Aztez starts biff-o-strategising this summer

The unlikely combo of hexy turn-based strategy and real-time beat ’em up will coalesce in Aztez [official site] this summer, developers Team Colorblind have announced. Sure, you might have strategised as the Aztec Empire before but probably not also taken to the battlefield yourself to shred enemies and shower in blood with mid-air mega-combos. It’s a curious idea, though it does seem relatively tame after you remember Team Colorblind were formed by core members of Off-Road Velociraptor Safari and Minotaur China Shop team Flashbang Studios. Here, look at Aztez in this trailer:

Wild. Here’s how Team Colorblind describe it:

“In Aztez, you are responsible for expanding and maintaining the Aztec empire with turn based gameplay, and managing the chaos of the people with real-time beat ’em up segments. A game of Aztez doesn’t take too long to play, but it is hugely replayable! Every game of empire management is different from the last; different events will occur, different challenges will emerge, and different spoils will be taken every game. Inspired by the timeless surprise gameplay of Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space and the deeply expressive action gameplay of Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, and God Of War.”

Expect to summon gods, sacrifice enemies, visit the underworld, and use powerful artifacts, as well as straight-up murder a bunch of dudes with a choice of weapons.

Aztez is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam some time this summer.


  1. shinkshank says:

    I was offhandedly interested, but didn’t have any particularly strong feelings, until you said Minotaur China Shop. I am now fully onboard.

  2. Turkey says:

    Music by Lorn? Well, now I’m interested.

  3. cpt_freakout says:

    At least it has no vikings in it

  4. Kingseeker Camargo says:

    As someone living in South America, I have this dream that people writing articles on the internet would learn to use the names of the months.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      If the developers had announced a month, I would have said so. Summer is the best I can do for you. Which is June, July, and August or between June 21st and September 22nd, depending on whether the developers follow the meteorological or astronomical calendar. That’s a mouthful so I just said summer. I realise seasons are not universal but summer works for us and most of our readers. If I could be more precise, I would.