Nier DLC will let you fight CEOs of Platinum and Squeenix

DLC adding coliseum battles might sound somewhat unimaginative for a game as endlessly surprising and heartbreaking as Nier: Automata [official site] but that’s what is coming. Oh, wait, and it’ll let those lovable warteens fight the CEOs of Square Enix and PlatinumGames. That’s more like it! The action-RPG’s first DLC, titled ‘3C3C1D119440927’, is coming “soon” with coliseum scraps and rewards including cosmetic doodads like costumes from the first Nier. Here, check out this chief executive beatdown:

(If you haven’t gone through several of Automata’s endings, this post will show some things you may not know about.)

Square Enix’s CEO has appeared as a boss battle before in a special demo of Final Fantasy XV (I hear that’ll be released as DLC too?).

Arena combat isn’t really what I’d want from Nier DLC but I don’t know what else I’d prefer. Nothing? I don’t even really want to return for a while; it’s a game I adore and will surely revisit many times but not yet. I’ll probably not buy 3C3C1D119440927 any time soon. But if you can still stomach duffing up robots (you monster!) and want some natty threads, be my guest.

Will you correctly guess — and be disappointed or delighted by — which of these three outfits is the sexy one? Check out 2B, 9S, and A2.

For the official word on all we can expect, here’s Squeenix:

The downloadable content (DLC) set, titled ‘3C3C1D119440927’, will include three exciting new colosseums to challenge, plus additional sub-quests. Upon completion of these quests, players can earn various rewards, including:

  • Costumes from the previous Japanese release, NieR: Replicant, for androids 2B, 9S and A2
  • Records that add special music tracks to the players’ jukebox
  • New equipment and cosmetic accessories such as hairspray that allows you to change the color of 2B and A2’s hair
  • Masks with unique ‘on equip’ effects
  • Special bullets that change the appearance of enemy bullets

And here, this trailer shows off 2B dressed as Kainé for some regular arena battling with an added dash of despair at the end:


  1. AndyR says:

    That’s great but a patch really is long overdue, considering the number of fundamental errors that the community have had to find workarounds for…

    • caerphoto says:

      Came here to say this. I’m using an RX470 and get white screen crashes without fail during the first fight against the robot things on foot at the beginning. Apparently I can fix it by completely uninstalling my graphics drivers then installing a specific old version but ha, fuck that, I’ll play something else for now.

    • legends20 says:

      Came to say this as well. I still can’t complete the game because of the constant crashing. The game is broken, and there’s dlc? What?

  2. alexgem says:

    I thought it was some Alice’s inside joke which I had failed to grasp, instead ‘3C3C1D119440927’ is REALLY the DLC name?? I’m astonished :)

  3. LTK says:


  4. Burlypenguin says:

    No kidding about the patch. I am getting dropped controller inputs. Thought it was a wireless problem but the problem only appears in Nier.

  5. Monggerel says:

    Okay, I heard some good things about NieR, but:
    What in sweet dashing chrysler fuck is with the outfits? Like, seriously? The Phantom Pain’s Quiet looks positively stately in comparison!
    I don’t consider myself prudish but this just weirds me the hell out.

    • April March says:

      I thought the same thing at first, but then I realized the main character is an android. She doesn’t feel cold; no clothing will feel uncomfortable for her; as a machine, she retains her mobility whatever she’s wearing, because if she needs to move more than her clothing allows she’ll just tear through it. So why not give her a pretty dress if that’s what rocks your socks?

      If it was my android I’d probably give her a tee shirt with like Ice King drinking a Starbucks latte or some other incomprehensible nerd bullshit, but I never made an android so I gotta respect other people’s tastes.

    • keefybabe says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty creepy. Stay classy Japan.

  6. noom says:

    Edit: Intended this as a reply to Monggerel above.

    The default outfits aren’t quite as egregious as the “sexy” outfit seen above, and there is a little subtext about sexual stuff that excuses it to an extent. It does also fit with the generally bizarre ethos of the game too I’d argue.

    It does have a somewhat exploitative feel though, I’ll admit. Especially with the constant flashes of bum you’ll get when running around as B2.

    It’s a great game though, and despite featuring not a single human being manages to offer one of the most human stories I’ve played in a long time.

  7. racccoon says:

    Basically its a teenage hormoorgasmic game which did its job & attracted them in! bumms! buy! buy! bumms!
    The only thing I didn’t like about the game and annoyed the crap out of me was all the work put into the game and some idiot thought it would be a great idea to have all weapons flying by themselves! it does seem more likely they couldn’t be assed to make proper straps for weapons to be held by each character. kind of wrong really, for them to do so much and yet miss out on something so obvious.

    • AniahVu says:

      Dude they are 500 years plus into the future in a world with magic and all kinds of unexplainable stuff and weapons being holded is what you’re worried about? 50 years ago people said that having a tv and a radio at the palm of your hands will be the future yet people saw it as unrealistic but see now. Just think of it like the star wars force power.

    • pentraksil says:

      No straps on weapons are making you rage….but giant 10 000 year old machines, levitating droids,androids wearing maid outfits, blindfold technology, robots acting like children, robots giving birth to other robots are somehow OK? And also, calling this game “teenage hormoorgasmic” proves that you obviously did not play it at all. People who see this sexual content everywhere and complain about it have more issues with their own mentality than people who really don’t care about any of it.

    • CptPlanet says:

      I have noticed flying/floating weapons in a lot of japanese/asian games. It is the style of the game. Not the game’s fault if you don’t like that.

    • horrorgasm says:

      raccoon, there’s no way in hell you actually even played this game and that’s probably for the best. The story would be way over your silly little head.