TumbleSeed rolling out on May 2nd

You know those mazes where you need to roll a marble or ball bearing past obstacles and perilous holes? TumbleSeed [official site] is like that but scrolling up through procedurally-generated levels, with special powers. So a bit like that, but not a load. TumbleSeed is a goodun, a great arcade game turning something simple — rolling a seed up an obstacle course by tilting a guiding bar — into a delightful challenge. I really enjoyed the preview version I played a while back. When will Alex Public get to play? May 2nd, the developers have announced. Have a look:

Looks simple; increasingly isn’t. Navigating between holes becomes mighty tricky, then different sorts of enemies show up, requiring deft movement and use of powers to take ’em down, and… it’s tricky stuff! It’s a looker too.

What I most dig is the idea of daily challenges. I missed the Spelunky Daily craze but I still enjoy my Binding of Isaac Dailies (except for the occasional score-eating crashes) and would be up for TumbleSeed too if I can manage to become not-rubbish at it. I do like the casual competition and “Go here, do this” direction of Dailies.

TumbleSeed is coming to Windows and Mac. It’s made by Benedict Fritz, Greg Wohlwend, Joel Corelitz, David Laskey, Jenna Blazevich.


  1. Velox says:

    Thumbleweed, TumbleSeed.. what’s next? MumbleReed? CrumbleFeet? BumbleBeat?

  2. Sam250 says:

    Sincerely thank you for not using the word “roguelike” to describe this game that obvious is not a roguelike, even though every other videogame publication, who seem to exist only to regurgitate the marketing material of developers, have done exactly that.