Willo wisps into the Paladins lineup


A new champ is always a good reason to check back in with Hi-Rez’s free-to-play team FPS, Paladins [official site]. This time it’s Willo, of the Summer Court. As you can probably tell from the header image and the name, Willo is a nature-themed fairy creature. Skimming her kit she seems to be a mobile pain in the bum, chucking out damage and getting in the way of healing. I like how anti-heal abilities can make a character feel spiteful and that taps into the less cutesy folklore around fairy creatures.

Before I go through her skillset I’ll just note that there’s a new map too. It’s called Brightmarsh which I assume means it’s there to accompany Willo’s appearance what with Will-o’-the-wisps being one folk explanation for those flickery marsh lights people sometimes see in swampy, boggy areas.


Left mouse: Wand of Overgrowth
Fire a blast of fae energy that deals 500 damage every 0.75 seconds

Right mouse: Dead Zone
Fire out a toxic spore that prevents all healing in an area for 4s. Enemies affected by the spore that move out of the infested area cannot heal for 2s

Q: Seeding
Toss a seed that explodes after a 1 second fuse, dealing 500 damage and spawning 4 additional seeds that each explode for 500 damage after 1 second.

F: Flutter
Quickly flutter your wings and propel yourself forwards and upwards

E: Fae Flight
Harness the power of the Fae and take to the sky for 10 seconds.

Here’s me firing a bolt of fae energy at the floor:



  1. Banks says:

    Which Overwatch character is this?

    • Excors says:

      The “Wand of Overgrowth” is Pharah’s rocket launcher, flight is obviously Pharah, anti-heal is Pharah’s mum’s grenade, and “Seedling” is like, um, Pharah tossing out a tiny Junkrat who explodes and releases a shower of grenades.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Who wants to bet that the 34 is already piling on for this silly thing?

  3. DingDongDaddio says:

    Yikes, what knockoff Disney movie is this mutant from? They must have had an inter-office challenge to come up with the least appealing hero possible.