Resync: For Honor’s High Fort map returns

Ubisoft’s stabfest For Honor [official site] once again has all the maps that were in it at launch, seven weeks ago. Two of ’em were pulled due to performance problems, see. River Fort returned last week alongside the patch boosting Steel rewards and now High Fort is back too. Something about those Forts in particular was causing the most desync problems. I guess the game lacked fortitude. Fortitude. FORTitude. Like a fort. Like in the maps, which have forts and have ‘Fort’ in the name. FORTITUDE. FORTS. FORT. FORT. FORT. FORT.

Ubisoft annouced the return of High Fort in a lil tweety last night.


For Honor has launched sloppily but, Michael Johnson will tell you, might be a goodun at heart. It’s unfortunate that this work is being done after launch, after players have paid for it. One of the issues Ubisoft will tackle next is balancing Gear.

“We’re aware that some Gear Stats, including those tied to Revenge, are currently too powerful and break the game balance,” they said in last week’s dev update. “In one of our next patch, we will apply the first fix to tackle the most problematic values. This fix will also alleviate some of the matchmaking issues where players were being matched against those with stronger gear.”

Ubisoft plan to say more about that patch in this week’s dev update. Yup, those are a weekly thing now, now Ubi recognise they should be more open about how they’re fixing it.



  1. Ghostwise says:

    Oooooooh. “Fort”. I get it now !

  2. Matys says:

    I honestly find RPS articles so refreshing, I like getting news without feeling like I’m getting it through some robot programmed to act professional. I’m not even interested in purchasing for honor but you made me want to read this article, keep up the good work!

  3. haldolium says:

    for some entirely unknown reason I got the deep urge to reinstall tfc and play 2forts.

  4. IHaveMoreCancer says:

    If Fort Honor had a fort
    It would be Fort Gay
    link to