Subnautica update sounds the fire alarm


Ooooh! A Subnautica [official site] update! This one is called Silent Running and yet the trailer is VERY LOUD. I think the silent bit only applies to the Cyclops (a big underwater craft) which you can now run silently if you want to sneak around. Sneaking is now important because of the underwater jerks trying to munch on your Cyclops. That sounded wrong. Let’s move on and watch the video:

I don’t really use my Cyclops at the moment. Sometimes I’ll move it to a different biome to act as a mobile storage facility while I wander about in the nimbler Seamoth. I might need to change my approach now.

“This update features our biggest overhaul to the Cyclops yet. Included in the long list of changes is a new Silent Running mode. This mode changes interior lights to red, turns off all exterior lights and moves the vessel exceedingly slow. Useful if you find yourself navigating through dangerous creatures who, thanks to this update, are now interested in attacking your beloved Cyclops!”

I mean, it doesn’t say they want to attack the Seamoth more than usual but given I have been attacked in the Seamoth by a whole bunch of things – I AM LOOKING AT YOU KELP FOREST STALKER JERKS – I’d assume this update is hostility all the way down.

To help combat the awfulness the Cyclops now has shields and terrain scanning and threat detection and “fire suppression” and “A new holographic status display of the Cyclops shows damaged areas and onboard fire locations.” This is a concerning number of mentions of fire.

Oh oh oh! The UI overhaul looks nice, as do the final resource models for some of the collectable elements AND A CRABSQUID EGG WHICH I MUST IMMEDIATELY GO AND FIND.

New caves! Option for a fade thing that stops pop-in! Added choking sound for player in smoke! Added fire-fighting music for Cyclops…? Fixed sea dragon firebreath attack damage to Cyclops?? I… uh. Oh dear.

Update info plus full patch notes here. EARLY ACCESS WARNING YADDA YADDA YADDA.


  1. DuncUK says:

    I don’t really use my Cyclops at the moment. Sometimes I’ll move it to a different biome to act as a mobile storage facility while I wander about in the nimbler Seamoth.

    If you want to follow the game storyline and/or visit the inactive and active lava zones, you’ve got no choice. A fully upgraded Seamoth can’t take the pressure down there (without cheats), you’re kind of forced to use the Cyclops with a docked PRAWN suit. I recently stopped playing when I’d upgraded stuff enough to be able to get down there, the end game stuff isn’t really finished and I was enjoying following the storyline.

    Also, it’s scary down there. :(

  2. pseudoart says:

    Holy dubstep, batman. That music is the opposite of how I perceive the game.

    • Synesthesia says:

      Yeah, their trailers are weird.

    • dontnormally says:

      That is psytrance. Very much nothing like dubstep. In fact, folks into electronic music might even put them on total opposite ends of the spectrum. Perhaps in that they are extremes is how you might find them similar.

      Psytrance: link to
      Dubstep: link to

      • Sleepy Will says:

        Nah, it’s just that they sound incredibly similar to the 95% of people who aren’t that deeply into electronic music. The opposite end of the spectrum for the rest of us is more likely to be something like glam rock, or Journeys soundtrack, to us you’re saying this shade of crimson is the complete opposite end of the spectrum to this shade of pink, when all we see is red.

        • AutonomyLost says:

          Precisely. Genres need to calm the fuck down in music. Potato, potahto, let’s call the whole thing off.

          • jonahcutter says:

            Why do they need to calm down? What’s wrong with it? Such facets upon facets are part of any art form. Aficionados of whatever the art form is see and appreciate the differences. From music to film to wine to sculpture to games.

            Life has that level of subtle yet distinct variety. Why wouldn’t our art?

        • fredrogers says:

          I don’t know, I think you have to be pretty ignorant to think that this sounds like dubstep.

      • Mutak says:

        That distinction is important and matters a lot. It’s like when people say fedora but they’re really talking about a trilby.

        • Stone_Crow says:

          It matters exactly that much! ;o)

          • ogopogo says:

            Best analogy so far. I’d argue that it’s more like Trilby v. Bowler. Even so, the distinction isn’t too important if you’re not a Hat Person.

  3. Gramarye says:

    Last I played I had fun in the active lava zone, baiting the sea dragon into ramming my Cyclops. I was a little disappointed that it just tilted and bounced around without damage…facing off a sea dragon will be much more intimidating now. :D

  4. KDR_11k says:

    I found the Cyclops fairly relaxing though I wasn’t driving it into caverns (out of fear that I wouldn’t get it back out). I’m not sure I want to deal with the damn claw leviathans when just driving the thing around the world.

