Vroom! Full Throttle Remastered roars out today

Today I’m wearing my leather jacket and trying to convince Cara to bop me with a plank then toss me into a bin, celebrating the launch of Full Throttle Remastered [official site]. Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions have updated and re-released LucasArts’ 1995 stonking adventure game, which Tim Tam led development on back in his LucasArts days. Parts of Full Throttle always niggled and annoyed but it rose well above them, and I’m hopeful that still holds true. I can’t think of any game in the past 22 years which has surpassed Full Throttle’s opening, for starters.

Full Throttle is a point ‘n’ clicker about bikers and family in a strange future, unfolding as gang leader Ben finds himself framed for murder and — worse! — his bike trashed. Ben adventures across the dystopian desert to clear his name and catch the killer, getting into scrapes, driving in a demolition derby, making friends, and solving puzzles along the way. More than many of its contemporaries, Full Throttle is into cinematic adventuring and heartstring-tugging over head-scratching. Cara had a good look at the central relationship a few years back.

While I’m sure parts will have aged ungracefully, its style, heart, setting, and tunes still seem smashing.

Double Fine have fancied up this re-release with redrawn art (and re-rendered cutscenes), remastered sound and music, and a commentary track. As is customary, it’ll have options to mix-and-match Remastered and original bits. I might turn off the new art myself. The combat will still be rubbish and certain puzzles still wonky but heck, it’s still Full Throttle.

A small launch discount brings Full Throttle Remastered to £8.79/11,99€/$11.99. It’s already out on GOG and will hit Steam later today. I’m delighted to see it readily/legally available again.


  1. Fadaz says:

    I’ll own up. I’ve already downloaded, played and finished it. And it’s still great. The opening is still one of the best in gaming history. And there are a few annoying puzzles, but the rest more than makes up for it.

    Only good thing about being sick today.

  2. the_rara_avis says:

    What’s the deal with this being excluded from Steam’s Family Sharing service? Seems a bit of a random choice.

  3. Viral Frog says:

    This was the first game I ever completed. I didn’t realize this remaster was coming out so soon. Aaaaaand I purchased it. Now when I’m feeling a break from Yooka-Laylee, I know exactly what I’ll be playing.

    The thing that stuck with me the most about Full Throttle was definitely the opening. I have yet to see another game with such a strong opening. I wonder if we’ll ever get another of this quality.

  4. Vedharta says:

    Years ago i replicated Ben’s jacket backpiece on my own leatherjacket…it the most dorkiest AND awesome thing ever :-D

    I suppose here is something i have to replay!

  5. Rikard Peterson says:

    Have not played the remaster, but after seeing how Double Fine nailed their DotT remastering (that’s how it should be done!), I did something that’s very rare for me: I preordered this. Here’s hoping that it’ll live up to my expectations. It’s been many years since I last played Full Throttle, but I still have the CD on my shelf.

    It’s a great game, but I was still surprised when I recently heard that it was LucasArts best selling adventure game. I see much more talk about Monkey Island…

    • draglikepull says:

      My girlfriend and I, neither of whom had played Day of the Tentacle when it first game out, both played through and enjoyed the remaster, so I can confirm that it still holds up even if you don’t have nostalgia for the original. I’m really looking forward to having a first chance to play Full Throttle.

    • Det. Bullock says:

      Monkey Island came out when Sierra was still a juggernaut of adventure gaming, Full Throttle came out later and had a theme that was more appealing at the time.
      Personally I’m not enthusiastic about it, it’s probably the Lucas Adventure I appreciate the least among the ones I played.

  6. Faldrath says:

    Yeah, the opening is great, the combat was crap, but, to me, Full Throttle will always be about the bunnies. One of the most glorious scenes in all of gaming.

    • anevilyak says:

      Whoever picked Ride of the Valkyries as the music for that part was a genius.

  7. fiendling says:

    I completely forgot about this remaster. Thanks Alice, it will be bought immediately.

    Full Throttle is one of my favourite adventure games if not my top favourite.

  8. Soapeh says:

    Does the remaster change that horrible timed “hunt the pixel-sized brick” puzzle? Or at least make it a bit less infuriating?

    • Urthman says:

      In the remastered version, that brick is at least as big as 4 pixels! Maybe 6!

      • April March says:

        4 is okay, but 6 wanders dangerously close to ‘reimagining’.

    • Premium User Badge

      LucasThePatator says:

      I don’t know how many times I kicked this f***ing wall when I was young ?!

    • Sic says:

      It’s been a few years since I played it, but don’t you see which stone is kicked on some sort of CCTV camera?

  9. racccoon says:

    A great classic game that needed this kind of PUNCH! :) gw devo’s

  10. stuberger says:

    Any idea when it might be released on Mac? Most of the promo material said Mac would be included, but it’s currently only available for PC.