Total War: Warhammer charges onto Mac

We’re already in the long run-up to the launch of Total Warhammer 2 later this year but hey! Wait! Hold on! The portpeeps at Feral Interactive today tidied up a loose end of the first Total Warhammer [official site], releasing a Mac version. That means users of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux-based personal cogitators can now totally get hammered and get their war on in some kind of fantasy.

In that pleasing modern way, if you already owned Twarhammer on Steam, you’ve got it for Mac too. Remember when ports used to be sold separately? Wild times! Of course, no one minded because you could get two copies of Max Payne, a Marathon bar, two tickets for Star Wars: Attack of the Clones – and still have change from a shilling. I’ve been studying you old people, you know.

Unlike olden dayes, this Mac release actually comes after the Linux port. Twarhammer got jacked full of penguins back in November 2016. The two ports were announced alongside the Windows edition but it’s taken a while to wrap up these loose ends. It takes a lot of apples to power a computer, you know. Steve Jobs should have considered lemons or potatoes – they make better batteries.

Twarhammer 2 is due at some unknown point later this year. It’s jaunting off to new lands to hang out with the Lizardmen, High Elves, Dark Elves, and a yet-unconfirmed fourth race. Folks will tell you it’s Skaven because the announcement trailer shows a creepy rat but ignore them, it’s just a rat, and nothing and no one is burrowing beneath you, crawling through your walls, hiding just out of sight ready to gush forth in a verminous torrent. It’s just a rat. Don’t sweat it. Don’t tell anyone. Twarhammer 2 will also let players who own both games play on a campaign map with both regions.


  1. SaintAn says:

    Shame about CA supporting homophobic and white supremacist mods on the TW Reddit. Can’t stand to support a game connected to bigotry.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      Supporting or not removing them from the game? There is a difference. If it’s simply apathy, I try not to get too bummed out by that, because if I did, I could never go back to playing Hearts of Iron IV, which, basically the entire series seem to be the favorite virtual playground of neo-nazis the world over.

      • Fiatil says:

        I can verify this is correct. I love HoI 4, but man that community. I made a mod for it and have had a few people add me to their steam friends as a result, and wheeeeeeew. Just recently had to remove one of them after discovering he is the leader of a Hitler Youth steam group.

        • Solidstate89 says:

          It’s totally fucked how awful that community is. Even just the comments I see on the Steam Workshop mod pages made me want to vomit.

          Oh well. At least I can always enjoy the fact that I kick the shit out of Germany everytime I play the game, lol.

      • SaintAn says:


        • Solidstate89 says:

          Are they at all associated with Creative Assembly? If not, then your stance is meaningless.

    • Vedharta says:

      Which mods are that?

    • Nolenthar says:

      You unfortunately got to be used to it, white supremacists and racists are common things in 2017, and, one would argue, probably always existed but had harder times admitting it than they do now with the likes of Trump and Brexit.

      Judging a game producer by the mods produced for it though, is probably slightly over exaggerated. Modding will bring everything, from best to worst. I’d rather play video games who can be modded even if that brings some regrettable content over games that can’t be modded. Feck, we’re PC Gamers, PC Gaming DNA is intertwined with modding. Simply down vote or rate those idiots down and enjoy free valuable content, Twarhammer have plenty who doesn’t break any laws against humanity.

      • Unclepauly says:

        You should touch up on your history. Racists nowadays have to hide most of the time. There was a time when it was openly supported. I’m talking about racists whites. Racism against whites is a whole nother story I won’t bother getting into.

        • GeoX says:

          …don’t look now, but we just elected one as President of the US, and his fans aren’t even a tiny bit shy about admitting it.

    • quijote3000 says:

      TW Reddit? You do realise, of course, that TW doesn’t control reddit. Tomorrow I can create a subreddit of Rockpapershotgun, where only fans of Donal Trump may enter.

      • IaIaFhtagn says:

        Donal Trump, the President’s lesser-known Irish cousin.

    • Fiatil says:

      This is like, the worst stance ever. It is a good thing that Total Warhammer lets you mod stuff. There is no way for them to control all of the content that is produced as a result. It is absolutely ridiculous for you to equivocate allowing mods with endorsing white supremacy.

    • IaIaFhtagn says:

      Is this the thing where someone declared that the mods were obviously all Nazis because they didn’t ban a Pepe meme? Because I get that Pepe has been hijacked by the Alt-Right, but that doesn’t mean that literally every use of him is for white supremacist reasons.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Serrit says:

    got jacked full of penguins

    Hah my new favourite term for a Linux release. Someone please write a jfop deployment manager tool!