2D moba Awesomenauts goes free-to-play next month

The long-lasting 2D incarnation of the MOBA known as Awesomenauts [official site] is going free-to-play, developers Ronimo have announced. They’ve been working up to this over the past year, they say, bringing other features to the shooty multiplayer platformer such as a new matchmaking system, a spectator mode, and a level editor. But now it is taking the final plunge into the deep F2P abyss.

Here’s the important changes, which I’ve cut down for brevity.

  • A completely overhauled tutorial and beginner experience
  • A new progression system
  • A new currency called Awesomepoints… used to unlock playable characters, profile portraits, and the new droppods
  • Medals
  • Real money will still be the only way to buy character skins, but can now also be used to buy individual playable characters and droppods
  • Players will also be able to buy all current and future characters through the ‘Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack’

The F2P-ness will begin May 24, but existing players will notice the changes from today. If you are one of those players and you’re wondering what you get out of all this (aside from some new pals to play with), Ronimo seek to reassure you. “Nobody will lose content during this transition,” they say. “Existing players will automatically have all the content they previously owned unlocked.” If you own the game and all of its previous expansions, you’ll also be auto-upgraded, like a victim of the cybermen, to that “All Nauts Pack” which unlocks all the characters for you, if you haven’t done that already.

I haven’t had a go at Awesomenauts, and it looks like none of us have written about it apart to report on previous updates and expansions, so we can’t tell you what we think about it. But we have often admired its name from afar.


  1. Jalan says:

    Funny to go to the game’s store page and see the multitude of skin DLC, click the news post and then go back to the store page and see all the skin DLC vanish.

  2. djvecchitto says:

    I played the hell out of Awesomenauts when it first came out years ago: had a ton of fun back then, but haven’t kept up with the DLC. I guess it’s technically a MOBA but the gameplay feels a lot like Smash Bros.

  3. draglikepull says:

    I’ve played this a lot as a co-op game where we team up to comp stomp the AI but I’ve never jumped into the online multiplayer. I’m always a bit surprised to see how long it’s kept plugging away, so there must be a reasonably sized player base that’s still going at it competitively.

  4. Rituro says:

    Of all the MOBAs I’ve played, this one was hands down the most fun. The side-scrolling platformer style changed the skill ceiling immensely, meaning you could jump in even after a long layoff and have a relatively good time.

    Plus, the game is just, well, FUN. It sounds fun, the art direction is fun, the story is all kinds of goofy Saturday morning cartoon fun… y’know, fun! None of this mystifying DOTA/LoL super-serious-hardcore attitude.

    Hm, I guess I should really reinstall it before all the F2Pers arrive…

  5. Sin Vega says:

    wait, it wasn’t free already?

    How come I bought it and played…. oh, it has multiplayer.

  6. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Hmm, could be interesting… I learned the game via multiplayer with a friend back before the first expansion pack, and the challenge was a mix of fun and frustration due to the huge skill differences between the “leagues”. I slowly shifted over to single-player bot stomps and had an absolute blast for long while after, and I’m still enjoying much of the soundtrack, but Devil Daggers eventually took its spot as my go-to “quick bit o’ fun” game.

    With all the work they’ve done on the matchmaking since then, and with the presumed influx of new players, I could see giving the multiplayer another go. Thanks for the info!

  7. MetroDetroitGaming says:

    Glad I just bought this game 2 weeks ago. Havent played a minute so returned it is

  8. whoknows says:

    I’ve played 300 hours of this game, and it is fun as hell. Very well balanced, challenging, beautiful to look at, and satisfying. I played with a controller and even though a lot of people play with mouse and keyboard, it just feels so much better with a gamepad.

    Unfortunately, once Overwatch came out I got a new PC and started devoting all of my team-based competitive game time to it.

    It was worth it to pay for it on sale, and it’s definitely worth checking out for free.