FRPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom launches

French indie JRPG-looking Kickstarter project (phew!) Shiness [official site] is now out and has a launch trailer to prove it. The name relates to this particular game’s version of a linking spiritual/life-giving energy called Shi, which I assume is a reference to qi.

“One day we have to face up to who we are and when that day comes I hope you will forgive me” breathes the voiceover. I paused the trailer at that point. I mean, if you’ve done something that terrible and you’re asking for my forgiveness already maybe I don’t want to hang out with you.


Okay, so having finished watching the trailer there’s a touch of possible necromancy, a furious man-spider, lectures about courage and so forth. Also the breathy lady asks “Is that you my son?” at the end and given she isn’t talking to me I assume she is the ghost mum that the fox/bear guy is trying to resurrect.


In case that was unhelpful here is the official blurb:

“Shiness is an action-RPG that takes you on a journey across a universe on the verge of collapse. After a crash-landing on a hostile island, you find yourself in a conflict spanning multiple kingdoms. Face off against dangerous enemies in hyper-dynamic fights, mixing magic with traditional fighting game mechanics. Gain experience to evolve your characters, learning new skills and spells.”

AND 2 minutes of further explanation here:

Which is more or less what I said.

Shiness is out now costing £24.99/29,99€/$29.99 on personal computer.


  1. House says:

    I’m only a couple of hours in, but it’s fun so far. I like the art and the mix of RPG, platforming, and fighting game. The camera requires some wrangling, especially in combat, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen.

    Definitely designed for controller, not mouse/keyboard, which doesn’t bother me but it’s worth noting.

  2. smeaa mario says:

    The whole furry thing though… Was that really necessary? This looks like a great game, but furriness is a deal breaker for me.

    • Seafoam says:

      Sad thing that, I not into furries myself, but it seems to be one of those art styles that repel people away from games, regardless if it’s good or not.
      Dust: Elysian Tale is still one of my favorite games, the gameplay is fantastic and the story is pleasant, but the anthropomorphized animals drive people off the game, so I feel that it would have been more successful with a different art style. Shame.

      • smeaa mario says:

        I played and really enjoyed Dust too. But I think I had my total fill for furries there. It just repulses me in general.

        In all honesty, I didn’t like anthromorphism even in cartoons as a child. In my opinion if animals are to be depicted, they should just be depicted as animals. I don’t mind them talking fable-style. But when it comes to them appearing and acting like humans, it’s just a huge no. There is nothing interesting there. It’s downright irritating.

        • Seafoam says:

          Huh, nothing about human animals never really irritated me. Well each to their own.

          Random fact: Did you know that Hotline Miami’s animal masks were inspired from Dennis Wedin’s nigthmares as a kid, because he was so scared of animals acting like humans.
          Seems like repulsion to anthropomorphized animals did gaming one service at least.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Really a shame because I want to see far more of it, if anything. Personally speaking, anything with protagonists that aren’t exactly human, be it alien, demon, or furry, is fantastic. Characters that aren’t just slight variations of the same fleshy core (exaggeration) are a treat for eyes that are too used to the same.

        Yet also for some reason hated. Yay. That being said I’m not actually crazy for the art style of this game (Dust’s was excellent).

    • Premium User Badge

      Drib says:

      Watch out! Your gravatar here on RPS appears to be some kind of anthro dinosaur! You have become what you hate!

    • April March says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean. The other day I saw this cartoon that looked great, but I was turned off by the furries. I think it was called Duck Tales or something like that.

      On a more serious note, the idea that furries are something undesireable, reprehensible and intrinsically linked with sexual fetishes was manufactured wholesale by 4chan’s /b/ board while they passed around their loli hentai (or, to call a spade a spade, erotic pictures of children), and it somehow got internalized by the internet as a whole. Find it in your heart to fight it and enjoy stuff that’s just animals wearing pants.

      • Masked Dave says:

        I don’t think anyone’s talking about disliking it due to any sexual connotations. The OP clearly says in their reply that they disliked it in cartoons when they were a kid too.

        …Which just made me think of Bucky O’Hare for some reason. And now I want someone to make a Bucky O’Hare game.

        • smeaa mario says:

          He is kind of right though. The sexual connotations automatically accompany the furry culture. I mean there is anthromorphization and then there is furriness. It’s twisted. I won’t just go ahead and point fingers at all furries, claiming they are sexual deviants. Yet so far, I’ve rarely come across one that isn’t.

          There are ordinary humans in this game. And there are also furry characters. Ffs, why did the signature rpg beefcake in the party have to be a furry? Try as I might, I can’t find a plausible connection.

          • Kitsunin says:

            And how have you even come across furries? Through the internet? I mean, unless someone is on the extreme side of furry, you probably have no idea of their involvement in the community. That being said, someone furry enough to call themselves “furry” and be a part of a community based around the idea of “furry” is probably already on the extreme side. Likewise people in Anime communities are certainly far more likely to be into Hentai, it’s nothing unique to furries.

            So, as far as a fandom or community goes, certainly there’s a connection. Except, that has nothing to do with the aesthetic of film and games, the same way people involved in rule34 communities have nothing to do with The Simpsons or whatever.

  3. Harlander says:

    It’s a good morning for games the names of which I’ll misremember forever.

    Still, Shininess sounds like it could be fun.