PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds boosting performance, adding motorbike tricks

Performance improvements, a fancy new silenced sniper rifle, and a motorbike able to pull sick stunts will hit PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [official site] on Thursday in the second of the big monthly updates on its journey through early access. The update will also fix a problem making scopes imprecise, and brings balance tweaks including making the final two fightcircles slower. It sounds like a decent amount of progress towards the full launch of PUBG, or Pub-gee, or Pubat, or Plunkbat, or whatever it is we’re calling the game.

Boss man Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Green describes the new VSS as “a suppressed sniper rifle with permanent 4X scope & chambered for 9mm ammo”. It can come in airdrops or, if you’re very lucky, be found as a rare pickup out in the world. It makes a cute noise.

Surely the real treasure to find is the new motorbike. One with a sidecar arrived last month, and it has proved a little keen to flip. With the new bike, the developers are leaning into that. They’ve added air control which means players can pull wild stunts:

On the weapon balance front, expect the Vector to do “slightly” less damage and be a touch more inaccurate, the AKM to do a touch more damage, and the Winchester, S686, and S12K shotguns to do a little less. On the bright side, the Vector does pick up the option to attach a tactical stock, and the SKS gets a stock upgrade option in the sniper cheek pad. Recoil for the AKM, SCAR, M16, and M416 have been tweaked too.

Another handy change/fix is to scopes, updating how they’re rendered so the crosshairs reflect reality. As this video demonstrates, the scope view currently lags a split-second behind where the barrel is actually aiming:

As for those late-game zones, the patch notes say: “Reduced the moving speed of the two final play zones for better engagement during the endgame”. Less rushing blindly into death to escape the zapwall, I assume.

The update is due to hit the test server on Wednesday then will launch in full at 9am on Thursday, May 25th. Check out the full patch notes over here.

Plunkbat is trying to follow a schedule of smaller patches every week then bigger ones every month. New maps are a big feature on the roadmap.

The leaderboards are due a wipe on May 31st, by the way. They’ll start over on June 1st, though the devs do plan to make stats available to players who wish to relive former glories.

I’ve still not leapt into the battlegrounds yet myself (we’re trying to form an RPS squad) but I do idly watch a fair bit on my second screen while working. If you don’t get what all the fuss is about, check out this bit from Michael Johnson, who started from that perspective then got really into it.


  1. Fry says:

    I’m pretty good at getting into the top 10, but tend to panic and get myself killed when the circle gets tight. Some more time for strategy at the end game will be nice.

    • Crazyhelgi says:

      I normally die in the top10 after I have sprayed somebody with 10+ bullets and they still stand. Or get downed through a tree. Depends if I play on EU or NA.

  2. RaunakS says:

    I’ve been playing solo on my potato laptop for the last couple of days and I’m surprised at how optimized the game is at the lowest graphical options. I’m glad they spent their resources for the low end players and I hope there’s more on the way.

    Also, literally nobody I know plays online games and I’m dying to join a squad for some 2/4 action.

    • CanOfBeans says:

      I am interested in what you consider potatoe haha. I definetly in the potatoe range (gt745M), and I would not categorize this game as optimized.

      • RaunakS says:

        Funnily enough I’m using a GT740M. But I do have a Core i7 4702MQ with 16 gigs of RAM. That might offset the pain a bit and raise the fps to ~40.

    • C4LocGaming says:

      yo hey i always like to play with new people either in squads or duo im interested. if you wanna play i got a (gtx960m) and i run the game around 40 or 50 fps on low graphics. get back to me if you and i could duo some time.

    • meepmeep says:

      If you’re happy playing with randoms, then there’s the reddit PUBG discord link to with a channel for forming groups within each region. Rarely have to wait more than a few minutes to find a duo/squad looking for a player.

      Usual caveats as to the average maturity and mental state of redditors apply, but generally I find it alright.

  3. vahnn says:

    I love the sidecar bike! Most players avoid it, so I can usually get to one pretty easily. Just hit the brakes as you hit the base of a “jump” and make sure the sidecar is higher as you launch to keep it from tipping.

    Really glad to hear about the scope fixes as well. Loving this game.

  4. HeavyStorm says:

    (why doesn’t logging in forward me back to the post page? That’s so lame)

    I have a beef with PUBG (other than the name). As I said before, Overwatch has left me spoiled, and I came to expect the same from other games: balancing. So, now the game has a permanently silenced sniper? Great. Another way to die without a chance of knowing what hit me.

    Or new guns. With new options. Sounds good on paper, give players more choice! But for a competitive multiplayer, that’s just annoying – it’s one more thing to learn, one more unimportant decision to make, getting in the way of the core game which, of course, isn’t picking stuff up but hiding and moving in the map towards your goal.

    (I’m NOT saying that scavenging is lame – it’s part of the game and cool, but it isn’t core and shouldn’t be more troublesome than moving stealthy or surviving encounters).

    I’d say, less and more focused weapons and mods. Let this part of the game be easier and let gamers focus on battles and survival.

  5. Leprikhan says:

    It’s pronounced “pubbage”. That’s how whatever Windows 10’s Microsoft Sam is called now pronounces it and I’m not about to doubt him.

  6. Vendetta38 says:

    Great a now you can do stunts, if i wanted to do stunts I would play GTA 5. Getting info on Battle Eye and when it would be implemented into the game seems more important than doing stunts on a cycle……………….just sayin

  7. Oszilgath says:

    “The leaderboards are due a wipe on May 31st, by the way.”
    Would be a good time to add some anti-cheat, wouldn´t it?

  8. uziXwraith says:

    TF is up with every article on here written by people who DO NOT EVEN PLAY PUBG? Hire real gamers. Please. These articles read like fussy gaymen whining about how they need a safe space. STICK TO CONTENT OF PUBG. I really didnt need to read an article/guide on muting chat bc people swear. WHO FUCKING CARES?