Heroes of the Storm gets Overwatchier in v2.0

Overwatch cyberninja Genji has arrived in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm [official site] and the mech-piloting digital sports superstar D.Va is soon to follow. To give them somewhere familiar to scrap, the free-to-play crossover MOBA’s update 2.0 has added a map based on Overwatch’s Hanamura level. HotS 2.0 also reworks the player progression and loot system, and brings an event with crossover rewards in both HotS and Overwatch (including, oddly, a D.Va cop outfit for Overwatch). Oh, and all players are receiving enough virtuacash to unlock a bundle of twenty characters for free. Those busy Blizzees! Here, watch what Genji is all about:

Like in Overwatch but in HotS, yeah? It’s about the same with Hanamura, which has players escort payloads across the map. Huzzah, another game for you to scream “OH MY GOD GET ON THE PAYLOAD” at your teamies!

Annnd here’s a cinematic trailer with a peek at D.Va still to come.

Blizzard don’t say when D.Va will arrive in HotS. I’d guess early May myself, judging by the crossover event offering cosmetic doodads in Overwatch and HotS for playing HotS with a chum. The first week’s rewards focus on Genji, but from May 1st they start introducing D.Va’s weird cop outfit and bits related to it. (Why is a teenage digital sporter stomping around, guns blazing, as a cop? F2P game costumes are so weird.)

Update 2.0 hit the US servers yesterday and is out in Europe today. Full patch notes are this-a-way. You might also fancy a peek at this post on the new progression system, which includes new ways to get cosmetic doodads without paying cash money.

Whether you’ve played or not, Blizzard want to give you enough cash for a big bundle of characters, which sounds like a good way to get into it. Hit the HotS site to download.


  1. Heavenfall says:

    The game has developed incredibly well since release. Although what some complain about hasn’t changed – that it’s mostly a game about teamfights and map objectives.

    • SaintAn says:

      Not really. I haven’t played much since launch and nearly all of the old characters still only have their launch skins. They don’t add much. Even the new spray, voice, etc items are low quantity.

      • that_guy_strife says:

        Every hero has at least 3 skins, each with 3 color schemes. I don’t get your comment either – what does cosmetics have to do with the development of a 5v5 MOBA ?

      • vahnn says:

        Oh, they haven’t added new skins for some characters? This game hasn’t developed at all! What are those bums at blizzard wasting all their damn time on?!

  2. Viral Frog says:

    HotS seems like the kind of MOBA I could really enjoy. Of the 2~ hours I’ve logged, I’ve played a total of 0 games. Yep. Spent that whole time (not consecutively, of course) waiting for games but getting none. This is the same reason I haven’t played Overwatch recently. Can’t get a game to pop. I don’t find twiddling my thumbs while I wait to be the best use of my free time.

    • Moraven says:

      What region? What game mode?

      Americas region its usually less than a minute during prime time for Quick Play/Unranked. Ranked might be a few minutes, depends on your rank. Never an issue in Overwatch.

    • Freud says:

      Are you sure you haven’t blocked it in your firewall?

      The absolute most a queue can take is 10 minutes and then a game is launched no matter what. For the vast majority of people queue times is 1-3 minutes at most.

    • Thirdrail says:

      I think something is up with your connection, because it is very rare to wait longer than a minute in either of those games, in any unranked game mode.

    • Wormerine says:

      I am playing on european server, but easily got a game of HotS within minute or two. Overwatch takes seconds.

    • that_guy_strife says:

      You have issues on your side. Bigguns.

  3. Seafoam says:

    Time to play 5 matches with a friend for that D.va skin and then 5 more 2 weeks later for those 10 loot boxes, and then never touch the game again.

    • Lyrion says:

      You can’t, you’ll need to play atleast all 20 matches with a friend for the 10 lootboxes. You have to finish quest by quest too get the next one.

      • 4026 says:

        Any idea what the fastest way to throw 20 matches in HotS is? Asking for a friend.

        …so that he can group up with me and we can do it together.

        • Moraven says:

          Games average 20 minutes. Just join up for Quick Play and try someone that sounds interesting.

          Hopefully Blizzard bans people from obvious throws and does not let them get rewards.

        • Shivs says:

          The fastest way is Beginner AI co-op. Just 5 man a lane from the start, it takes 15 minutes at worst.

  4. Freud says:

    It’s an amazing game and anyone who has been interested in playing a moba but have been turned off by the requirement to spend hours reading up on heroes/items/mechanics or was afraid of the toxicity in these games should give it a try.

    Getting 20 heroes for free just by logging in is a great start to building a good hero pool.

    • Xocrates says:

      My past experience with it is that you need a premade team in order for the game to “make sense”. I found the solo experience to be absolutely dreadful.

      It’s a game I want to like, and I’ll probably check the new update. But I do not have my hopes up.

