Dawn of War 3 gameplay vid shows 40-minute 3v3 match

The multiplayer open beta test for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III is starting Friday but ugh, waiting! For those who want to see 40K real-time strategy action right now, Relic have released a video of a full 3v3 match with commentary from some of the folks who made the game. They seem to know a thing or two about how it works. The forty-minute match sees Orks, Eldar, and Space Marines all represented on the battlefield in a big ol’ rumble with megaunits and megapowers aplenty. Observe:

Your guest commentators there are game director Philippe Boulle and game designer Carolina Mastretta. Or if watching videos is for “those dang kids”, you can read Fraser Brown’s thoughts after he played.

If you want into the open beta, sling Relic your e-mail address over here and they’ll hurl a Steam key back. Preloading has already started, then the beta will start at 10am PST on Friday and run until 10am PST on Monday the 24th. It’ll have 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 action with all three factions but no AI battles and only three maps and a handful of the elite units and army-customising ‘Doctrines’.

Dawn of War 3 is due to launch in full on Thursday, April 27th.


  1. Phantom_Renegade says:

    2 things.

    1. Fix your log in system. Seriously. Fix. It. It’s horrible.
    2. The main page now links to the supporter buy page. While I’m all for aggressive marketing, I doubt that this is ideal:P

    As for Dawn of War, it continues, with each title, to be unimpressive. Which, considering where it’s from, should be a crime.

  2. fragmonkey90 says:

    Wow seeing this in motion makes it look incredibly uninteresting.

    Seems a lot like a MOBA. Way too much micro

    • Unclepauly says:

      At least it’s less like a moba than DoW2.

    • Asurmen says:

      That’s a joke right?

    • skyst says:

      Too much micro? Have you played RTS above the level of attack-moving mobs of marines in StarCraft? Even in the oldest or simplest of RTS, good players are constantly repositioning troops, baiting the enemy, retreating, flanking, etc.

  3. Ethaor says:

    It… certainly looks and feels MOBA-esque. Are they shooting for the e-sport market? Trying to get a share of that juicy & toxic crowd? As a big Dawn of war fan, this doesn’t excites me at all.

    It might be a fun game for many, but it certainly doesn’t feel and look like a good Dawn of war game to me.

    • FriendlyFire says:

      … Where are you seeing all that? It looks like a mix between DoW1 and 2. Yes, they added a “core” which looks a bit like a MOBA, but it’s a lot better than just having a base with a lot of hitpoints that doesn’t do anything.

      The game has fewer active abilities than DoW2, the units are more readily sacrificed than even in DoW1, the scope is similar to DoW1 but with much larger endgame units. I really don’t see what’s so MOBA/uninteresting/not DoW-like about all this.

      • Vandelay says:

        This is a complaint that keeps cropping up and I still don’t understand it. As it is also accompanied by shitting on MOBAs and/or the players, I can only assume that those making them have never actually played one for more than a few minutes.

        The power core is basically the only MOBA element I can see and that is stretching the comparison. It is like saying Supreme Commander is a MOBA as you have to destroy the commander.

        Personally, I am looking forward to delving into a non-Starcraft trad RTS.

        • Ethaor says:

          Well, I’m not saying DOW3 is a MOBA, I’m saying it certainly looks it gots inspired by MOBAs quite a bit.

          The art direction alone is very cartoony and colorfoul, it simply looks exactly like DOTA to me. They want every power, every attack to be clearly visible through over obvious and overdone effects wich in the end looks like the screen is completely saturated and drawn in effects should a few units engage all at a time.

          In terms of gameplay it’d be way to long to develop my point of view here but to me, personally, it’s obvious they simply took the base building and bigger armies of DOW1 along the Heroes of DOW2 and mixed it all up with a strong pinch of MOBA trying to create a new kind of RTS that appeals to both crowds and the e-sport fans. Which to me, doesn’t equal a good DOW.

          I have played MOBAs for a couple of month a few years ago (Lol) and yes, the community is the worse, the absolute worse I’ve seen since I’ve first touched a computer. Putting aside the toxic community, I personally don’t like that genre one bit, I respect those who do.

          Imho, DOW3 will appeal to a different crowd that the DOW fans, probably a good chunk of the MOBA crowds, which is most likely what the developpers are aiming and hoping for, again, imho.

          • Asurmen says:

            No, it’s aiming and will receive the DoW crowd. MOBA crowd won’t touch it. Utterly different games. I wish this whole DoW3= MOBA thing would die.

          • Vandelay says:

            To be fair, media seems to want to push the comparison too, such as over at Eurogamer – link to eurogamer.net. Of course, you read the words of the developer and it is clearly in response to a question directly asking have you looked at MOBAs when developing the game. Unsurprisingly, he says yes they did look at them, but then he goes onto say rather generic statements about heroes and map objectives. Both of these are just elements that are continued from the series already.

            Obviously there are going to be influences from other developments in similar genres, but to call this anything but an RTS and to dismiss it as a MOBA seems rather absurd to me.

            And, yes, as a regular DOTA player, the community is by far the worst I have ever encountered. Bringing it up when talking about this game though just feels like another nebulous excuse to bash DoW3 (not aimed at your particularly criticism, but just the general angry internet comments about it.)

          • Titler says:

            “I wish this whole DoW3= MOBA thing would die.”

