Endless Space 2 properly launching on May 19th

“I’m not planning to go back until the Early Access period is done,” our Adam said after playing the initial release of Endless Space 2 [official site]. It’s not that Amplitude’s 4X space strategy sequel was bad, more he’d much rather wait then get to know the full, complete game. Sounds sensible! Adam, and all y’all who held back, get out your pens, glue, glitter, and sticky stars and decorate Friday, May 19th something cosmic on your calendar. That’s when Sega have announced Endless Space 2 will launch, see. You can also decorate other days, if you’d like.

Amplitude launched Endless Space 2 into early access in October 2016, saying they weren’t sure how long it’d take. They’re old hands at this, though, having already taken several splendid Endless games through early access to completion. Seven months for ES2 isn’t bad.

Back to some of Adam’s thoughts:

“Most likely, I will wait for the full release, so that I can embrace the elegance of the interface rather than fretting about whether I’m missing anything. It’s not that Endless Space 2 feels particularly complex, it’s more a case of recognising that Amplitude have created another game where the strengths are found in unusual corners, particularly the management of populations and migration. The strong focus on factions within a species seems like a fantastic way to expand on the distinctive playstyles and rulesets associated with each race.”

I’m sure he’ll tell us all a lot about those unusual corners come May.

Amplitude say that the first Endless Space will be down to £1 from today until Monday, but that’s not up yet. That’ll include the Disharmony DLC too, which will be now given free to folks who already own the base game.


  1. nitric22 says:

    I’ve logged a literal 3 hours in Endless Space. And as we all know for any grand 4x game, at least 10, possibly 20 hours are required to make a proper evaluation. I’ve not really gone all out in a strategy game for some time, and if I get a free expansion for my current ownership, why not give it a proper spin I says!

    • Vayra says:

      Endless Space… the 4X I played as briefly as possible. It was a boring, tedious and literally ‘endless’ mess of clicking stuff and wondering what would happen. It doesn’t take long to figure out that it was gonna go nowhere at all.

      I hope number 2 does better.

  2. Rindan says:

    Best of luck to them. I hope it is good, but I have been spoiled pretty hard on Stellaris. Stellaris has its problems, but it has some many other good systems that it makes going back to more traditional 4X games space opera games hard. I hope it is more than Endless Legends in space, and has some massive improvements on Endless Space 1.

  3. SaintAn says:

    What a disappointment.

  4. FireStorm1010 says:

    Day 1 purchase for me. I tought Endless Sapce was a good game with flaws(i still clocked a lot of hours into it) , but Endless Legend was already absoultely great. Cant wait to see what they have done with ES2. The little i saw in videos makes me very optimistic.

  5. Zenicetus says:

    I’ve been playing the Early Access off and on. It didn’t feel like it came together as a cohesive game until the most recent Phase 3, but it’s shaping up nicely as a decent Amplitude-flavored strategy game. It won’t please everyone though.

    What’s good about it is the great art direction and clean UI, the interesting quest lines, and asymmetrical playing styles for the factions. Stellaris can be fun for role-playing with its highly customizable races, but they’re all drawing from the same pool and ultimately the strategies aren’t that different. With ES2, the different aliens are much more diversified in play style. For me, that’s a reason to have this option in addition to Stellaris on my hard drive.

    What’s bad about ES2, or at least disappointing, is that Amplitude still can’t seem to figure out what they want to do with space combat. I think games are more successful with either completely hands-off or completely hands-on tactical control. The pre-battle card draw system feels like giving the player a small taste of agency just for the sake of appearances. I’m also not a fan of “card games” in a sci-fi context like this. It doesn’t feel right. At least the space battles look a little more plausible than the silly mosh pit of dancing doomstacks in Stellaris, so there’s that.

    Gripes aside, I’m looking forward to what’s coming in the Phase 4 final release.

    • Cronstintein says:

      I think the combat is okay, but not great. What really worries me is the growth rate on your systems is still a long way from any semblance of balance. Farms are completely unneeded and researching them is a waste of resources, meanwhile everything grows at an exponential rate so you never feel like you need to actually manage anything. You’ll end up building all your possible buildings too quickly and looking for things to do with your production.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Yeah, there’s a lot of balancing that still needs work like that. Influence also seems too powerful in border expansion and planet flipping, not tracking actual territory held in wars.

        A dev posted in their forums that there likely won’t be any more patches between Phase 3 and final Phase 4 release, which is disappointing because it means we can’t test whatever they’re doing now for balancing. Or test that final new faction added either. I guess they’re pretty confident in how it’s shaping up internally.

  6. Slaunyeh says:

    ES2 as it is now would need another beta test before launching, unless they have something really big in their sleeves.
    I have 100 hours of early acess…and i m done or almost.
    There are small problems:
    %blah blah blah% as messages, many that are unfinished or links broken. A mission were the system doesn t put the name of the planet right %insert planet name% up to incomprehensible stuff with no tooltip “Increase weight to be targeted”…and no explanation anywhere.
    AI is only worth anything in impossible to endless and nothing impressive.
    Below that you see full blown empires attacking with exploration ships, totally passive empires that does nothing but influence minor nations during all the game (voydani) to stupid pacifist cravens and warlike Sophons.
    Actually it get harder because income get lower and AI start to build ships…. nothing impressive.
    The tech tree is as ES1 but butt ugly, looks like someone stickyed childish figurines on a DVD, it has good ideas but too timidly implemented. And in a way it limit strategy in combat in a corridor way, you go A or B. Once you ve dome both you choose what you liked most and rince and repeat for all the other gameplays.
    On the bright side the game has some neat ideas but sometimes weakly implemented, it lacks aggressiveness. I think amplitude had a lot of luck with EL and is now too timid to make a real jump forward. Or its a DLC policy.
    Politic is useless as population management is irrelevant.
    The UI is nice even if because of the above a lot of info are useless.
    Population management underused in importance.
    The worst now is influence as it works
    The races are nice and bring a lot of diversity on playstyle for you to evolve correctly, from genetic thiefs to politic insanity and gold whores, passing by traditional scientific obsession and warmongers.
    Lot of potencial, really. need more time to evolve a bit unless:
    1) they got something under the hood that wasnt presented
    2) DLC politic is kicking a la Paradox.
    Conclusion far from a bad game far from a great game, as is.