Wild West Online is not Red Dead 2 but is neat-lookin’

Haven’t we all wanted to be a cowboy? Ah, a lonely life out on the plains, just me, my herd, the big sky, and six men I’d trust with my life: a soldier, a Native American, a cop, a builder, and a biker. Old chum, have yourself a look at Wild West Online [official site], a rootin’ tootin’ upcoming MMO.

Wicky Wicky Wild Wild West Online was originally headed to Kickstarter then early access. However, after excitable Internauts mistook a screenshot for Red Dead Redemption 2 and brought the game a load of attention, the developers have secured extra funding to skip all that and launch later this year.

On virtual paper, Wicky Wah Wah Online sounds like a great deadly sandbox. Its website talks about a cruel frontier where players can rob, cheat, and kill each other, bandits can form clans, goodies can become deputies and bounty hunters, questers can quest, miners can mine, and farmers can farm. It sounds to me somewhere between EVE Online and Grand Theft Auto Online, possibly because I don’t like fantasy and am ignorant of your elfgames.

Wild West Online, Desperado, Rough Rider is set across several biomes of the west, and developers 612 Games do drop cheeky teases of oddity. They mention the world has some “bizarre uncharted places of an ‘unknown nature’ that curious explorers will be drawn to seek out”, which I’d guess is either a splash of weird west or some Westworld gubbins.

The game is due some time in 2017. Following the rush of attention sparked by that case of mistaken identity, 612 say the Wild Wild West Online’s original investors have kicked in extra cash and now they’re sitting pretty.

“Thanks to this further backing the development team will no longer need to raise additional support via a Kickstarter campaign and has also decided to bypass Steam Early Access to focus on a full launch,” 612 said in yesterday’s announcement. “In addition Wild West Online will now release with its previous stretch goals in place at launch, including female characters, rich role-playing and social activities such as card games, and localization.”

That’s the power of gossip!


  1. FredSaberhagen says:

    This game looks great! Maybe the first MMO I would actually try. Do you have to get an adults permission to be a miner?

    • poliovaccine says:

      Not exactly, but you do need two consenting adults to cooperate in an elaborate nine-month to eighteen-year vetting process.

  2. Turkey says:

    How ’bout you round me up 10 of them dar Buffalo Skins, Greenhorn.

    • Unclepauly says:

      My excitement fizzled for a moment there. Thank you sir.

  3. poliovaccine says:

    I do wish they’d have some semblance of a singleplayer mode. Not being into MMOs, this does nothing to scratch the itch in my westerly quarters.

    Actually, what the hell?? I wish it had a *fully fledged, artfully crafted, 60+ hour singleplayer campaign with branching storylines and meaningful subplots and sidequests!* Why am I wishing for the bare minimum when I’m *wishing??*

    • JackMultiple says:


      Article lost me at the “O” in “Online”.

      Maybe next time, buckaroo. Giddyap.

  4. Lobotomist says:

    It is not actually MMO. It is another survival/dayz/hunger games clone this time set in ww environment.

    So called PVE elements will be instanced CO-OP scenarios

    Half of the screenshots featured on the site are photoshoped.

    All in all it seems like just another “alpha” cash grab that will never amount to nothing. So many such games these days …

    • Chaz says:

      But they’re not doing an Early Access launch or anything like that. They’re going to release it as a done product.

      Although it does have to be said in the world of MMO’s a product considered fit for release is generally still probably somewhere in the alpha stages. I’m looking at you Ryzom, you dreadful piece of shit! Don’t think you’re getting off the hook either Horizons, or you Vanguard, and don’t you try and slink away Matrix Online!

  5. Gothnak says:

    Looking at those screenshots makes me want an MMO set in Westworld (And Medieval World and Roman World).

  6. Someoldguy says:

    This looks too much like EVE with six-shooters to be my thing. If you rely on the players to police the playerbase you just get unlimited gang warfare where several sides may nominally claim to be the white hats while others revel in being unashamedly black hats. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that Red Dead 2 makes it to PC, or another company decides to make the Witcher West.

  7. Captain Narol says:

    Wait, am I the only one to be shocked that Female Characters was a stretch goal ??

    • Morph says:

      Nope, got a sigh from me as well.

    • poliovaccine says:

      PC Gamer’s highlight on this actually pointed that out, and decried it as fitting. Some people in the comments who work in games insist that female animations and modeling are indeed a whole other process, hardly copy and paste or reskinning of males, but even that defense implies that female characters are a lower priority than anything else those resources went towards making. They claim that it’s twice the work, and I believe them – I just dont buy it that the work is anything like optional, never mind unnecessary. Having more than one mission is more work too. Having physics is work. Having nice graphics is work. Building the game at all is infinitely more work than not building it. The idea that females arent worth the work it would take is frankly insulting to my sensibilities, and I’m a fucking *male* here. Because it isnt so much that I’m personally offended for the gender I’m not – it’s more that such an argument insults anyone’s intelligence.

      • Unclepauly says:

        I can see your point if we are talking about all the world characters, counting the npc’s and such. If this is about playable characters then I have to side with the other guys. So I guess I’m asking if this is about playable characters or not.

      • oyog says:

        “…female animations and modeling are indeed a whole other process, hardly copy and paste or reskinning of males, but even that defense implies that female characters are a lower priority than anything else those resources went towards making.”

        As far as that goes, sure it’s twice the work but only if there aren’t going to be female NPCs in the game in the first place which only raises more questions about the decisions the developer is making.

      • Deviija says:

        Exactly so. It just underscores the point that women characters/player characters/representation/whatever is of *less* value. And it’s not like there is some huge lack of male characters/player characters/representation/whatever going on in games and media in general. Decisions do not happen in a vacuum. They are made with a point. Whether or not the point(s) are intentional or not, when combined with the greater medium at large, it still speaks for itself.

        As an aside, I always do some heavy scrutiny whenever I hear the ‘animation demands’ used as a reason. It always makes me think that some devs believe a woman has to walk with exaggerated femininity or back-breaking hipsway or something to be considered a ‘female animation.’ Assassin’s Creed franchise, for example. They’ve used that reason often. But when Aveline came out, there’s really very little difference between her walk/move/climb/jump/combat/action animation sets than, say, Connor or Ezio.

  8. Sagiri says:

    Thank you, Will Smith.

  9. racccoon says:

    I’m glad that some devs have guts and are rocking to the beat of the PC! as Rockstar doesn’t have any it always forgets the PC and uses us as a LAST RESORT!
    This game game deserves high credit for its achievements in showing Rockstar that they are sad game company who have left the PC player always on the back burner.
    These DEVS ROCK!
    Rockstar on the otherhand, are sat on their face with blindfolds on, chained to making games for consoles! not the PC.
    NICE JOB DEVS! waited so long for PC wild west game.

  10. April March says:

    So what will this game play like? Spacebar MMO combat, clicky-clicky Diablolike, regular shooty action?

  11. Chentzilla says:

    >Wild West Online is not Red Dead 2
    Yes, because Red Dead Redemption is. (Red Dead Revolver is Red Dead 1)

  12. Thingy says:

    This game is another early access scam from the Sergey TITov, WarZ camp.