Resident Evil 4 HD mod releases Castle overhaul

By Alice O'Connor on April 02, 2017

The Resident Evil 4 HD Project [official site], a hugely impressive fan project painstankingly prettying-up Capcom’s classic spooky shooter, has released its overhaul of the Castle chapter. Unlike many ‘HD’ mods, this one is so faithful to the original look that the makers even track down Spanish buildings that Capcom had photographed for texture bases. It’s a cracking update to a smashing game. The modders haven’t finished overhauling the whole game yet, so they’re releasing it chapter-by-chapter. Here, check out how much nicer the castle looks:

That’s the good stuff. Along with remaking and recreating textures, the developers have added some more 3D geometry detail in places, improved lighting, and even fixed some of Capcom’s mistakes. It’s a huge improvement over Capcom’s own official ‘HD’ re-release.

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Download links and instructions are over here. Do pay attention to those instructions, as some is a bit tricky for folks not used to fiddling with files (you can do it; I believe in you).

That download only contains the Castle overhaul, mind. If you want to fancy up the Village sections too, you’ll need this – but do be aware that that’s from 2014 and parts will be improved in the eventual final release. Going by screenshots and videos posted on dev blog, the Island overhaul is already coming along quite nicely. Yes, of course they have tracked down some of the machinery Capcom used for photo textures.

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