Have You Played… American Truck Simulator?

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Still an ongoing concern – we really want to see those states, SCS – but I’m have-you-playeding it because I suspect many people moved on from it fairly soon after launch due to its somewhat small size. You know it’s huge these days, right?

American Truck Simulator [official site] was my go-to time-to-myself game even before the ‘rescale’ that massively hiked up the size of its landscapes and the lengths of its roads. A combination of half-filmic, half-mundance scenery, refreshingly slow vehicular motion and the crucial ability to tune the radio to either hilariously local stations or a soundtrack of your own choosing made it a bliss-out roadtrip game even when the roads were short.

Now they are long, and I can spend hours driving them with no particular place to go. It is heaven. Even with only three states, it’s a glorious state-of-mind journey to nowhere, peppered with sights seen on other screens. The closest thing to driving them for real, with none of the footcramp and worrying about getting murdered in a motel in the middle of nowhere.

I cannot wait for the day when all or at least most of the states have been included. I’ll book a week off work, I’ll ceremonially bolt my plastic steering wheel to my desk, and I shall drive.


  1. Chaoslord AJ says:

    It’s not huge compared to ETS2 but a great game nonetheless.
    I only wish they’d hire more dev as it would take decades to have the USA finished or even North America.

  2. maxbuttpayne says:

    If it wasn’t for that alien structure at the top right corner that doesn’t seem to obey the laws of lighting, that screenshot would actually look pretty photo-realistic.

    • elvirais says:

      Talk about a terrible screenshot :p the game isn’t “next gen” by any means, but those skies, they’re amazing…

  3. wombat191 says:

    i remember pulling into a motel so my driver could rest.. i looked around.. standard motel.. with a house on the hill.. that looked like the place from psycho..

    started up the engine.. ill stop at the next one thank you

  4. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    It is funny how SCS came full circle – from the 18 Wheels of Steel franchise (U. S. centric) to Bus Driver, then to ETS seriese, and then to ATS, back to the U. S. soil….

  5. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    I can’t park or reverse at all. I don’t fuck around with manual transmission. I use an XBox controller and no fancy steering wheels or pedals. I leave cruise control on at all times. I only do quick jobs.

    But I still feel like I’m getting my money’s worth when I put on some podcasts and kick back for a couple hours to cruise around the desert highways.

    • Amstrad says:

      I’m even worse. I do all that, plus I’ve turned off all the cop fines and just drive at top speed to my destination, running red lights with impunity.

      • Jabberwock says:

        What the world has come to… What is next? Turning without indicators?

  6. Premium User Badge

    Arnvidr says:

    No, I have not played. I have it installed though, because I recently “finished” ETS2, and the next time the truck itch takes me I intend to go for the unknown lands in the west.

  7. Fiatil says:

    This game is fantastic in VR, but holy shit is it impossible for me to back up when my view is confined to first person in the cab. I thought I was cool when I figured out how to back up initially, but that was only in 3rd person mode.

    • acespade22 says:

      Is it? Vr is going to be my next big purchase/gift to myself come the holidays. I was so fixated on the vr porn I forgot the potential thus game might have

      • snv says:

        VR Porn is not really there yet.

        I have not tried American Truck Sim in VR yet, but in ETS2 the immersion is good enough that i tried place my real coffee cup in my virtual cockpit.
        But after a while it does show that this game was not developed for VR.

  8. Fade2Gray says:

    I finally got around to installing it this week. I’ve been having fun, but there have been a few odd moments for me. As someone who often does the 4 hour drive on the 10 between SoCal and Phoenix, it felt really strange doing it in under ten minutes in the game. It was even more bizarre seeing that SCS apparently doesn’t believe that ANYTHING exists between Phoenix and LA except one town called Ehrenberg that most only exists on paper for Census reasons in the real world, when an ACTUAL town called Quartzsite exists in almost exactly the same spot in real life.

  9. acespade22 says:

    This game is better than therapy. This game should be prescribed in place of antidepressants

  10. Truckerman19 says:

    I like america truck simulator i have 18 wheels of steel game but scs did a good real jod on ATS but i wish they would add in the game real truck stops like TA truck stop and pilot and loves and wish they made it where you see your log book like in 18 wheeles of steel and put CB radios in the trucks and whe3re you buy your own trailers and store them at your yards