Risk of Rain 2 taking action-roguelikeliking into 3D

Hopoo Games have announced they are indeed making a Risk of Rain 2 [official site], and this time they’re taking the action-roguelikelike into 3D. Adam, Brendan, and The Mechanic have all gushed about Risk of Rain so it’s good too hear Hopoo are back for more after swerving to make Deadbolt. Almost everything about Risk of Rain 2 is unsettled for now but Hopoo do share some work-in-progress peeks and say they’ll be gabbing away as development continues.

“None of the systems, artstyles, assets, or game design choices will necessarily translate to the final game,” the developers stress in the first Risk of Rain 2 dev blog post. As for what it is, it sounds like Risk of Rain but, like, 3D and different.

It is definitely in 3D. Hopoo say:

“Risk of Rain 2 is our first fully 3D project! We think that 3D allows for much deeper design spaces and more possibilities for cool gameplay. Feelings of scale and atmosphere are also much stronger. We are really happy with the core of Risk of Rain – and we’re finding it plays even better in 3D. It just won’t crash anymore.”

You can follow Risk of Rain 2’s development on Hopoo’s blog.


  1. lupusamicus says:

    Wow I had no idea there was going to be a Risk of Rain 2!
    And I really didn’t expect it be 3D. Let’s hope it plays and feels thight like the first one. And fingers-crossed that Chris Christodolou makes another great soundtrack.

  2. ran93r says:

    I would have been happy with another 2d version but this.. this is interesting.

  3. Stirbelwurm says:

    I liked Risk of Rain, so I’m naturally pretty sceptical about this new fancy 3D kids tend to play these days.

    Although I have to say that I’m suprised how similar the art style is. You can definately tell that this is a Risk of Rain game.

  4. Dorga says:


    • Viroso says:

      Me too. Probably because this brings back memories of 2d 16-bit games transitioning to 3d when the PS1 era came along.

      • TillEulenspiegel says:

        I still maintain that 3D platformers, for one, are objectively inferior.

        Nothing wrong with using 3D tech nowadays, but allowing full 3D movement basically transforms your game into something completely different.

        • Danley says:

          The Ratchet & Clank games were fantastic when it eventually turned into upgraded bullet hell. I don’t know if Jak & Daxter or any other games had the same frenzied pace but it was a surprisingly good 3D platformer.

          I love 2D Risk of Rain, but I am looking forward to anything from these developers.

    • CMaster says:


  5. DantronLesotho says:

    With the amount of care and thoughtfulness that Hopoo puts into their games, I’m signed on for anything that they do. I am super excited about this.

  6. Kitsunin says:

    Perhaps it’ll be good this time?

    …kidding. I know Risk of Rain was a great game, I’m just wondering why it’s the only roguelite generally considered to be good which bored me out of my skull.

    • steamhare says:

      I agree; tanky enemies and levels without enough pieces (and even fewer pieces which drastically changed play) made the chaos feel rote.

      • Kitsunin says:

        Ah, yes, that’s what it was, the endless plinking away at enemies who required dozens of shots to drop.

        • Danley says:

          Learn how to play. I mean this as a positive challenge, that you might enjoy it after breaking through. It takes less than 20 minutes to build strong characters once you know what to look for and after an hour the flow and pace is so different that it’s almost like a new game. Get to the point where you just fly around like the Matrix and cleave through armies of elite monsters and bosses. Get the relic that allows you to choose what item you want. Makes it less of a roguelike and more of an ARPG skill sheet. My goal at this point is just to create a screensaver character that can stand in a crowd of high level spawns and survive even when I’m afk.

  7. Gurrah says:

    Having spent 70 hours of my life in RoR I am saddened by this news. Apart from the cracking gameplay what made RoR for me was the extremely crisp pixel art. I always felt like the style they used was in a way a stripped and distilled kind of pixel art, and it worked beautifully. Having had bad experiences with beloved 2D games going for 3D with their sequels, this fills me with dread.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Exactly. The sequels to so many great games have been ruined by devs burning through budgets like candy trying to make pretty 3D graphics.

      3D graphics are inevitably much harder to process visually, much harder to do well, and much more expensive, all of which also inevitably results in insufficient attention being paid to core gameplay.

      True 3D graphics are cancer. My first reaction to the article’s heading was simply Noooooooo!

      • falcon2001 says:

        Oh boy, this tiresome old chestnut. Let’s forget how many great games absolutely require and are improved by great graphics and 3D environments, or how fiddly pixelwork can be.

        • Danley says:

          Here here. I’ve played Risk of Rain for going on 300 hours (still haven’t found all the relics) and will continue to play it. I would love to see better networking and memory management, more diverse levels and modding support but the game also just is what it is and I think it’s already fantastic. I’d have been enthusiastic about essentially an updated sequel with similar gameplay but this way we get something completely different that can expand our expectations. If it’s not good, can always go back to the first one.

          I do like pixel art too, though.

  8. fish99 says:

    Hopefully going from 2D to 3D works better here than it did in Trine 3. I know it’s barely comparable, but the point is: gameplay is not always better in 3D.

  9. BooleanBob says:

    No mention of who’s doing the music yet. I do hope it’s the same guy who worked on the first.