  5. Eightball says:

    Is there an ETA on Subnautica being feature complete? It looks interesting but I’m wary of buying early access games.

    • Replikant says:

      link to


      • Strakha says:

        lol don’t believe the end date – since I’ve got the game that’s been set back 1 year!

        IMO you shouldn’t get it until they fix the bugs and improve performance – I’m not totally convinced that they can. It’s got great potential, but right now performance is awful and the world keeps getting corrupted due to a botched attempt to remove terraforming (which was supposed to improve performance – did the opposite!)

    • Augh_lord says:

      Check out the roadmap here: link to

      Also, the game works 60fps on my rig, albeit it is quite demanding.
      Devs have constantly improved performance (was playing like 30fps a couple of months ago) but a big push will be done during summer.

      In any case, I highly recommend it, there’s nothing alike.

  6. Replikant says:

    Played around with the game some time ago. Couldn’t figure out how to add power to my base (didn’t know too much about the importance of scanning, apparently). So I build an air pipe down into a crack where the game insisted my sensors had picked up a power signature or somesuch. Didn’t help. Since Thema I have been waiting for the game to leave early access. Soon, can’t wait.

  7. Scelous says:

    I absolutely love Subnautica – one of my most favorite games ever. I’ve started from scratch to explore new content more times than I ever have for an early access game, and I still enjoy it.

    I’m really not feeling this update, though, and it almost seems like I’m the only one. The whole cyclops being damaged thing doesn’t sound interesting, just tedious, to the point where I’m actually considering cheats to deal with that. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem if the cyclops were more maneuverable or dealing with the enemies wasn’t resolved as “move slower.” As it stands, it’s just frustrating.

    I wouldn’t mind taking damage if Unknown Worlds gave us some means of self-defense other than a shield that lasts for a few seconds and drains a massive amount of power. A more aggressive means of self-defense is needed – I’m tired of relying on the seamoth’s electrical discharge or just my knife. I’m not asking for a minigun firing explosive rounds, but the whole passive defense thing is starting to irritate me, especially as Unknown Worlds makes the enemies more and more deadly.

    Other than that, though, I love the game and think it’s worth a full $40-$60.

    • defunct says:

      Right in the game, it explains why there are no weapons, with a lore based reason. This is in addition to Charlie Cleveland, Subnautica’s game director, stating there will never be any guns in the game. If you need a gun in a game, leave now. (you’ll have to search for it. It’s out there, but the quote I found was on another gaming site and I won’t link them here. Or anywhere for that matter.)

      • Augh_lord says:

        While I’m fine and agree with the non-violent approach, I kind of wish some creatures had lower aggro levels or I could modify the environment to reduce them. Ideally add few more AI patterns to do additional stuff as previously introduced.

        In any case I’m fully happy with the current version, just waiting for the performance clean up.

        • Replikant says:

          This. Thank you for the option to go without food. Now give us the option to have a less dangerous environment.
          I love Miasmata with it’s exploration AND it’s constant fear of running into the beast, but I hated it when it started to show up regularly.

  8. Exostenza says:

    I played this game out about a year and decided not to play it again until the full release. All these update have me itching to get back into this game. It is such an excellent exploration adventure. There are very few games that can capture the feeling of being utterly alone in some new and creepy place, not knowing what might await. I rarely get immersed in games where I feel the atmosphere and this game is one of the VERY few that allows me to. In fact, I can’t really recall the last game that I did gain a physical feeling from the atmosphere.

    If you like exploration games with crafting/building/surviving this is probably the best one to pick at the moment and I think the fact that it is single player only actually adds to greatly to the experience. It just wouldn’t be the same with someone else there with you. It is a very personal and lonely experience which makes it so fantastic.

    Can’t wait for the full release so I can pour some time into it again and all these updates have me itching to play again.

    It is rare to have devs which are so dedicated to their early access game and these guys deserve to be rewarded for their absolutely excellent work.

  9. TDGThatGuyJ says:

    I just want to know when this game will support multiplayer. I would enjoy this 100000% more with friends, hosted on a private server of course. Similar to the forest

    • Augh_lord says:

      It would be indeed great but it has been iterated several times by the developer:
      – The engine doesn’t allow multiplayer, so while in high demand it is not possible to add it to Subnautica and it is not in scope.