            Why? Relic not only designed the game to be a MOBA, but I notice those desperately trying to discredit people drawing that comparison won’t be honest and state that Relic asked how much experience you had with MOBAs in the Closed Beta Application., and set it as one of the main criteria for getting in.

            It’s a MOBA. DoW 2 was already leaning that way, but 3 is even closer. If you like MOBAs, fine. But don’t deceive potential buyers just because you want this game to succeed, or the Warhammer license in general. It’s NOT Dawn of War 1. It’s nothing like it. Tell the truth to people. Put respecting them before your fanboy needs.

          • Asurmen says:

            You ask why Titler. Erm, because it’s absolutely false, that’s why. Nothing to do with fanboyism or not respecting anyone. It’s simply the argument can’t be made.

            Merely asking for MOBA experience doesn’t prove the point. Look at the gameplay. It doesn’t play like a MOBA. It plays like an RTS.

            It’s far more lik DoW1 than it is a MOBA.

        • Aetylus says:

          They have clearly taken a bit turn towards the MOBA.

          If you compare the characteristics of MOBAs to RTS wargames (Old DoW, CoH, Wargame series etc).

          – Wargames have open maps, MOBA’s have paths… DoW3 has paths
          – Wargames have cover, MOBA’s don’t… DoW33 has no cover.
          – MOBA’s have stealth zones, wargames don’t… DoW3 has stealth zones
          – MOBA’s have cores, Wargames have points… DoW3 has cores.

          The two main parts of RTS wargame that DoW3 retains is the base building and variable units… but its clearly a move towards MOBA’s.

          Whether that is good or bad depends on what you like… but given this game’s waiting market is the Old DoW crowd (RTS wargamers) and the MOBA market is already saturated, its seems an unfortunate choice.

          • wengart says:

            “– Wargames have open maps, MOBA’s have paths… DoW3 has paths”

            So Starcraft, Command and Conquer, Warcraft, DOW, COH, etc… Are all now MOBAs?

            Because they do not have open maps. Sometimes they appear open, such as COH, but I assure you they have paths.

            “– Wargames have cover, MOBA’s don’t… DoW33 has no cover.”

            Once again RTS games have lacked cover for years. Starcraft, C&C, etc… no cover. DOW1 had some amount of cover, but it equates to just about what was shown in DOW3 preview videos earlier.

            “– MOBA’s have stealth zones, wargames don’t… DoW3 has stealth zones”

            Wargames quite certainly have stealth zones. They just call them heavily forested areas and defilade…

            “– MOBA’s have cores, Wargames have points… DoW3 has cores.”

            What? MOBAs do not have cores. Wargames do not have points.

            Your list is erratic and inaccurate for MOBAs, wargames, and RTS. You are grasping a very specific examples that back up your point. However, all of these examples only work in very specific segments and wipe out hosts of classic genre games in order to fulfill your argument.

            Even your 3 core examples (DOW, COH, Wargame) fail to fit your category of RTS wargame unless water the definition down to include the game you are trying to exclude.

    • Unclepauly says:

      It’s less Moba than DoW2.

    • skyst says:

      I’m only a casual fan of RTS, less so MOBA and have played WH40k (tabletop) casually off and on for twenty years. This game looks like a solid representation of the Warhammer 40k franchise and doesn’t come off as especially MOBA-like to me, outside of the absolute broadest comparisons (MOBA being born from RTS and all).

  4. Lieutenant_Scrotes says:

    Looks like fun, very similar to the first Dawn of War.

    Two Issues:

    I hope that you can zoom out farther than was shown in the video.

    Chaos was my favourite faction in the original, I wonder how long it’s going to take for them to be released as DLC.

  5. Kolbex says:

    Do the units still move if you only click once and not, like three or four times like you’ve got some kind of neurological disorder?

  6. HellFell says:

    How can the Open Beta start tomorrow if the “launch” is on 21st of April, 10 AM PST (Friday) as per dawnofwar.com website FAQ? It’s a mistake.

  7. fuggles says:

    I want this to do well as I have had awesome times with relic stuff pre Dow 2.

    Personally I’m not getting it even if it gets 100% everywhere as I have enough games right now. However it looked a visual mess, which may be why they both thought it was exciting and I was pretty much unmoved. They mess up the lore so much you can’t stay mad – dire avengers with holofields?

    Anyway, good luck to relic. Please come back and make exodites for dow1.

  8. jessezen says:

    I’ve played 21 or so hours of the closed beta. The game feels like a very fresh and fluid RTS to me. I play both MOBAs and RTSs. While this may have a few elements that borrow from MOBAs, it most definitely feels like (and is) an RTS. The game that it feels the most like to me is Company of Heroes 2, which I loved, combined with Warcraft 3, which I also loved. Having nothing invested in the DoW franchise before this, I can say that this will for sure be my go to RTS. I’m planning on playing the shit out of it. I strongly urge people to, with an open mind, give the open beta a shot before casting judgement. The game play is rock solid, which isn’t transmitted well through watching people play poorly on Youtube videos. I’m all for criticism, but the amount of totally irrelevant bile that this game has drawn is beyond me. I actually bought the older DoWs in a package to get used to playing before launch, but couldn’t get into them. This game feels much more modern, fast-paced, and generally ummm, fun.

    • Unclepauly says:

      What’s the performance like? I’m running an overclocked gtx460 until I can buy a 1070/1080 and was wondering if I could run this.

      CPU and MEM is not a problem as I’ve got 16gb 2400mhz ram and 4.5ghz 4690k