Play house: Worms W.M.D. adds Forts Mode

A new mode coming today to Worms W.M.D. [official site] sees the squirmies turning swords into ploughshares to live together happily in a fort. That sounds nice. Fraser Brown thought that “while Worms W.M.D. might evoke the halcyon days of Armageddon, it’s more than capable of standing on its own as another high point for the series” so I’m glad the wrigglies will get some downtime. Hang on, there’s a second page to this press release. Ah. Forts Mode will then see the annelids try to infiltrate others’ forts to annihilate them. Oh dear. Have a look:

Those are some fancy-looking forts. Team17 have bopped in six new forts with this update for the new mode. Fort fights are an irregular feature of Worms games, having started unofficially with player-made maps before getting the Team 17 Official Stamp of Ooh That Looks Fun Let’s Do That.

Forts Mode arrives in a free update due out any time now. That also brings new cosmetic doodads for worms to wear, bug fixes, and a new crafted weapon, the Magnetised Drone.

It’s good to see Team 17 stick around to expand and update this Worms. Usually they pop one out then move straight onto the next – WMD was itself announced only a fortnight after the release of Worms World Party Remastered. Another notable update for WMD brought a new ranked matchmaking system in April. After years of so-so Worms games, WMD is meant to be a goodun, so this is all dandy.


  1. Telkir says:

    Happy that Team 17 seem to be supporting this installment for the long run. It’s definitely a good game…

    …But, it’s sad that there’s been no GOG patches in the last five months and online crossplay between GOG and Steam is still nowhere in sight (despite it being in the works apparently since October ’16).

  2. marmite says:

    It’s the best Worms yet in my opinion. I’ve been playing with a couple of colleagues multiple times a week since it came out – which is probably more than I’ve played any other game in the same time period. Who knew!