Besiege announces multiplayer and level editor

Multiplayer and a level editor are coming to physics-based warmachine workshop Besiege [official site] later this year, developers Spiderling Games have announced. The Besiege Multiverse will let up to 8 players fight each other’s creations, compete to complete objectives, play cooperatively, or simply lark about in a murderous sandbox. The level editor will also be part of the Multiverse and, yes, let players build levels while others work on machines. I am so very excited to watch the wacky minigames and robot wars that will come of this. Have a peek in this Multiverse trailer:


We’ve been neglectful in not following Besiege more closely over its journey through early access. While my back was turned, players and modders started making robotic mantis shrimp, centipedes, dragons, T and flying roosters. They’ve created hover tanks, cluster missile launchers, Warhammer 40k servo-skulls, Pacific Rim mecha, and Ghibli robots. Even transforming Transformers!

Even when we Prematurely Evaluated it in 2015, it was great stuff.

Spiderling Games expect to launch the Multiverse update by the end of September. In the meantime, hey, an update this week added two new levels. Still no firm word on when the full game might launch.

If you want in now, hey, Besiege is on sale. A 30% discount makes it £3.91/5,59€/$5.59 on Steam and the Humble Store. Besiege is on GOG too but not on sale there.


  1. peterako1989 says:

    AW YISS!

  2. TheSopran0 says:

    Slaughter these villagers?

  3. caff says:

    Multiplayer? Brilliant! I enjoyed fiddling with this for a while, this will definitely inject a lot of fun into it.

  4. DailyFrankPeter says:

    Does it let you build castles (as in, something to besiege that can defend itself)? I’m not sure what ‘being able to build levels’ entails.

  5. peterako1989 says:

    link to SOON!

  6. Kelvin says:

    I swear to gosh, if I see one more picture of a gross, swollen, about-to-burst pimple in your site’s web adverts I’m going to swear off RPS for the next six months.

    • Static says:

      Food for thought, RPS doesn’t directly determine all the ads you see. Some of them maybe, but a lot of them are served to you based on the ad company’s algorithm of info they have on you (cookies etc), or just straight clickbait. For what it’s worth, RPS isn’t purposely showing you gross pimples.

    • Saarlaender39 says:

      Well, Kelvin…
      since I never see pictures of gross, swollen, about-to-burst pimples here in the ads – it might have something to do with your usual web search.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      The ads here are offensive trash.

      Is a pimple worse that this shit? link to

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        The Almighty Moo says:

        I’m getting that image at he moment. Makes me shudder. Revcontent, like Taboola before it, is just plain horrible, and having noticed that there are apparently people who don’t want a weird old trick discovered by a (you area here) mum appear to be trying for plain shock and horror factor. It would be lovely for Gamer Network to drop the practice, but I understand that the sites need to pay people with something.

        • Ghostwise says:

          Quite a few sites ended up dropping Taboola, Revcontent, etc. as they figured that the money, while not negligible, simply wasn’t worth the reputation hit. Those inserts make even the best #content look like lurid gutter shit through juxtaposition.

          At least with Taboola you could specifically block the insert and let the rest of the ads display normally, to support a good site. I haven’t found a way to do that with Revcontent. :-/

          • Premium User Badge

            The Almighty Moo says:

            Argh! When did they start appearing in the middle of long articles?

      • Collieuk says:

        I’m getting the same image. That Rebel Wilson makes me shudder.

    • tehfish says:

      Had to load RPS up in edge to see what you meant, but yes, those ‘sponsored links’ class of adverts represent the worst of the worst* of online advertising and i go out of my way to ensure they’re actively blocked.

      *Not merely annoying like most advertising, these are frequently outright offensive.

    • Topperfalkon says:

      y u no have adblocker?

      • Premium User Badge

        The Almighty Moo says:

        Opera mini user on my mobile device so haven’t found a good way to do it. That and generally ads don’t bother me all that much. It’s just these horrible things…

  7. Catterbatter says:

    I predict within a week of release we’ll be able to play a super janky Besieged version of Rocket League where the ball destroys your car. The Besieged community is amazing.

  8. skeletortoise says:

    You never realize you want digital battlebots until someone gives you digital battlebots.

  9. Unsheep says:

    I don’t know, to me this is one of those “YouTube/Twitch games” so to speak. Meaning, it could be fun to watch someone fool around with on some gaming channel, but I don’t see the offline and single-player value.

  10. ButteringSundays says:

    Any day now it’ll get crafting and an open world.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      I’m going to expand on my cynicism, without invitation.

      Why is it that every friggin game released these days has an army of Steam reviewers and commenters demanding multiplayer? What could it possible bring to Besiege? It’s a construction puzzle game.

      So much dev time gets wasted (yes wasted) on these ‘needs’.

      Why can’t people play games as they were intended anymore? Why do they always need their friend to come along?

      • corinoco says:

        I’ll answer that question the way Elvira once put it, in her inimitable way: “Because they can’t please themselves.”

      • skeletortoise says:

        I think you’ve got a good point, generally, but you’re barking up the wrong tree with this game. The single player build em up is important, just making toys and forts. But when you play with what you’ve built? That seems tailor made for MP. Check out what that guy built! Oh, let’s see whose toy will win in a deathmatch!

  11. Collieuk says:

    One of those games I’ve had wishlisted for couple of years but despite low price tag never bought. It does look fun but I’d probably play it for an hour or two, forget about it and before you know it, 2 years have passed. If I had mates who’d play it too I think it could be a hell of a blast mind. Sadly they’re all PS4 types. The bar stewards.