Giveaway: 2,000 The Long Journey Home beta keys

The Long Journey Home [official site] is a space-exploration RPG inspired by Star Control 2. Think not of Elite: Dangerous’s action-packed piloting and more of characters, tough decisions, and a game in which how you talk to your crew and the aliens you meet is as likely to determine events as the lasers you fire at enemies.

It’s in closed beta now and we’re giving away 2,000 keys to get you in.

Here’s a teaser trailer of the game:

That widget below will dispense your key in exchange for one of five possible actions: subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on Twitter, following Daedalic on Twitter, or following The Long Journey Home on Twitter. Lastly, you can enter through Facebook, which requires you to give the Gleam app access to certain data on that site. Unfortunately we had to remove the old ‘just visit a page’ entry as key resellers were stealing everything for themselves.

You can also enter more than once for multiple chances to get a key, but keys are still one-per-user.

RPS Compo: 2000 The Long Journey Home beta keys

Once you’ve completed one of the above actions, your name and email address will be printed upon a ticket and entered into a giant, spinning perspex ball in the basement of Adam’s house. The entry form above will close at midnight on Wednesday, and at that very moment the ball will begin to spin, spitting out the names of the 2,000 lucky recipients of a key. Those people will then receive an email sometime on Thursday or Friday with their key, instructions for how to play, and directions towards a secret developer Discord room just for beta players.

We won’t share your name or email address with anyone else, won’t use it for anything other than to send you your key, and when the names have been drawn, the perspex ball and Adam’s entire house will be burned to the ground to protect your data.

Disclosure: RPS columnist Richard Cobbett is a writer on The Long Journey Home.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    I still think it’s weird this has the exact same title as the proposed but as-yet-unfunded next Longest Journey game.

    • Richard Cobbett says:

      It doesn’t, that’s a typo in the article. It’s simply called The Long Journey Home. So, still scope for it to be one-upped. Or maybe a last minute rename to ‘Cyberpunk Scrolls Saga’.

    • Canadave says:

      The title is also basically the same as the most haunting of Kentucky Route Zero’s collection of haunting bluegrass songs.

      Lost all my money but a two-dollar bill
      Two-dollar bill, boys, a two dollar bill
      Lost all my money but a two-dollar bill
      I’m on my long journey home

    • Harlander says:

      Not as weird as me confusing it with The Journey Down. “Huh,” I thought on seeing the header picture. “That’s quite a change in art style.”

  2. lglethal says:

    *sigh* I wish I had more time, because this looks really interesting to me. But I’d never be able to give it the proper play time in order to give good feedback to the developers, so I think I’ll just wait until it comes out and buy it then, and let someone else with more time get the keys now! Enjoy everyone! :)

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Oh right, I remember an article about this game a few months back.

    Welp, I entered. I’d like to win a code, I’m looking forward to this game. Sounds interesting.

  4. RedViv says:

    ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT ETHICS ETC’, I yelled at my screen as I verified I had already accomplished the five tasks this quest required.

  5. RaunakS says:

    This reminds me, what the hell happened to The Mandate game? Did they take the money and run? They managed close to a million dollars on Kickstarter so it shouldn’t be a total fraud, but still…

    (link to

    • dahools says:

      looks like I wont be seeing anything for my kickstarter contribution on that one then. Win some, lose some I guess.

      On a positive note this game looks quite nice though, i’ll put down for a key and give it a go if it comes up!

    • AngoraFish says:

      The Mandate is still under active development link to

      Like many Kickstarters, the devs have clearly bitten off more than they could chew, but it’s hardly fair to imply that they might “take the money and run”; as if working hard on a game for several years and running short of cash is somehow the equivalent of fraud.

  6. fiendling says:

    Now this looks absolutely beautiful, I cannot wait to give it a go.

  7. Solastus says:

    Sooooo… Farscape: The Game?!

    I’m in!

  8. racccoon says:

    Whats this always wanting us to link from somewhere else to get something? isn’t being registered here good enough.

    • Premium User Badge

      kfix says:

      They want the precious fluids from your eyes.

    • brokengod says:

      RPS have outsourced their giveaway management to a company that specialises in doing this and is much better at making sure all 2000 of the available keys don’t end up being sold online by one person.

  9. Koshelkin says:

    Oh, that looks pretty interesting!

  10. r3dl4nce says:

    I still hope I’ll win a beta key.
    I’m following this game from the start, I hope there could be even a little bit of Firefly inside, after the death of the Firefly game :(