a choice of defensive and offensive buffs when triggered.

The expansion also focuses on Elementals, adding 25 of the devils who (mostly) get a bonus if you played another Elemental on your previous turn.

Head on over here for Blizzard’s gallery of all the cards. Or perhaps you’d prefer how Hearthpwn organises ’em.

If you want to see Un’goro in action, here, check out these two Blizzard chaps playing on Friday:


  1. Captain Narol says:

    Apart that it’s made by Blizzard, is there any good reason to play Hearthstone rather than supposedly more tactical card games like Magic Duels, Hex or Duelyst ?

    Is it deeper than rumored or is it that matches are more fun and shorter ?

    Honestly, I don’t get why Hearthstone is so successful in the current gaming landscape, I will have to try it one day to understand…

    • Spuzzell says:

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but here’s my 2p (now LITERALLY worthless thanks to Brexit)

      I’ve never played World of Warcraft or any of the other card games, and I’ve played Hearthstone fairly regularly for 3 years, absolutely the longest any game ever has held my attention.

      It’s fun, or if you want it’s serious. It’s 15 minutes waiting for your next meeting, or if you want it’s 4 hours straight of anger and triumph.

      You can play it entirely for free if you’re happy to earn your cards slowly rather than buy them, but I actively look to spend £40 or so a year as I think it deserves it.

      I actually gave it up for Lent this year, that’s how much I love it.

      I would absolutely say give it a go. It’s great.

    • hemmer says:

      It’s way easier to get into than basically all its rivals, while still being deep enough to be appealing on a competitive level.

      The class mechanics and card synergies are also quite fun without being too hard to pull off or counter.

      There’s also constantly new mechanics and content, they mix it up regularly.

      Honestly I could give a lot of reasons, but it’s mostly just way more polished, there’s very little unnecessary stuff, unlike many games which are often complex just for complexity’s sake.

      It’s the usual Blizzard shtick, do something others have done but a bit more professional. (which is not to say necessarily better, but often more easily accessible, which matters heaps to loads of people, especially with mobile gaming and such)

      Disclaimer: No idea about the current “expansion”, haven’t played it in a while but it’s always nice to dip back in.

      • Csirke says:

        Well, this expansion will be a better time to try the game than average, because it will also start the next “year” of standard cards, which means now there will be only 4 expansions in the standard play mode, down from 6, so a new player will be less behind. (Old card set expansions rotate out from the standard format to a format called “wild”, where they can still be played, but most people focus on standard anyway.)

    • Hoot says:

      After playing Hearthstone for a long time I found that Duelyst and Faeria are actually better games within that genre.

      No contest really. Hearthstone feels stale by comparison.

    • Blackcompany says:

      I’m a convert. I HATED Hearthstone when it came out. Thought it an awful example of the Pay to get Ahead CCG business.

      So I tested my own hypothesis. I’m out $30 so far. And $15 of that is packs; the other half are Adventures.

      And I now have two decks holding their own in Ranked play. Early tiers of Ranked, granted, but Ranked play nonetheless.

      Today I am 6-0 and Rank 19. In my first go at Ranked play. Ever. With a deck that has two Blue rares I crafted and a bunch of basic and common cards.

      Try achieving a single competitive deck in, say, Yu-Gi-Oh or MTG for under $20. Good luck with that.

      Moreover, I can play when I want, where I want, for hours or minutes. I played a competitive match today waiting on the clock to run down during shift turnover overlap and had time to spare.

      Is it as tactical as MTG? No. But it also doesn’t have 1000+ pages of rules to learn, either.

      It’s fun. Well built. Good UI. And not very costly unless you want it to be.

    • Neutrino says:

      I’m intrigued by this too. I tried a few CCG’s last year just to dip my toe into a new genre.

      My first impression of Heathstone was that it’s a WOW themed, simplistic and largely chance based CCG for kids. I eventually sunk a good few hours into Magic Duels instead.

