Destiny 2 will be shown off tomorrow in livestream

All right, destinerds, settle down. Since its unsurprising “reveal” trailer we’ve known that the sci-fi FPS is set for the PC. But what manner of manshoots are thou, Destiny 2? Bungie are answering that question tomorrow with a demonstration of the game, broadcast live into your eyeballs from some airplane hangar in California. It’s happening at 6pm BST (10am PDT/1pm EDT) and you can watch it on their official website or from their Twitch stream.

The bunny-hopping, emoting soldiers will be fighting a new enemy, says Bungie. One ‘Lord Ghaul’ and his Red Legion, who are responsible for the downfall of The Tower – that’s the MMOish hub everyone used to hang out at, browsing shop menus and feeling inadequate, but it was also the last bastion of humankind. The Legion’s dogs are also responsible.

We will probably see these Legionnaires murdered quite a lot before the end of the demonstration tomorrow. Here’s what we’ve been told.

We’ve not shared much about this new threat to humanity. All we know is that this Cabal force, known as the Red Legion, is a new deadly enemy comprised of a variety of combatants from massive soldiers to rabid dog like creatures. We’re looking forward to showing off the powers that Guardians will wield, to face off against this new threat…

Not many of us have played much of the first PlayStation-only game, but Pip liked it quite a bit. How many of her hopes and dreams for the sequel will come true? Perhaps we will find out tomorrow. The game itself is due for release on September 8.


  1. p2mc28 says:

    Not Playstation only, but has Playstation timed exclusives. Console only, yes.

  2. int says:

    *turns very slowly, like with a controller*


  3. AutonomyLost says:

    I was gonna say something similar. Anywho, I bought the original for the XBOX One when a while after it came out, played maybe two hours of it, and never played it again. I think a large part of that was due to the utter detachment of Dinklage’s voice-acting and the mostly non-existent story. That coupled with the glaring technical limitations of the system compared with even a mid-end PC made me think “why spoil this now, just wait for the inevitable sequel”.

    I can’t even say I’m excited for the release of this new one, but I think it’s a no-brainer to bring it to the PC and I have modest hopes it will be an improvement in most conceivable ways over what I’ve seen (playing and watching some YT) of the first game. Here’s hoping. Don’t fuck us, Bungie.

    • aepervius says:

      There is hope, but chances are that it is more likely to be limited by the platform of origin (console) and the UI will be crippled to be usable on controller. I Don’t have high hope, but I could be pleasantly surprised.

  4. PiiSmith says:

    I have heard some hype from the PUBG streamers I have been watching lately. Let’s see if there is any merit to it.

  5. internisus says:

    Unlike everyone else who is going to comment here, I love Destiny—it took some time, but it’s become an incredible game—and am extremely excited about this gameplay reveal.

  6. BeefChesthair says:

    Looking very forward to playing Destiny with a mouse but not looking forward to every 4th team in trials being carried by an aimbotter.