The Foxer

Warm-Up Foxer (What am I?)

I was born in France but spent much of my childhood in Italy. I’ve a connection with Honda and Rolls-Royce. I survived WW2 by hiding under a bed. I’m as heavy/light as a Grease Gun. My likeness has appeared on many different objects including stamps, posters, tickets, trays and handkerchiefs. SE19 occupies a special place in my heart. My current whereabouts is unknown.

Feature Foxer (Find the missing letter)

Unlike the classic collage foxers with which they are often confused, missing letter foxers aren’t themed. You solve them by working out which letter or acronym each clue represents. One letter of the alphabet isn’t referenced by any of the collage components and this letter is the foxer solution.

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Last Week’s Warm-Up Foxer (defoxed by Orontes)

I was Krakatoa

Last Week’s Feature Foxer

Theme: Annie Londonderry (defoxed by Gothnak)

a Sterling SMG (Stugle)
b Lithium atom (Arioch_RN, Shiloh, Gothnak)
c Sander Cohen mask (phuzz)
d Amelia Bloomer (unsolved)
e 10,000 USD note (Gothnak)
f Paperboy screenshot (Gothnak)
g Faithful Annie (AFKAMC)
h John Wesley Hardin – he attended one of Annie’s lectures (AbyssUK)
i Jagdtiger – Annie claimed to have hunted tigers during her time in India (Stugle)
j Columbia Records logo (AbyssUK)
k Passepartout from 80 Days (Stugle)
l County Londonderry (Arioch_RN, Gothnak)

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  1. AFKAMC says:

    Is the building with the stars and stripes on it NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building – so the acronym is VAB?

  2. Stugle says:

    Is that an MP-5 with a bayonet, poking down to the center of the picture?

  3. Little_Crow says:

    WHO – World Health Organisation logo
    XOR gate just below that

  4. Stugle says:

    Shield top right is from the KGB.

  5. Stugle says:

    And I believe that’s LBJ looking haggard in the photo.

  6. AFKAMC says:

    Bit of a guess, but bottom right Tornado Low Level (TLL)?

  7. Gothnak says:

    Well, after a quick search, that little plane in the bottom right, doesn’t seem to be from Harrier Attack, but boy is it close…

  8. Gusdownnup says:

    The warm-up is about this thingummy.

  9. Stugle says:

    The car on the railroad tracks is a rail inspection car. Probably not quite specific enough, though.

  10. AFKAMC says:

    Top left might be crest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  11. Stugle says:

    Top left logo (with the Arabic and the eagle) is a logo of the United Arab Emirates.

  12. Stugle says:

    So, are we looking for three-letter abbreviations today, or is there more to it?

  13. phlebas says:

    The board is for the game of Y:
    link to

  14. unacom says:

    That MP cut-out might ba a PPD-40

  15. Lazzars says:

    I think that’s an XOR gate symbol bottom left.

  16. Stugle says:

    I’m finding all sorts of obscure SMGs (the Bergmann MP-18! The Lanchester! All sorts of dodgy Chinese copies!), but haven’t yet identified the one on the bottom.

  17. Gothnak says:

    Looking at the letters left, if the pic of the american building on the left was in a DMZ that’d really help :p…

    I’m crap at this one today, no connection for me to find!

  18. Gothnak says:

    We just missing the photo on the mid right and that rail inspection car & imqsz?

  19. Little_Crow says:

    Train is probably a SR Q1 – the engines obscured number is 33016

  20. AFKAMC says:

    I think the railway inspection car is a GAZ-12 ZIM

    link to

  21. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Ok, lets work out what we have, starting top left:
    Top left: a crest UAE (AFKAMC)
    Mid top – man – LBJ (Stugle)
    Gun in the middle – FNC
    Top right – crest – KGB (Stugle)
    Mid left – rail/car thing – GAZ (AFKAMC)
    Mid right – building – VAB (AFKAMC)
    Lower mid left – crest – WHO (Little_Crow)
    Mid right – game? – Y (phlebas)
    Lower mid right – Loco – ???
    Bottom left – XOR – (Little_Crow & Lazzars)
    Bottom mid – gun – PPD (unacom & Gothnak)
    Bottom right – sprite – TLL (AFKAMC)

    *edit – Warmup – JRT (Gusdownnup & phlebas)

    So we still need to work our that locomotive.
    Letters not yet used (I think): I, M, Q, S

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