Multiplayer meleefest Absolver punching out August 29

If you too want to grow up to be, be an Absolver and punch faces in online multiplayer melee action, make a note: Sloclap’s Absolver [official site] will launch on August 29th. That’s the news from publishers Devolver Digital, who have also whipped together a trailer explaining how Absolver’s biffing and learned custom fighting styles work. It looks smashing. Adam called it one of his favourite games at E3 last June and yup, I want a go too. Check this out:

This makes me smile a lot. I really dig the character designs, with their flowing cloth and weird masks. I like the style of the whole game, the balance between sketchy hard-edged shapes and intricate details. Watching characters fight is beautiful. And the way they fight, oh my!

As the video explains, players can create their own custom combos by chaining together moves (with alternatives) that are learned by fighting people. Each of the four directional stances has its own moves, and players get an extra defensive ability from their basic style – dodge, parry, or stand firm and heal on counterattacks.

It all looks great fun and I’m keen to create my own build. Having played years of Guild Wars and Magic: The Gathering, I really enjoy tinkering and testing small changes to hone a build as well as throwing wild ideas together to see what works.

If you fancy a crack sooner, signups for a beta test are over here.

[Disclosure: our own Alec Meer wrote some words for Absolver ages ago. I don’t know which words but statistically it’s likely they included “the”, “be,” “to”, “of”, and “and”.]


  1. Rizlar says:

    It’s glorious! I will probably be pants at it though. Hopefully ping doesn’t get in the way of the tasty looking multiplayer aspects.

  2. DingDongDaddio says:

    Looks okay. What’s the point of the special abilities though? First, is “block” really worthy of being called special? Second, they all seem to do the same thing. Parry an attack to open an opponent for your own attack! Absorb an attack to open an opponent for your own attack! Dodge an attack to open an opponent for your own attack! Is there actually a choice?

    • Dewal says:

      I remember reading that by “absorbing”, you were still getting the damages but just not react to them. In a game about flow and opportunities, it may be worth it to take damages to be able to place your combo before the enemy had the time to strike again.

      The parry seems to kill the flow of the adversary, but you may still take some reduced damage.

      The dodge should obviously prevent all damages and it seems to be able to place you behind your adversary. But in the meantime, the attacks of the ennemy won’t be interrupted.

      In a game of chain attacks and combos, the attacks may get more and more powerful, choosing to break the chain or not might be an important choice.

      What I said is mostly speculations, though. But if I’m able to think of things like that in seconds, they must have found a way to make the difference interesting during the years of development ;)

  3. Freud says:

    It looks gorgeous, but I’ll never play it. I’m not into fighting games.

  4. jkkj says:

    I really hope that first sentence was an intentional Pixies reference.

  5. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I’d be all over this if it had a single player campaign but as an online only I do not think so.

  6. Kingseeker Camargo says:

    This game makes me so sad. I absolutely adore the art style and the animations, and all the punching looks so damn satisfyingly meaty and solid that it makes me drool; in every aspect I can think of it *so* looks like a game custom-tailored for me BUT THEN! “Multiplayer”. Why? Why the fuck did it have to be a fucking multiplayer game? It would’ve been so sweet with a good SP campaign and a sprawling, Lordran-style interconnected map…

    brb I’m off to cry in a corner.

    • NemesisZidar says:

      I just logged in to reply to you, although i have to sleep and get up again in under 5 hours.

      The steam page says it has PvE and the video above also gave me the impression (at the part with the mentor).
      You can go into Dungeons, fight enemies and get “loot”, also there is training against NPCs.

      Its focus is PvP though, it seems. And PvE is mainly there to refine combat, get new moves, train and figure out a good combo for you.

      I feel your need to it having good singleplayer.
      I thought the same, but im glad its not singleplayer only.
      As an AI never would give me the same nice challenge a human player can give me, with trying to trick the system, find ways to exploit mechanics etc.

      I recommend to you, to visit their steam page and watch the 15 minute gameplay introduction. It shows what looks like alot of PvE combat. Which may be what you are looking for.

      • Kingseeker Camargo says:

        I’m most likely buying it anyway, mind, I like what I see so much I just wanna support it; but I’ll probably get pissed off when I get my ass delivered to me on a constant basis and never play it again.

  7. AutonomyLost says:

    Looks fun.

  8. BaronKreight says:

    It is on steam btw so you can wishlist it like I did if you want.

  9. CheeseFarts says:

    Whoooaaa, that looks damn good. FITE ME!!!!