PlantSims: A story of tragedy and romance

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The Sims Plant Challenge

Checking in on The Sims 4 [official site] I realised it’s having a PlantSim challenge at the moment! PlantSim purists who remember the photosynthesising supernaturalness from previous games seem to be having mixed reactions (too casual/just right/hate it/it’s fine/love it/what did you expect from a free update/etc etc) but for me who missed all that I decided to hop in and see about collecting these magic seeds from my green-skinned residents. It… spiralled somewhat and there was at least one disaster. Read on (by clicking the arrow buttons or using the left and right cursor keys) for the whole sorry story…


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    Drib says:

    So in short, something something getting seeded by plant sims.

    Also, Sims 4 does weird events like this? I didn’t realize it was an ongoing thing. And how unusual to see EA putting out free anything, let alone content they would normally sell as $20 DLC.


    • Mungrul says:

      They’ve done quite a few “free” things for Sims 4, but the community would argue that most of them should have been in the game from the start, such as toddlers, swimming pools and ghosts.

      Personally, I really like the game. While not as all-encompassing as Sims 3, at least this one runs.
      Sims 3 is unplayable these days with more than one expansion installed, and even suffers with just the one.
      Sims 4 by contrast runs flawlessly with multiple packs and loads of mods. Yes, you lose the open world feel of 3, but that’s a small price to pay for actually being able to play.

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    distantlurker says:

    Pip seemed to um.. really enjoy turning into Alice.


  3. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    link to

    (Also, not sure if it just my phone but the arrows show up over top of the image on a couple pages)

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      Philippa Warr says:

      It’s not just you, hence I recommend using the keyboard arrow keys as an alternative until we can figure it out :/

    • DancesWithSheep says:

      Can’t navigate to the story on either my apple or android tablets either. Why disable an article this way?

  4. Skabooga says:

    Hopefully you didn’t have to slap that newly happy guy around to get the sad bean from him.

  5. X_kot says:

    As the saying goes, once you have beans, you can throw away the packets.

  6. tigerfort says:

    My brain went immediately from “flirty bean” to “sexy bean”, and now I have to go and find the audio of Quinns, Paul, and Matt Lees playing Bean Quest.

    This is not a complaint, btw; Bean Quest is well worth being reminded of.

  7. April March says:

    One of my favourite things about The Sims is how it started out as this reality simulator but it quickly spiraled into this weird urban fantasy world with ghosts, alchemy, aliens, witches, vampires and plantfolk.