      Since them Heathstone seems to have had so many seemingly unrelated expansions that I don’t think I have any idea what it is supposed to be anymore. And now dinosaurs?

      Seems like a thematic mess to me, but I’m happy to stand corrected.

    • zind says:

      As a paper Magic player, Magic Duels is just bad MtG, IMO. That said, if you’re just looking for a CCG to play I’d probably rate it above Hearthstone.

      Neither Hex nor Duelyst held my attention for very long so I can’t really offer much of an informed opinion, other than to say that I quit Hex because it wasn’t very fun, where Duelyst just got overshadowed by a dozen other games vying for my time.

      Eternal is QUITE good, and if I weren’t already established in a couple other digital CCG’s I’d probably have stuck with that for the long term. It’s my go-to recommendation for people just wanting to play a digital CCG.

      Pokemon TCGO and Hearthstone however are what I’m invested in, and those investments are what’s keeping me from jumping ship to Eternal or Gwent.

      Playerbase is potentially another factor. “Made by Blizzard” almost guarantees a huge number of players, and I’ve never felt like matchmaking has had a hard time finding me an even match. In Magic Duels and Pokemon it can often seem like you’re hitting the same decks and sometimes the same people over and over again from 0, but I’m not high-ranked enough in Hearthstone to really be seeing that strict meta playing out.

    • General Ludd says:

      Good card game in a polished and welcoming wrapper. Nothing beats it for a quick couple of games waiting for the train or going to bed.

  2. SadOldGuy says:

    I started playing Hearthstone in early January this year on a Sunday and by that Tuesday I got to rank 19. Then I was just destroyed by players with better cards. Never got higher than rank 19. So my knowledge of top level play is nadda.

    I still play but usually only when there is a good Tavern Brawl and not against constructed decks. It has been said before by better writers than myself but Hearthstone daily quests mainly rewards players who win games, so players make decks that win consistently but are boring to play. Recent business articles say that Hearthstone is well off of its peak number of players so all of these “new” card battle games are attacking its weak points. Maybe better daily free-to-play rewards, or actual single player content other than the tutorial, or lanes and rows to make play more varied.

    Bottom line, it is a wonderful free experience for a few weeks and you may get bored but there are now a bunch of newcomer card battle games that might fill that void.

  3. PikaBot says:

    Less than a week until I never need to see Reno Jackson or Brann Bronzebeard ever again.

    I can’t wait.

    • SadOldGuy says:

      Heck yes to getting rid of Reno. However, I will miss many of the Karazhan expansion cards since I find the random nature of the many of the cards like the portal cards and Prince Malchezaar to be fun; well, half the time. And we have another year of the Jade Golem mechanic, ugh.

      • SadOldGuy says:

        Oh, wow. I forgot that we also lose the Grand Tournament cards and the Whispers of the Old Gods cards. I only have one fun deck that summons C’Thun but half of my Beast heavy Hunter deck is going away. Hmm.

        • Canazza says:

          WotOG is staying in. Only 3 sets are dropping out: Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament and The League of Explorers.

          2017 Standard will be:
          Secrets of Un’Goro, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, One Night in Karazhan and Whispers of the Old Gods.

          • SadOldGuy says:

            Wow, Thank you! Man, I missed that entirely in all of the new card hype.

      • PikaBot says:

        The Jades aren’t a problem in themselves; the problems come from them being used in combination with a bunch of cards for League of Explorers. So it shouldn’t be too bad.

        • Moraven says:

          Brann played with Jade cards always has a big impact on the game, along with Kazakus. Glad to see it go.

  4. disconnect says:

    But can you “be” Un’Goro?

  5. Divolinon says:

    And for us Europeans Thursday means Friday.

    • Ghostwise says:

      Another one of those quaint European traditions, I bet.

      • Nauallis says:

        You’d think they’d be more grateful to American executives and lawyers for being so tolerant of their strange time-honored traditions…

  6. Nauallis says:

    I just came here to find out what the heck is happening to that stegosauroid on the headline picture. Still wondering.