Have You Played… Adventures Of Shuggy?

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Touching yourself, as we all know, causes a temporal paradox. The same is true in Adventures Of Shuggy [official site].

Smudged Cat gave us two stunning puzzle games, Gateways and just before it, Adventures Of Shuggy. Neither got close to the attention they deserved, but it’s not too late! Both games mix a fascinating combination of puzzle types in the 2D platforming, with time manipulation, shape changing, portal shenanigans, and in this one, room rotating, rope swinging, multiple versions of yourself working together…

But despite so many ideas in one place, it’s not a mess. It’s a fantastically tight and challenging puzzler, that looks like a classic Amiga game but plays as something much more sophisticated. You’re a cutesy vampire bat gathering green gems, but goodness me, it’ll expand your brain as you go about it. You can find out for yourself on Steam.


  1. Scripten says:

    I think I got this in a Humble Bundle some years ago. I rather enjoyed it, though I never did finish it.

  2. thenevernow says:

    Brilliant little game! Finished it (!) on 360, one day I’ll force myself to face those timed-clones levels I hate and finish it again. :)

  3. DeadCanDance says:

    “Touching yourself, as we all know, causes a temporal paradox.”

  4. LTK says:

    Wait, Gateways and Shuggy were from the same developers? I can’t believe I didn’t know this until now! Gateways is one of my favourite puzzle games ever, all its different mechanics came together in a delightfully convoluted way and really made you wrap your head around the time loops, flipped gravity, shrinking, supersizing and more.

    Shuggy, on the other hand, I never got along with. It just didn’t feel right, the puzzles were just barely too much of a hassle to complete even if you knew the solution. I would never have guessed the two were made by the same people.

  5. mechavolt says:

    Oh god, the time stuff. I loved both Shuggy and Gateways up until they introduced time travel cloning. My brain just cannot process it.

  6. welverin says:

    I thought touching yourself made you go blind.

  7. Person of Interest says:

    Adventures Of Shuggy and Gateways are also available on GOG, for those who prefer Steam alternatives. Both great games with lots of indie charm.

    It’s unfortunate that Smudged Cat’s last game, Growing Pains, was a total bomb and drove the developer out of the games-making market (as detailed on his blog, which is nowadays offline, hence the archive link).

    • thenevernow says:

      I was hoping to see more games by Smudged Cat, but… Growing Pains is below free-Flash-game ugly. You really can’t sell that.

      He really had no clue. :[

  8. andregurov says:

    Adventures of Shuggy is a great game with a fantastic soundtrack, too. The XBOX 360 Indie games may have gotten a huge amount of stick, but it has dozens (hundreds?) of stupendously good games buried in its crypt. Shuggy and Escape Goat are two of my favorite platform/puzzlers.

  9. mim says:

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