Serious haulage: Truck Simulator adding double trailers

Bendy double trailers are coming to American Truck Simulator [official site] and Euro Truck Simulator 2 [official site] this summer, which sounds a treat for serious truckers and a nightmare for me, an idiot who sees Truck Sim as a walking simulator following routes. To virtuatruckers, double trailers are a feature requested for years. To me, double trailers will surely be a way to crash and wedge even more as I try to turn and reverse, like a rambler who forgets they’re wearing a huge backpack and falls flat on their face every time their megabag bumps on a stile.

Developers SCS Software say in the announcement:

“After quite some years of internal discussions and frankly some frustrations and struggles to have the gameplay as well as technical side of multi-trailer physics support ironed out, we finally feel ready to reveal fresh info about our progress on doubles.

“It has taken us a long time, but hope never dies! We are polishing double trailers for inclusion in the next major updates for Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well as for American Truck Simulator.”

SCS hope to launch those free updates in early summer.

The gang are also working on unique oversized cargos for ATS and ETS2, things like heavy vehicles and machinery, though those will both be paid DLCs. Oh, and of course they’re working on New Mexico as the next DLC state for ATS; here, they recently shared a peek at some New Mexican buildings and landscape pieces.


  1. CartonofMilk says:

    These games would be a lot better if occasionally you’d get chased by road gangs that you would have to fight off with a shotgun.

    Basically, if it would play like the end part of Road Warrior. Surely that’s the feature all virtua truckers have been clamoring for.

    If NOTHING ELSE, let me organize a Convoy a la Peckinpah movie.

    • Nauallis says:

      But why? There’s not enough extra useful stuff to go around in post-apocalyptia to even fill one trailer (unless you’re into human milk). That’d just be putting a sign over your head saying “HEY RAIDERS, FREE CANDY!”

      Though if we’re going to add random elements to a game that then still arbitrarily follows the rule-of-law setup, sure, that sounds like fun.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Oh please. I have to do auto-docking anyway, I can’t be expected to reverse into a loading bay with TWO trailers randomly jackknifing and turning all over everywhere.

    • DrollRemark says:

      Came to the comments only to say how much I’m looking forward to skipping manual parking of these bad boys every single time.

    • Canadave says:

      I usually try, get hopelessly tangled up around some inconveniently placed bit of concrete, and then just give up.

    • maxcolby says:

      Something tells me in the real world, you wouldn’t likely be backing these into anywhere together… as you know, you can’t unload the first trailer while the second is still connected. Likely, remove rear trailer, park first, then reconnect rear and park that.

      • WyldFyr says:

        Ex-yard-jockey here… yeah, you don’t back these things up … ever.

        If you try to back them up, the double hinge creates a chaotic system.. totally unpredictable if you back them up more than a few feet, and even that is pushing it.

        What the real practice is: You drive forward into the yard and drop (unhitch) the back trailer. Then you take the front trailer and park/dock/do whatever to it, usually taking care to also drop off the dolly before you do. Then you go back and hitch up to the back trailer and take it to where it needs to go. (Usually, if the trailers are going to two different destinations, the driver puts the first trailer to be dropped on the back to avoid all this.) Or.. as it is in the real word, you say fuck-it, drop both in the yard, still coupled together with the dolly, and get out of there before someone catches you. (assholes)

        • DirtDartNZ says:

          Its takes experience but they can be backed up and even more experience to back them up round a corner, Typical b Train set up for nz/Aus we have one or two in the yard that I work in and they are backed up into a pretty horrible spot.

        • Sonny Pruitt says:

          I am a 30 year ex-driver. I had to get out because of medical issues. But when I need my fix ATS is it. I woner if SCS is going to have a pick up and drop off point. In real life say on the In toll rd or Oh turnpike there are pu and drop points. It would be IMPOSSIBLE in my point of view to back doubles up ANYWHERE! Now In know In and Oh run triple 28 footers across the state I just wonder if SCS is going to make pulling doubles a turn. A to B and back to A again!

  3. Strangeblades says:

    Oh man. As a new trucker (with 2.5 years under his belt, a belt that does not have an American eagle on it) backing up two trailers is a goddamn nightmare. Backing up one trailer is fine but two?!? Even the best truckers have to attempt it several times to get it right.

    • LewdPenguin says:

      Indeed it’s a Fun exercise to say the least, at least here in the UK I think the few people that might have a solid chance to get it right the first time all work on funfairs, nobody else tends to drive double (and certainly not triple) trailers routinely as they do on a near weekly basis.

      As for us virtual truckers I hope SCS have some mercy with the job destinations for these rigs and/or let us chicken out and split them when it comes to parking, some of them are pretty tight with the existing trailers and could even end up being literally impossible if we have to try and get doubles into them. Splitting would also come in handy to get out of the inevitable awkward spots where an AI vehicle decides to stop 0.5 inches from your trailer as you make a turn, realistic perhaps yes but I’ve yet to find the button for getting out of the cab and telling them to sod off and stop being a twat.

  4. mgardner says:

    Double pay for double trailers, or we strike!

  5. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    They’re building up to proper road trains for Australian Truck Simulator.

  6. doodler says:

    Man I got addicted to ETS and got ATS dirt cheap a few months later after I had taken the plunge on buying a wheel for the game and bounced off it hard. I couldn’t get past the frustration that despite them being almost the same game I couldn’t mirror my controls over from ETS to ATS and basically never went back. Can anyone tell me why they let you use one key for 2 things on ETS but not ATS? For me I drive automatic because this is a zone out and relax game for me so I have it set to recenter my camera whenever I shift up/ put it in drive after I park but in ATS shift up can’t also be a view change…So frustrating

    • seanster says:

      You can mirror your controls over, just go to “docs-ets2-profiles-*your profile* eg 536651E” then copy Config.cfg,Controls.sii and all the gear boxes over to your ats folder

  7. KastaRules says:

    Gotta love SCS.