Don’t Starve Together: A New Reign brings shadow queen, new bosses, further death

Don't Starve Together

I was about to boot up Don’t Starve Together [official site] to poke at the update A New Reign which went live yesterday. Then I remembered that I am bad at Don’t Starve AND any and all of its iterations from vanilla onward. I die to bees a LOT when left to my own devices so Don’t Starve Together is likely to be dying to bees in front of at least one other person, right? And A New Reign adds a Queen Bee so… my in-game life is likely to be one long My Girl re-enactment, yes? Yes.

As per the announcement:

“The reign of the new shadow queen has swept across the land of Don’t Starve Together and now creeps deep into the bowels of the earth. What ancient secrets will be dredged up by Charlie’s dark machinations, and what purpose does she have in mind for the formidable being at the center of the Ruins?”

What this translates to in terms of critters and #content is new bosses including the aforementioned Queen Bee, a desert biome, a way of teleporting to other players, new ruins, assorted other bits and pieces plus tweaks and the general “shadow queen” kerfuffle.

The bug fixes are also worth a read, perhaps especially if you don’t know the game because they conjure up all manner of entertaining scenarios as you feed them into your imagination:

“Beefalo will no longer walk away from you when you are trying to carry a heavy object onto it.”

“Fixed bug where auto-attack fails to target Werepigs drawn to the Moon Stone.”

“Fixed bug where Ghosts can sometimes still do damage after dying.”

“Fixed bug where Lucy did not remember if she possessed an Axe or Luxury Axe after shutting down and resuming a world.”

“Poisoned Canaries will no longer trigger Bird Traps and become invisible.”

“Minor reduction to the collision radius of Wardrobes and Meat Bulbs.”

All excellent news, presumably.

A New Reign is now part of the live game, although Klei offer the following warning regarding how the update integrates with existing save files:

“Please note that all the new content added as part of A New Reign will be automatically retrofitted into existing Worlds, but we cannot guarantee that this will be exactly the same as using a new Save Slot to generate a new World.”


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    This is one of those games with lots of cool-sounding content that I’ll never see because I’m altogether too crap at the game to last that long.

    • Rince says:

      Same here. I never was able to do anything besides dying quickly in this game.

  2. CyborgHobbit says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only both attracted to and bad at Don’t Starve. My daughters and I play Together every now and then, but it quickly becomes a stressful experience with lots of yelling and blaming.

    • CyborgHobbit says:

      Something unexpected happened this weekend. Out of the blue one of my daughters asked me to play. So we loaded up a world and played, just the two of us. We actually did alright! We had a little base with straw walls, a science station and few chests, and a few nearby herds of Grass Gekkos to supply us with wall repairs. I crafted a spear and was having continued success hunting Catcoons for meat to supplement our wild berries.

      Then we wandered too far without any supplies to make torches and got caught in the dark. My daughter died first, and the light of her ghost kept the darkness from attacking me again until daylight! I asked her if we should restart now that she was dead, but she insisted on watching me and using her ghostly powers to scout ahead.

      I kept surviving, and eventually felt bad for my daughter not participating much any more. So with spear in hand I tracked down a Koalefant and engaged in battle. It made short work of me and I died too. Great fun!

  3. JonasKyratzes says:

    “Fixed bug where Ghosts can sometimes still do damage after dying.”

    That’s not a bug, that’s the definition of a ghost!

  4. Brognir says:

    Still no local co-op?

  5. Kalibur says:

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one. I got this game because I was really excited about playing local co op with the missus. Bit of a crime to call it “Don’t Starve Together” then miss out a feature that’s been introduced to the original by modders. Admittedly the DS mod has a few bugs, but it’s still more local coop than DST.