Agents of Mayhem blasting onto PC August 18

Agents of Mayhem

Agents Of Mayhem [official site] – the Volition cartoony third-person, open world action adventure set in the near future of the Saints Row universe – now has a release date. It’s August 18th (15th in North America), which is also Antonio Salieri’s birthday. Volition have also released a new trailer but it doesn’t mention Salieri NOR does it use the music of Salieri so please moderate your expectations appropriately:

Holly Nielson went to check in on the game for us recently and it sounds like she had fun, as did Adam when he checked in last year.

Here’s what Adam said back then:

“Agents of Mayhem, as much as anything else, looks to be Volition’s attempt to provide something exceptional on the action front. It’s impossible to judge having only seen a single mission but everything is pointing in the right direction. Gunplay feels much weightier, with shotguns causing kickback and hurling enemies across the room, while sniping in the heat of battle flips the entire approach to combat on its head. And you can switch at any time, swapping between the three agents taken on a mission with the push of a button.”

And this is from Holly’s peek today:

“The combat felt satisfying, and was genuinely enjoyable. Very quickly I found myself cycling through my three heroes, using one to blast away close range with a shotgun, then darting back with a faster character. It’s a mechanic I actively wanted to spend more time with.”

That’s all good to hear because the initial marketing/round of trailers is something both Alice and I simply haven’t gelled with.

Here is a link to the BBC’s Composer of the Week episode about Salieri, by the way! Not sure if you can get it outside the UK but if you can it’s worth a listen.


  1. Swartan says:

    It is funny how the censorship is working today.They are allowed to show tons of blood and violence, but the fun stops right where the middlefinger comes into play.

    • Kollega says:

      And don’t get me started on sex and nudity versus violence and gore. Though to be perfectly frank… this is less a censorship issue and more a cultural issue. I’m mostly okay with over-the-top comedic violence on screen, but what I despise is how depictions and even endorsement of brutal torture are “perfectly fine” today, while showing a single nipple or a tasteful sex scene is apparently “too controversial to handle”. Even in stuff like fanart and fanfiction, or webcomics, where the creators really shouldn’t have the censorship bureau breathing down their neck.

      Also, PSA for anyone looking for the uncut version of the trailer: the game’s official Youtube channel has a bunch of versions, and the Benelux one has English voiceover/video without any censorship. I’ll leave you to make your own jokes about the Netherlands :P

  2. Kollega says:

    I’m mostly satisfied with the trailer… and intrigued by the ending scene. The shot of the high-tech car, combined with the robotic voice, the Knight Rider theme, and the earlier promises of “vehicles specific to Agents” makes me wonder if the Agents’ vehicles are going to come with an awesome assistant AI for deliciously dangerous driving in the streets of Seoul.

    I love alliteration.

    • Irpie says:

      I must say, all of your comments make you look like part of the marketing team for Deep Silver/Volition.

      • Kollega says:

        Nope! Swing and a miss. I’m just unreasonably excited, because “cartoony superhero sandbox shooter” is something that I waited for literally for a decade, and there hasn’t yet been any news to sour me on this particular first attempt.

        Besides, if I was somehow involved with Volition, would it really make sense for me to yammer about how awesome AoM is in a thread with single-digit comment count?

        • wldmr says:

          That is exactly what a Volition shill would say!

          • Kollega says:

            Well, okay, if you want me to be, I can be a Volition shill… a really bored Volition shill with a lot of free time and nothing better to do.


  3. YogSo says:

    a new trailer but it doesn’t mention Salieri NOR does it use the music of Salieri so please moderate your expectations appropriately

    Meanwhile, older people (not as old as to have meet Salieri personally, mind) may recognize the whole spoofing on The A-Team opening (up to and including the musical theme) and may want to reset their expectations again.

  4. tomimt says:

    I already know I will like this one despite it’s not Saints Row game. Say what you want, but those games trump GTA in fun factor like there’s no tomorrow.

  5. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    I’ve officially waited too long to play SRIII and now it’s looped back around and runs @ 6fps on my cutting-edge rig. The game’s legit Old now. So maybe I’ll just start with this.

  6. peterako1989 says:

    This could be you Overwatch, but you had to be multiplayer! Luk et meh! Am Meltehgpleyers tuo blep blep blep!

  7. JohnH says:

    I love how that entire trailer is a homage to the old A-team intro. And then they finish it off with the Knightrider theme. :P