Tokyo 42’s futuristic sneak-o-action coming May 31st

The stylish sneak-o-action of Tokyo 42 [official site] will arrive on May 31st, publishers Mode 7 announced today. Made by the duo SMAC Games, Tokyo 42 sees a futureperson framed for murder then try to clear their name through missions across beautiful futuristic city rooftops. It’s a looker all right, and meant to offer a fair bit of variance in how you play — Mode 7 call it “the lovechild of Syndicate and GTA 1” — from stealth to committing many actual murders to escape your murder rap.

Mode 7 say that the following trailer condenses Tokyo 42 into 4.2 seconds, which is a total rookie mistake as if you watch this you won’t need to play the game at all:

See? I’m feeling no desires for any of that any more. Now I’ve seen a futureman roaming and shooting through the rooftops of a beautiful futurecity, I have no need to play it. I certainly have no interest in rooftop waterfalls, golf courses, mazes, zen gardens, or shopping centres. Why would I want to ramp a futurebike between buildings when I’ve seen it right there? Checkmate, Mode 7.

Along with singleplayer, Tokyo 42 will have multiplayer modes.

We showed Tokyo 42 in our Cave of Wonders at Rezzed this year – did you have a go? How is it? Couldn’t attend myself, y’see. Us remote folk are stuck with things like this trailer showing potential approaches to combat.

May 31st it is. Though of course you don’t need or want to play Tokyo 42 any more.


  1. Emohawk says:

    Pause the video and use , + . to go forward and backwards per frame.

  2. Eleven says:

    If that was reverse psychology, then it’s working. I’m very excited to play this!

  3. poliovaccine says:

    I remember the last time there was a post about this, and I loved the look of it then, too. Pretty sure I either said or thought this last time, too, but god damn you could make a gorgeous little city-builder, or a gorgeous little gameboy-style RPG, out of this tileset. I wish real life looked so colorfully ordered and appealing. The whole game looks like a freshly stocked fruit market.

  4. ChairmanYang says:

    The art looks so great, the concept is cool, but from what I saw of the Giant Bomb quicklook, the core gameplay is pretty boring.

  5. Chairman_Pow says:

    I managed to play a quick round during the recent closed beta. The 1v1 match was an incredibly tense game of hide-and-seek in among the civilians wandering around punctuated by sudden outbursts of dynamic violence every time we figured each other out. It seems like there could be an awful lot of variety in the maps and modes. I’m looking forward to the full game.

  6. Eightball says:

    Very Adult Swim style ad.

  7. Premium User Badge

    The Almighty Moo says:

    Played at Rezzed. It was great, I wasn’t very good at it though, but it’ll definitely come with practice. Pleased this is as soon as it is.

  8. mcjamieuk says:

    Played at Rezzed and loved it, really looking forward to release.

  9. Urthman says:

    I think my monitor is too small to play this game.