Arma 3 gets jets and more threats to bring the sweats

Players will suffer sweats when they see these jets they are about to gets in the game of persistent threats. These new planes will appear in campaigns over the plains to cause some pains for territorial gains, and if one’s in your sight then just dogfight while taking flight with military might in Arma 3 [official site]. Your cover will be blown if you don’t go prone while one’s flown over you in the red zone. I’m writing as shown because everyone’s gone home and I’ve been left alone.

It’s jet plane day. We’ve already had news that Ace Combat 7 has been delayed but this will pick you up if you just can’t get enough of devastatingly fast war machines. The new DLC for Arma 3 includes three “air-superiority jets” and an “Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicle”. You can see the exact murdertoys here.

But there’s also an accompanying update, which brings more stuff. For example, a giant, non-driveable aircraft carrier, the fictional USS Freedom, which has anti-aircraft guns and surface-to-air missiles. Here’s how developers Bohemia Interactive describe it.

“The USS Freedom is the second ship of its class. Carrying hull designation CVN-83, this nuclear-powered aircraft carrier serves as a main operating base for NATO. The USS Freedom can carry various aircraft and helicopters on board that can facilitate almost every support role…

“The aircraft carrier is a static in-game object that can be positioned across the map via the 3D Scenario Editor, but cannot be ‘driven’. The carrier supports catapult take-offs and tailhook landings, and features functional autonomous defensive weapon systems”

The blurb also boasts that “this is the largest ship ever built” which I suppose means Arma’s fictional futureworld doesn’t have the Prelude or any other massive commercial tanker. But never mind that nit-picking, it’s a nice big boat.

The update also includes tweaks to loads of vehicles, including a new radar interface for guided weapons and new “infrared sensor technology”. Planes especially are getting more attention and we’re told that “being hit by enemy fire does not immediately mean the end, but an engine failure, a fuel leak, a malfunctioning HUD, or other types of damage, will make it more difficult to return back to base in one piece.” Better be careful then.

The Jets DLC is out today for £8.99/$11.99 on Steam.


  1. Cockles says:

    Oh Brendan…

  2. Stugle says:

    That first paragraph has a strong Alice vibe running through it.

    • YogSo says:

      Heh, I thought the same! But Alice wouldn’t have ended the post without linking to this.

    • Premium User Badge

      john_silence says:

      My thoughts too, but Brendan’s got a flow of his own, like Ross’ “sound” in Friends :D

      Next challenge: all of RPS, all in rhymes, for a whole week. Maybe you post 2 features each, but hey, now you’ve been bought you can afford to do things like that, right?

  3. Bleiz says:

    I’m thinking of buying Arma3 and all dlcs, but bad experiences in Arma2 MP is holding me back. How is Arma3 multiplayer?

    • Aborted Man says:

      Teeming with possibilities and a wide range of gameplay options. One server will have you role playing as a citizen just living a life in a war torn land trying to make it alive and not starve (Mods: Breaking Point, Exile, Altis Life, Epoch, etc) while other servers will be 100-player chaotic recreations of the most extravagant action scenes that rival any that Michael Bay have created (Mods: King of the hill, Endgame, Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch, etc), and even still, other servers that are all-out milsim with military discipline through-and-through (Mods: TaskForce Radio & ACRE, ACE2 Realism mod, Co-op communities, etc).

      Arma 3 is extremely eclectic and offers just about everything you can imagine on the spectrum of MP gaming.

      I highly recommend anyone try it out, but do not be discouraged by a single experience as there are tons of people playing tons of other mods/game modes on any given day.

      Pro tip: If you join a King of the hill server, you may want to turn VoIP off as this is where all the cancer is.

    • Aliasalpha says:

      Bleiz, multiplayer Arma 3 is unquestionably the most fun I’ve ever had in a game but you’ll never get the full experience in public games. Wherever you are, find a good group who takes the game fairly seriously but not to the point of having ranks and bollocks like that. Running missions with the kind of team where you can have a laugh between shooting folk in the face is the kind of combination that takes an already excellent game and makes it absolutely magnificent.

      I find looking at videos to be the best way to check out a groups play style, its how I found my group and lots of our new members have said that my videos were one of the reasons they joined which is certainly not doing my ego any harm…

    • Harlander says:

      Folk ARPS seems to still be trundling along. I kind of drifted away from it myself but if you want some UK-timezoned light milsim action you can’t go too far wrong I’d imagine.

  4. Pulstar says:

    I’m more interested in their upcoming tanks DLC.. But given how poor the AI is, it just is not going to reach Steel Beasts levels any time soon.

  5. Chaz says:

    No Kenny Loggins? What the hell!

    • Ghostwise says:

      I suppose that… (puts on sunglasses)… Kenny logged out.

  6. Chairman_Meow says:

    This isn’t a game that I own, I don’t want to play alone, but I really want to get in the Danger Zone! Looks like Top Gun Fun, Son!

    • Chaz says:

      Well you can probably skip this DLC as the general feeling on Steam, reading some of the reviews for it, is that there are already a whole load of free mods that do all this a lot better.

  7. 4004 says:

    There certainly is a market for this dlc, but considering how many excellent mods there are already available for most large servers/communities…

  8. Kong says:

    NATO brings uss freedom.
    Should we not have ships of that size exploring space? Seems NATO freedom is holding us back.
    But we get Prelude. To what end? Shell our future most likely.
    It aint Martians that force us to regress. Start digging. I have.

  9. lanelor says:

    Arma3 is a fine infantry sim and a terrible game in terms of tech, DLC pack and general feelling (UI is shit, tutorials are scarce, constantly wondering what is going on, who is shooting, where from … why the AI sees me from some 500m, when i barely notice it, if I didn’t reload after a quick sudden death etc.).

    • gunny1993 says:

      I swear there’s tutorials for most elements of the games, distinctly remember spending several hours in them.

    • poliovaccine says:

      While I can relate to all of that, that’s all, to me, what makes it a *great* game, not a terrible one. Or rather, a great *sim.* You wont enjoy it much til you dispense with the notion that you can play it like Call of Duty (that being said, there’s probably a mod for that).

      And yeah, there’s more tutorials than some games have levels.

      • Thirith says:

        Arma 3 has tutorials, but in terms of easing the player into the game it’s nevertheless badly designed IMO. You’re told how to do things in the most shallow manner, but you’re told practically nothing about how the game plays, what sort of beginner tactics to use etc. Whether it does or does not play like Call of Duty is a meaningless distinction when the game can quite easily have you killed by enemies so far away they might as well be invisible.

        The game is great and has amazing potential, but it sucks at teaching you how to play it. Perhaps they’ve tweaked the campaign in the meantime, but it is forbidding, not only because of its complexity, but also because Bohemia Interactive don’t seem to have a clue how to teach people to play the game. IMO the best way to learn how to play Arma is to join a coop group that’s patient and newbie-friendly (*points in the direction of Folk ARPS*) – but that’s not something that’s possible for all players.