Payday 2 brings back Heat Street, launches trial week

Co-op heist shooter Payday 2 [official site] has brought back the first game’s Heat Street mission (as in the movie Heat, not the website Heat Street). It’s a long firefight moving through city streets in the aftermath of a double-cross, not a copy of the movie’s famous scene but quite fun. The level has arrived as part of a new update, which is being dragged out across ten days and ten mini-updates in the usual Payday way. The week to come will bring another new heist and a new mode but, for now, all and sundry are invited to heist in a week-long free trial of the full game.

Heat Street sees the Payday gang fighting through city streets to escape a heist gone wrong. You can’t stealth it, you can barely hide at some points, you must keep moving (and escort an NPC at times) towards new objectives, and the rozzers seem to pour in from all over. I just had a go with the AI bots and had a blast.

This comes as part of Payday 2’s The Search for Kento update, which is being spread out across ten days. Still to come are a new mode, new skins, something listed as “visual mode”, new AI and cosmetic features, a new weapon, and a new throwable doodad. The final part is due on Wednesday, April 12th.

If you fancy a crack, swing by Steam for the trial. A 75% discount currently brings it down to £3.74/4,99€/$4.99 for keepsies. The DLC is on sale too; I’ve dropped a couple quid on characters and weapon packs myself. If you play with pals, remember that only one of you need own a DLC heist for the whole team to be able to play.

I do dig Payday 2 and still play a heist or two with the meatshield AI bots every so often. I’ve never got much into online play because it’s a game where newcomers can hugely muss up the round for everyone, yet there’s no good offline play or tutorial to really teach advanced techniques and practise teamwork. Some teams have been quite understanding and helpful when I’ve explained I’m new, but I wish I were less of a burden.


  1. Metalfish says:

    Payday 2 really is a strange one. The almost MMO-like making it up as they go along development would have been pretty unforgivable had the basic shooting and weapon handling not been so damn solid.

    The monetisation pushed me out and some unfixable flaws will likely prevent me ever going back in (stealth being the main one), but if you’ve got 3 mates who like shooty-bang co-oping, then I’ll still recommend it to you. Even if I suspect you won’t have a clue what the hell’s going on.

  2. zind says:

    I really enjoy this game. The crates and keys fiasco pushed me out but I’ve dipped a tentative toe back in since they did away with the paid key scheme and the same solid game is still there, and most of the new heists (of which many are actually old heists) are pretty fun.

    The biggest gripe I’ve heard about the game is from new players, that if they just buy the base game (which is all that’s necessary – you can play any heist as long as the host owns the associated DLC) the itemization is really silly. It can take a very long time to get the bits and bobs to make your preferred weapons suitable for the higher difficulties.

    For this reason I generally recommend the Gage DLCs to new players – they’re chock full of weapon and mod choices to allow for solid customization right out of the gate, and the courier packages are a neat little extra objective to do during heists that will eventually get you piles and piles of basic mods to use on any new gun you pick up along the way.

    • Jalan says:

      Last time I tried to enjoy the game, the fact that I didn’t have (all of) the DLC + junk to spec out “properly” led to me being kicked from multiple games. I doubt that mentality has changed among the playerbase at all, which is unfortunate for those of us who don’t have actual close friends who enjoy these specific types of games to play with.

      • Primicerius says:

        Not sure who you encountered. One issue that can come up is that overkill and below are reasonably forgiving with teamwork. Above that it is very punishing without a proper loadout and experience.

        Likewise turning up in a loud heist with silencers and an ECM may worry people- or turning up in a stealth heist without silencers and with body armour.

        As I said below easiest plan is often just to host your own heist- they tend to fill quickly and it means you can’t be kicked.

  3. Primicerius says:

    Great game, got far too many hours in it

    Quick beginners guide:

    1) Like many games there are the occasional jerks but most people are pretty reasonable.
    2) Hosting your own games allows you to kick the jerks (and prevents them kicking you)
    3) A pretty good start is to take medic in the mastermind tree up to aced inspired. This means that you will bring two med bags to a heist and can res your friends by yelling at them (which includes through walls and floors)
    4) Combine this with oppressor up to aced body expertise and an assault rifle will make you dangerous early on.
    5) Its handy to have an explosive weapon to take on shields as you can shoot them in the front. A shotgun with explosive rounds, or one of the gls works well.
    6) The Gambler perk derk is free, and helps you and your teammates so is a good starting point.
    6) For beginners I would recommend the Gage Mod Courier (early access to sights), Gage Shotgun packs (explosive rounds are pretty handy and the shotguns are amusing) and Gage Weapon Pack 2 (LMGS are amazing with bipods)
    7) Other highlights are the Gage Sniper Pack (self explanatory), the BBQ Pack (AA12 autoshotgun), Historical Pack (a good lmg, smg and a sniper rifle) and the Sidney Character Pack (good assault rifle, and a perk deck that you will end up using later on for some akimbo builds)
    8) If its not listed check whether its loud or stealth- I would suggest for a beginner its best to avoid stealth if you’re not playing with friends till you get the hang of the game. Most players will restart a stealth run on detection so they are easy to mess up.
    8) In heists people will forgive a lot if you stay close to your team, help them up and help them with objectives. Lone wolfing and leaving your team to move bags or defend an objective without you will not be popular. (And short of being a jerk is the quickest way to get kicked)
    9) Particular ones to look out for in heists:
    i)Cooking meth wrong causes an explosion and stops further cooking- until you learn how best not pick up the chemicals (Rats/Cook off/Hotline Miami etc)
    ii) On Big Oil day two there are a number of engines in the basement- identifying them is complicated. Do not bag one unless you know what you are doing and are sure it is the right one.
    iii) Diamond there is a booby trapped floor which gasses the room- the path across can be found in the lights in the cabinet next to it.
    10) Don’t shoot civilians
    11) If something goes wrong an apology and saying you’re new will get a lot of slack from most players- its a team game and most problems are recoverable.

  4. TightByte says:

    I also enjoyed this game a lot when it first came out, having been impressed with the first PAYDAY game. But along with a lot of other people, their monetisation strategy and microtransaction fiasco (perhaps more conveniently summed up as ‘their naked greed’) made me uninstall the game, and I haven’t been tempted to look at it since. It’s funny how something can well and truly be ruined for you, and how easily it could have been avoided.

  5. Ethaor says:

    The game was good fun, then their monetization strategy told me to get the hell out of their game. I obliged.

    Considering the vast amount of game out there, I don’t think I’ll ever come back to it. It had its chance.