The Wolf’s Bite is a 1v1 choose-your-own-adventure

“It can’t be done,” They said when The Yawhg tried to turn choose-your-own-adventuring multiplayer. “And even if it could, the people wouldn’t stand for it.” When the dust settled, They conceded that yeah, actually, The Yawhg is fun. But The Yawhg was cooperative, surely no one could turn multiplayer an-adventure-of-your-very-own-choosing competitive? The people wouldn’t stand for it! Well well well, here comes The Wolf’s Bite [official site] with 1v1 your-owning where The Three Little Pigs have seven days to sabotage The Big Bad Wolf’s new restaurant before it opens. It’s a pretty one!

The developers explain:

“The Wolf’s Bite is a hybrid between a visual novel and a one-versus-one choose-your-own-adventure game that can be played with a friend or solo versus the computer. The game revolves around thwarting the other player and either ensuring the Wolf’s business thrives, or goes belly-up, depending on which player you choose. Players explore various locations within the city while making whimsical choices over the course of seven days. Each decision you make can lead to great rewards or dire consequences. Choose wisely.”

Oh, what’s the fairytale setup? Well! The Big Bad Wolf has left the demolition industry and being foiled by brick buildings but The Three Little Pigs aren’t very forgiving. As Wolfie tries to open his new restaurant, the Pig-pogs try to foil his plans.

The Wolf’s Bite is due to launch in “mid-2017”, and currently having a crack at Steam Greenlight. It’s made by Eric Bernier, Karen Teixeira, and Dave Coughlin — who call themselves Three Little Devs — and packs music and sound from Fat Bard.


  1. Gothnak says:

    There was a 1vs1 Fighting Fantasy Book back in the day called The Clash of the Princes. One player could meet some bandits and fight them or pay them off and send them against the other player.

    You just wrote a word down on a bit of paper and then the other player would see what words were written and then turn to pages based on them at certain points.

    link to

    I might have a complete set of all FF books :p.

    • Robmonster says:

      There was a series of 2 player gamebooks called DuelMaster :- link to

      Arena of Death was the best, a gladiator battle set in an odd gladiator arena with underground passages , secrets and weapons to discover. Had so much fun playing that one. The other players actions would impact your story, as the books kept track of whether a particular treasure or weapon had been collected, and if the other player got there first you were directer to a passage describing the empty weapon cabinet or somesuch.

      • Gothnak says:

        I’ve not heard of them, and they were written by one of my mates, Jamie Thomson :p… Oops.

  2. April March says:

    Oh my, this game looks delicious.