De Blob out now on PC, only 9 years late

Every party-goer knows it’s cool and trendy to arrive late. You wait until everyone is tipsy and bored of each other, then you appear in the doorway, hands full of ice creams, wearing your best pair of gloves. de Blob [official site], the jazzy puzzle-platformer about painting the town red and other colours, has arrived to the PC party a whole 9 years after its original release on the Wii. So, uh, hi de Blob.

The gist of it is: Chroma City has been taken over by a bad, bad dude and his corporation that has outlawed all use of colour. And that’s not good. As a sentient globule of colour-slurping matter, you have to dip yourself in paints and roll around on stuff to make it colourful again. Each colour also has its own jazzy instrument and as you colour things a soundtrack slowly develops. You can mix different primary colours to create secondary ones, just like a real paintist.

I only played de Blob 2, which was more or less the same thing. The platforming and world was totally forgettable but I dug the way the music and colour combined in red, saxy ways. It felt like more of a distracting toy than anything “gamey” but it certainly had its charm. It’s on Steam for the normal price of £17.99/$19.99, which feels like a bit too much to ask for something from 2008. But there’s also a 25% off sale for its release, if that persuades you.

Hang on, what the hell is this? De Blob wasn’t late to the party. He was early!


  1. Lintire says:

    It’s a decent game, but I’ve already played it and I don’t think I’ll ever want to actually play it again.

    Collectathon of the bloated variety. The gameplay certainly isn’t enough to carry it for a second round of “bounce on every platform in the level.”

  2. Jackablade says:

    They didn’t do too bad considering Blue Tongue has been shut down since 2011. I’d be interested to hear the story of how this PC port came to be.

  3. Inebriatedgnome says:

    I’m sure some folks remembered this already, but De Blob actually started life as a student project. I believe the task was to show what the city of Utrecht would look like in the future, after new urban planning and construction; the developers released it as freeware in 2006 and THQ picked it up afterwards. The aesthetic is pretty different but if I remember right the gameplay is near-identical. So really, PC had De Blob two years before the Wii!

    Edit: one of the developers still has his portfolio page up, which you can see here:

    link to

    The download mirror he has linked doesn’t work, but there are others around the place if you feel like giving it a spin. Turns out he was a founding member of Ronimo as well. Small world.

  4. itsbenderingtime says:

    My children (2 years old at the time) learned how colors mix together by watching me play de Blob. Also that funk music is awesome.

    I like these kinds of educational games.