Sudden Strike 4 getting tactical in August

World War 2 real-time tactics game Sudden Strike 4 [official site] will launch on August 11th, publishers Kalypso Media have announced. That’s seventeen years since the series started. Seventeen! While Sudden Strike was created by Fireglow, newcomers Kite Games take over for 4 – though the preview bit our Adam played suggests it’s still very Sudden Strike-y.

As Adam said in August:

“The brief time I’ve spent with it suggests that this is a faithful sequel, and while it doesn’t quite appear to have the mischievous intelligence of R.U.S.E. or the superb atmosphere of Company of Heroes, it’s a World War II game with something to offer that we haven’t seen in some time. Slow-paced, deliberate and focused real-time tactical combat, with hand-crafted battlefields that change subtly with every encounter. When one destroyed tank created a deadly traffic jam that saw my support units and armour alike queueing up to die, I felt entirely responsible. And more than a little tactically inept. When so many games allow for recovery from all but the most long-term blunders (or the poorest of foundations laid in the initial stages), I’m glad to play an RTS in which a single error of judgement or planning can lead to panic and a complete collapse.”

Sudden Strike 4 is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux on August 11th. Here’s a wee viddy vee from December 2016:


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    Earl-Grey says:

    It’s only been ten years since the last entry in the series, and now there’s a sequel.
    I don’t know, I’m all for striking while the iron i still hot but this seems kind of sudden.

    • Smoof says:

      Well done.

      This looks pretty interesting! I’ve never played any of this series in the past, so how does it compare to something like Men of War and Company of Heroes? I always loved MoW, but never found my foot with CoH, as the view always seemed too narrow and much of it felt too gamey for me. Not to mention, I liked how I could slow MoW down and really consider my options.

      • BattleXer says:

        Sudden Strike 2 is my all time favourite RTS game. Unfortunately, the campaign was complete rubbish, but the multiplayer was exceptional.
        No base building, lots of micro-management, steep learning curve and certainly not for everyone, but overall one of the most rewarding experiences when playing with a group of dedicated players.
        I liked the way every unit, including on-map artillery, had a role to play. Resource management was crucial, and if you ran out of spotters to pierce the fog of war, you could just pile a bunch of soldiers on top of your tanks and get the job done. And the environmental destruction was glorious for it’s time. Once a battle concluded and you surveyed the carnage, it felt like you were part of something awesome… :-)
        The closest of any recent games that replicates the feel of Sudden Strike is Steel Division (currently in Beta).
        I’m having high hopes for this one. Hopefully the single player campaigns are a bit more accessible.