    • tranchera says:

      I just started a new League account because I felt like playing again, and the password recovery system doesn’t work properly (as far as I can tell).

      I’ve played about 20 games, which has gotten me about 1500 IP… which is half of the way to the one champion I want to unlock, which is Sona. To be completely honest I’m not sure how I unlocked so many characters to begin with, or how anyone who is new to the game actually has the tenacity to sit through all the rubbish personalities to save up for a champion they want.

      • Halk says:

        you’re complaining about League of Legends? How does that tie in to the article even?

  5. Moraven says:

    I play mostly solo Quick Play, which may or may not have ‘ideal’ teams (Tanks, Support, etc).

    Its more of a quick Arena Brawler, especially when you have no supports. Have lots of fun with the many different team make ups.

  6. Thirdrail says:

    I’ve never seen anyone improve a game as much as Heroes of the Storm has been improved between its beta and now. Seriously, wow. That 2.0 update was insane. It actually did all kinds of stuff they didn’t even mention, like tiny tweak improvements to abilities and talents. It has been kind of a chore to stick with HotS at times, but yesterday made it all seem worthwhile. Not just the free stuff, but the state the game has finally reached. It’s like watching Pinocchio become a real boy.

    Also, you’re crazy, Alice. That Dva police skin is one of the best skins I’ve ever seen in any game. Anything she wears/drives make sense, really, since she’s an actress in the game’s lore. You literally see Hana Song’s movie posters in the movie theater. If you google “movies”, and do a little poking around, you’ll find that quite a few of them revolve around police people, often in weird vehicles or using strange technological improvements to fight crime.

  7. Ivan says:

    To folks saying this game has improved: do matches now feel more impactful?

    I’m not a huge fan of MOBAs but I found some things in this game relatively appealing. But the thing that drove me crazy was that there didn’t seem to be much of a connection between match outcome and stuff that happened during the match. Specifically, about half my games seemed like they were being resolved solely due to one teamfight at max level, where the losing team was dead for long enough for the winning team to just push in and destroy the core while basically ignoring towers. That kind of outcome, where you could win 7 of 8 teamfights during the match, but lose the last one, and then lose the game (or vice versa) felt like it cheapened the entire experience. Is that still happening?

    • SlugMan says:

      I think what you’re describing here can happen in a wide variety of games (moba’s, shooters, etc). So what I’m trying to say is, it sounds like your team may be winning a lot of ‘meaningless’ fights; fights that aren’t going to sway the match either way. That, or your team is struggling to capitalize on moments when the enemy team is down players on field, but then struggles to win the most important fight later on.
      If you want more meaningful games, and if you haven’t already, check out the more competitive ‘Hero League’, which is the ranked mode in HotS. There’s more pressure to win games and have smarter team compositions.

    • Slazer says:

      Basically there are 2 ways the early game can go:
      a) smash/get smashed before both teams reach max level
      b) no sides falls back a lot or loses too much structures
      Most games go the b route, but the early game goes by pretty quick and I like it

    • asmodemus says:

      This is something that can happen at lower tiers of play. Basically people win fight after fight and then retreat to do merc camps or farm lanes. Then they lose one fight late game and the other team are all level 20 and push the base and win.

      This does not tend to happen with higher skill players because they capitalise on an early victory, push the base and win. This is common to many MOBAS where late game heroes can crush base defences and a failure to finalise a win early can lead to an all or nothing ending. It is however all the fault of the team that “thought” they had it in the bag.

  8. BaronKreight says:

    The thing I have with this game is that I’m personally tired of Blizzard art style, Blizzard writing and Blizzard IPs in general. I find the whole idea of making a game for a very very long time to achieve a certain degree of polish outdated. The time of Blizzard style is in the past.

    • Unclepauly says:

      You kind of muddled your complaint. Are you tired of game polish AND the art style? I just don’t see why anyone who plays games would argue against game polish, it’s one of the problems we have on PC that cheapens the experience imo. It’s one of the reasons Nintendo games have this nice feel to them, they’re polished and then polished some more.

      • BaronKreight says:

        The game doesn’t need to be perfectly polished to be fun. Creativity and gameplay is more important. Blizzard made 1 new IP in how many years? And was that new IP so innovative? It’s fun obviously for many people (the army of Blizzard fans) but in my opinion it’s overrated.

    • that_guy_strife says:

      I don’t know, I like the idea of having a reliable dev around. No matter what the Activisions and EAs get up to, you know Blizzard will have fun games that work very well and are supported forever. It’s like having this grandfather craftsman around – might not be the most innovative, but gosh darn his stuff is beautiful.

      How many times did you have have tons of fun with an MP title only for it to die within months or weeks ? Not gonna happen to any of Blizzard’s titles.

  9. eeguest says:

    One thing I hate about this game (HotS) is map loading times. How come in Overwatch it is so fast and here so slow?