Prey tech tips: how to change FOV and disable intros

The new Prey [official site] is out and I am not here to tell you how it is. No, both Adam and John are currently Preying away, giggling while they roll around a space station as a mug. Me, I’m here with a few little tech tweaks that might make it merrier for you. Such as: a field of view setting isn’t officially in the options menu just yet but you can tweak it yourself if you don’t mind plunging your hands into config files. Also: yes, you can make it skip all those the many screens of logos and notices at launch. Those two spacemen have also sent me some brief impressions of how it runs for them.

First up, field of view. That’s the setting for how wide a view the game simulates. Increasing it lets you see more of the world at the sides, and decreasing obviously the opposite. It’s a setting which can use a bit of calibration to get a view which feels natural, depending on how big your screen is, how close you sit, and whether you just like seeing more. Bethesda say that an menu option for changing FOV is coming, but “During the final phases of testing, we found some bugs we would like to address before officially supporting it”. In the meantime, they do explain how to fiddle with it:

  • To enable FOV, edit the game.cfg file in Notepad. The file is located in the root Prey folder in your Save Games folder (likely c:\users\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Prey )
  • Look for cl_hfov = 85.5656
  • 85 is the default horizontal FOV setting, but it can be replaced with values up to 120. (Note – some of the issues we are working on are more noticeable with higher FOV.)

If you want to disable the unskippable splash screens which play out every time the game launches, you can rename the video files. This Steam Community post explains that you should mosey on over to the steamapps\common\Prey\GameSDK\Videos folder and change the file extension of these four .bk2 files to .bak (or whatever you want – .bak is just a handy reminder they’re backups):


The location of that steamapps will change depending on where you installed Steam as well as Prey itself.

Both AMD and Nvidia have launched new graphics card drivers tailored for Prey too. AMD say their new driver, which bears the remarkable name Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.5.1, brings “up to 4.7% performance improvement” in Prey compared to an earlier driver. Nvidia don’t give numbers but say the GeForce Game Ready 382.05 WHQL drivers are prepped to play Prey. I think AMD win the ridiculous name award there.

Prey does not have a demo on PC, unlike on console, though the developers suggest that, er, you should buy it on Steam and get a refund if you don’t dig it.

Adam is planning to toss up some early impressions of Prey today, while John works to tell us Wot He Thinks. In the meantime, they’ve given me some brief thoughts on how it runs. John sez:

“For me on my 1080 GTX the game runs perfectly without a single hitch, on full spec at an unbroken 60fps. Apart from hacking the very constricted FOV I’ve not needed to fiddle at all, which is a rare treat.”

Adam adds:

“I’ve been playing on the default ‘High’ visual settings in 1920*1080, with a GTX 960, and apart from a slight pause when entering a new area with lots of architecture to render, it’s smooth no matter what’s happening on screen. Explosions, mobs of mimics, falling through a grating and into heavy machinery – it’s all good. If I bump it down to ‘Medium’ I lose that little pause and the only real difference I notice is with the more detailed textures. Framerate is between 50 and 60, though rarely dips and isn’t stuttering from lower to higher consistently.”

Alec chimed in with “it runs real nice”. Then, to show off, added “100-140 frames per sec maxed out at 3440×1440 on a 1080 Ti (if I turn off vsync).”

Hark at you, sir.


  1. haldolium says:

    The game runs perfect on my slightly outdated 780 at maximum settings, vsynced at 60fps.

    Seems to be a pretty neat game too. 0451 :-)

    • TheKnightMadder says:

      Agreed. So far my performance has been excellent. Admittedly I’m on a 1070, so I’d bloody expect it to be, but i’ve been consistently above 80 FPS on ultra, so I can’t much complain.

      I’ve actually just experienced a crash to desktop, which was a bit of a downer, but I’ll forgive it after six hours of straight play (i think i bugged out by jumping into some furniture). Plus I’m the type who quick spams autosave.

      Difficulty feels good too. Getting back up to full health is little issue, but enemies can take you down quickly on Hard at least. Enemies are vicious and paranoia inducing. Gunplay works well.

      Other than that the worst I can say is that its lacking a little bit for HUD options, and the audio has sometimes been a little imperfect.
      Nothing major. Characters speaking in person seem to be a little bit ‘all around your head’-ey, and I’ve had a few times breaking glass where the sound cut off too suddenly.

      Oh, and there’s a sort of toy gun you can get to fire foam darts (distract enemies + hit buttons from far away) that doesn’t seem to want to appear on my quick select wheel. I have to equip it via inventory. Not sure if thats actually a bug.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      I’m guessing at 1080p though, right? Because I had to upgrade away from my venerable 780 after moving away from 1920×1080. It just isn’t cut out for higher resolutions than that.

    • haldolium says:

      Yeah, nothing fancy beyond 1080 here for exactly that reason, 780 couldn’t handle it. VRAM is full with Prey though, but no slowdowns or shader loading issues, which apparently can happen with some older cards (someone had issues with a 660 with 2GB, textures didn’t stream on time and ended up in low resolution)

      I experienced one CTD too, otherwise everything was fine so far (which isn’t really far since the tension is so damn high, I need regular breaks :-)

      • ape_escape says:

        2gb 960 here, can confirm that you’ll need to keep textures at medium unless you have more vRam. High texture setting results in very noticeable pop-in.

        However, with textures on medium and everything else high I’m, getting mostly 60fps at 1080p.

  2. LearningToSmile says:

    I’d be surprised if it was particularly demanding hardware-wise – watching around half an hour of gameplay in lieu of a demo(because fuck buying and refunding), the game looks good, but doesn’t seem to push the visuals beyond the level we’ve had for a couple years already.

  3. Tiax says:

    As I have the same resolution (3440×1440), could you tell me if the game properly supports 21:9 aspect ratio?

    • Solidstate89 says:

      PC Gaming Wiki says it has native support for 21:9.

      link to

    • Cerulean Shaman says:

      It does, I’m playing it just fun on max settings with a solid 60 FPS at 1440p ultrawide.

      I do have an OC’d 1080 TI though.

      • Tiax says:

        I’m happy to report that I’m getting solid 60 fps with everything maxed (including AA) at 3440×1440 with a 1070.

  4. Bobtree says:

    Unskippable logos/videos/etc are just incredibly disrespectful. Every game review should ding companies that continue to do this.

  5. fish99 says:

    There is a thread about stuttering/frame-pacing issues on the Steam forums when you have textures on high (even on top-end hardware). Dunno how widespread it is, and I don’t have the game myself yet.

    The game has a solid approval rating so far though – 92% positive from Steam users.

  6. nimbulan says:

    Don’t forget r_MotionBlur = 0

    Adjusting the FOV currently does seem to cause incorrectly-rendered screen overlays, but I’ve only experienced that twice so far and I don’t think it will be a regular problem.

    Otherwise I’m getting 80+ fps on my GTX 970 at max settings which I’m very happy about. Frame pacing isn’t perfect but it’s very good, certainly nothing like Dishonored 2. I’ve heard some people are experiencing very poor frame pacing using the new nVidia drivers and I would personally recommend sticking with the 378 release due to a myriad of performance, vsync, gsync, sli, and color-related bugs in the newer versions.