Rain World patch improves controls, tweaks punishments

Deceptively cute platformer Rain World [official site] has launched an update to make surviving the post-apocalypse marginally less punishing and, crucially, a bit less frustrating. The map is now improved, some resources are more common in places, and several control problems have been ironed out. Our boy Brendan wanted to like Rain World, oh he did, but he found control issues, poor explanations of crucial systems, and harsh penalties for failure just too much for him. Last night’s patch hasn’t massively changed how Rain World works, so it’s still a hard-as-nails game of mystery and misadventure, but it does take the edge off.

The Rain World team said yesterday:

“This quick patch is intended to accommodate some early player feedback and polish assorted rough edges on the various game systems, etc. These were all low-hanging fruit that we think improves the player experience without taking anything away from the concept of the game. Rain World should be an existential experience: unforgiving and even occasionally unfair. But it should be the jaws of a Lizard that gets you or the Rain, not some ragdoll physics wonk or design oversight!”

Some of v1.01’s changes are fixing control bugs. Some are increasing resources — food, pearls, karma flowers — in several areas. Others fix bugs. A few punishments are lessened. The map is improved too, adding maps icons for discovered shelters and gate karma symbols, while no longer wiping map progress when the poor slugcat dies (“I’d say 99.5% of people asked for this,” a dev notes).

Check v1.01’s patch notes for full details on everything.

“First: I am certain it’s going to become a cult hit with a crowd of hardcore, mystery-loving obsessives behind it,” Brendan said of Rain World. “But secondly, it has also left me with the impression of a badly missed opportunity.”

I have been planning to fight through the murder in Rain World when I make time for it so, in the meantime, I am to hear that the wonk is being buffed out. If you don’t fancy it yourself, do check out Brendan’s spoileriffic GIF gallery of Rain World monsties.


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    Drib says:

    Hey, good on you, slugcat. I approve of this game because the dev popped on the comments in the initial review.

    Besides, it looks cute and interesting, if possibly a bit frustrating.

  2. davethejuggler says:

    Glad they’re listening to feedback. Going to wait to see if they add an easier mode before buying it as I just don’t have the time for brutally hard games where you can actually make backwards progress. They’ve also mentioned that they plan on adding a sandbox mode at some point which sounds pretty ace.

  3. Crispy75 says:

    Patch has definitely improved things. Death is still harsh, but it’s much easier to stay fed, swimming is kinder, and there’s no more accidentally butt-crawling indo dead-end tunnels.

  4. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    As someone that couldn’t see slugcat underwater at all on my monitor, this patch was a godsend. The assorted tweaks are nice too – especially pleased about keeping the map after death.

  5. poliovaccine says:

    I adore this game already, having not even made it very far, and I’m genuinely glad to see it’s being made a little more accessible. As it is, I’ve already showed that “bestiary in gif” gallery to a number of friends of mine – friends who aren’t really interested in games, but who *are* interested in art, narrative, design, and animation. You could see by the suddenly widened eyes that they hadn’t expected to share my enthusiasm nearly so much as they did – which is always fun to watch, haha.

    Showing the creatures as gifs was a great idea in particular, btw – in stills, the pixelated look really belies their fluidity. And really, the movement is half of what’s so damned pleasing about it, which is why even the smallest issues with the controls just stick way out looking sore and red…

    In any case, if this game weren’t quite so dick-hard I might recommend it to any of those non-gamer types I mentioned, who so shared my appreciation (or at least politely indulged it haha) – I regretted my duty to inform them that, while yeah, I’m sure they *would* be interested in the game for its art and design, it’s just too unforgiving to be *fun* for anyone except those who are either persistent as a mule, or else who are actual “gamers” – i.e. people who are prepared to roleplay the slugcat for survival, who can manage to make progress faster than they get frustrated, and who probably already have some measure of the controls in preexisting fast-access muscle memory.

    It looks like a platformer, but really it’s an open-world survival game in 2D. The more I discover about this game and its world, the more I love it. It’s been a long time since I was excited enough about a game to effuse about it to non-gamers – Rain World is the first since Fallout New Vegas – and so it’ll be pleasing as hell to me if I can share that experience with those folks who’re juuuust on the periphery of interest – “filthy casuals,” I believe, is the the language of the day..? Or are they still called normal people and girlfriends over there ‘cross the pond?

  6. Troubletcat says:

    Is it more or less cute than it appears?

  7. Bernardo says:

    This patch is not yet out on GOG, is it?

    • grimdanfango says:

      Not as far as I can tell… I’d hope it drops pretty soon.

      • Bernardo says:

        yeah, me too. Like you, I love the game and have actually no problems with the controls, but keeping the map after death is a big improvement imo.

        • grimdanfango says:

          Even that doesn’t bother me much. I only really find myself refering back to the map later on, to plan a route back through an area I explored long ago.

          The main thing for me is the better underwater visibility… that’ll make water segments feel a lot less like a (sometimes literal) stab in the dark.

  8. grimdanfango says:

    Just wanted to drop my thoughts in here.

    Rain World has quickly elevated itself onto my personal Top 10 games of all time list. It’s an absolutely incredible achievement. It’s tough, yes, but the “clunky” controls most people complain about are frankly nonsense – they’re very precise once you practice enough with them. The issue is simply that it doesn’t pander, and drip-feed you new capabilities as the game progresses. You’re about as “leveled up” as you’ll ever be the first minute of the game, and the only thing that increases your capabilities is getting more and more familiar with your character’s innate capabilities, and getting more familiar with how the world works.

    As I said, it’s unquestionably tough as nails, and death is frequently unavoidable, but if you simply accept that, and accept there’s really no great downside to dying a lot, you’ll enjoy the game. I’ve sunk 30 hours in so far, and I honestly have found myself frustrated once the whole time, simply because it’s a constant joy just to explore and learn and watch the world function.

    The atmosphere as you get into the later game is absolutely incredible too.

    • KenTWOu says:

      there’s really no great downside to dying a lot

      Karma gate requirements, plus a very high chance to die/lost a karma level could hold you in one area long enough. One minute you’re one hibernation away from the next region, you really got there, but couldn’t find enough food and/or shelter. Ten minutes later you’re in the current region again and have the lowest karma level, cause you fell to death, was attacked by an invisible monster, by monster spawned off screen or was washed away by rain, etc. So instead of exploring the next exciting region you’re spending the whole evening raising your karma level, navigating the same old areas, getting the same food, dealing with the same monsters, doing the same thing over and over again.

      P.S: Obviously, I’m talking about pre-patched version, but patch notes give me hope. This karma depletion on game exit removed if done within 30 seconds of sleep cycle alone is a really great improvement.

  9. djvecchitto says:

    In the comment section for the review article, I said that I’d buy this if they patched the controls – the developer responded right away, and now the controls have been patched, so ok!! I’m pumped and will buy this today.

    • ChrisGWaine says:

      The controls still have a lot of potential to annoy. Such as the slugcat suddenly diving over an edge into a fatal drop because you were trying to get as close as possible because you know that with many jumps there’s a good chance you won’t make it if you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be visual consistency for judging whether you’re at the limit or not.

      • haldolium says:

        I suspect that many of these issues might rather be related to level design problems/glitches and I hope they’ll be sorted.

        I just restarted because of that. Been at the end of Shaded Citadel and wanted to go back due unsufficient food for traversing the gate and I kept falling of that stupid bridge.

  10. haldolium says:

    Great patch, especially for the backwards-pipe-crawling.

    I still decided to start the game over and maybe go in a different direction after becoming kind of stuck at the end of Shaded Citadel.