Cyberbam! Cyberbif! Batman: Arkham VR swinging to PC

After leaving goggheads mumbling “Na na na na na na na nah really mate, thanks for giving us a go on your goggs” on PlayStation, Batman: Arkham VR [official site] is coming to PC. Arkham VR will be on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive cybergoggles on April 25th, Warner Bros. announced today. It lets players see through Batman’s Bateyes and engage in Batdetective work using Batgadgets to solve Batmysteries – all in a Batnight’s work. Batpeep this Batrailer:

I’ve heard Arkham VR is pretty fun and impressive as these fluffy VR showcase games go, an hour or so of uploading your eyeballs into the Batverse and doing cool Batthings. And, as is mandatory, it Batvisits that infamous Batalley to Batsee that whole usual Batorigin Batstory from a new Batperspective. Give your Batnan a Batscare as you show her your Batgoggs.

Arkham VR costs £16 on PlayStation 4 so probably expect a similar price on PC. It’ll support Vive and Rift’s own cybercontrollers along with your usual assortment of gamepads.

While I’m here: how has Batman: Arkham Knight ended up? I know it was still ropey when it relaunched after being pulled from sale, then a few more patches fixed things up a bit more while WB scaled back and scrapped plans for tech features and platforms, but I still see the occasional complaint. I’d try to send Alec back in but his PC was already Batexploded.


  1. Moraven says:

    Great tech demo that only lasts 90 minutes. Think I only ever saw it go on sale once on PlayStation. Steam it will certainly go on sale sooner than late.

  2. Asurmen says:

    Needs more Batbell.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Unfortunately I am not Bruce Wayne and cannot afford fancy VR nonsense.

  4. BockoPower says:

    Arkham Knight is very good now. I just played it 3 weeks ago and encountered absolutely no bugs or glitched. Everything is so polished and fluid now. The story is good enough and the side missions are fun and not too repetitive. My biggest complain is there are almost no unique boss fights or playstyle against them. They are basically normal mobs with higher health and “hit the right button in time”. The batmobile is also still retarded but at least the missions with it aren’t that bad. It’s much better to just fly with the batsuit and look around for side mission targets in “Detective Mode”. Speaking of the “DM” you can add it to the negatives because the game forces you using it since it’s the best vision for spotting different stuff but it’s all so dark and trippy you can almost never care about the city. I spend 40 hours in the game and still don’t know anything more about the map other than it’s 3 islands connected with bridges.

    • Vandelay says:

      I can’t speak for the technicals, as I played on PS4, but I agree that it is a good time, something lost in the story with the numerous issues the game had.

      It is pretty messy in places and goes too much for the more is better philosophy, but it still has those great core elements that are in all the Arkham games. And the Batmobile missions really weren’t that bad.

    • kud13 says:

      I picked it up in a Holiday bundle, played the complete edition, and it was quite good.
      Got a bit tedious with all the outpost missions and the bat-tank combat, but overall decently entertaining. I enjoyed the “extra villains” pack, that added some nice moments.

      The story was alright, but a bit of a jumbled mess between the main story and all the side-stuff- more than usual.

      But yeah, it was basically fine. Except for the bat-tank challenges that involved driving on walls. First time in the series I kind of regretted not having a controller.

  5. Thirith says:

    While I’ll be sure to check this one out, the one PSVR exclusive that I’m hoping will prove to be a *timed* exclusive is Psychonauts’ Rhombus of Ruin.

  6. Cvnk says:

    I want to see a video of someone playing a Batman VR game while destroying their apartment in a clumsy, flailing mockery of the fluid fighting moves of those games.