OrbLands: such a cute marriage of FPS and walking sim!


Going through the Screenshot Saturday tag on Twitter is one of the best ways to find eye-catching games. Not always the most playable things, but definitely ones which demand attention for their visuals. OrbLands [official site] is an experimental FPS-walking-simulator project where it was as pretty as it was playable, enticing me across the map with shootable rainbow balls and feeding me sci-fi paperback cover art as a reward! I’ve spent the morning with the version that’s currently playable in browsers (browsers that aren’t Chrome, I mean). Take a look!

The web version is here and the devblog focusing in on how OrbLands is coming along is here.


  1. LTK says:

    What a strange aesthetic. It looks like the game is running at native res and all the art is just standard low-poly stuff, but he put a bunch of filters over it to make it look pixelated and to restrict the colour palette. It looks pretty but also… wrong.

  2. Derpkovsky says:

    Is it appropriate/cool to say ‘better than No Man’s Sky’? That’s what it reminds me of anyway, a sort pixelated No man’s Sky without all the pomp and circumstance where you can just walk about and maybe shoot things if you want to. Thanks Phillipa for mentioning this!

  3. Ben King says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that as soon as you put an ammo counter, timer, and targeting reticle on the screen for me I simply chase down all the shooty things as fast as I can like an oaf. I’m going to second the ambiguous feelings of LTK regarding the low rez pixel thing, but I will say the skies and art on the horizon of the levels are pretty fantastic.

  4. syllopsium says:

    ‘Playable in the browser’ Provided your platform is Windows or OS X, the browser isn’t Chrome, and you’re prepared/able to run a third party Unity plugin.

    That’s a somewhat restrictive definition of ‘playable in the browser’ as opposed to say, Dustforce, which works in Firefox as-is.

    • Flammablezeus says:

      It actually doesn’t run in Firefox either. It asked me to install the Unity plugin (which I did) and now that that’s done it’s still asking me to install the Unity plugin.

    • kreediddy says:

      Hi, this is the developer, the final version will be available on multiple platforms. Please follow me for updates. I’m on Itch, Twitter, YouTube, and Patreon. @KreeDiddy ;)

  5. Farnbeak says:

    When I look at this, somehow I feel I need to play Magic Carpet again!