What are we all playing this weekend?

One of H. Stratton's illustrations for 'Songs for Little People'.

Britain has a holiday on Monday so we’ll be back in full force on Tuesday, though we will trickle some odds and ends your way over the long weekend. And what a weekend it looks to be! Some might say discussing the weather is trite but mate, if you’re not excited by the unofficial start of the British summer giving us glorious sunshine transitioning into storms, I don’t want to talk to you.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: Friday the 13th – it works well as a competitive/cooperative hack/hide ’em up, but what I really like is that it genuinely feels like a slasher film simulator. All of Jason’s abilities make sense of his behaviour in a way that presents him as a terrifying unstoppable force that requires skill to utilise or evade. It’s impressive.
Alec: There’s sunshine, actual sunshine, in Britain of all places. Come on, give me a break, clearly I’m going outside to enjoy hours of anxiety about whether my kid is wearing enough sunscreen, rather than stay indoors to play any videogames. Though Dead Cells does call me…
Alice: Okay, THIS weekend I’ll make a start on Endless Space 2, which still sounds great. I’m quite keen to revisit Vanquish after all these years too. Or maybe it’s a weekend to start on Plunkbat. Ah, I don’t know. I’m also tempted to shirk my weekend news-editing responsibilities and hop on a train to the Highlands. By the time you read this, I could be in cold peaty water.
Brendan: [Brendan has vanished, leaving a note saying — genuinely — that he has “gone with the sloths”. Okay then.]
Graham: [Graham is ‘on holiday’ and surely not fired.]
John: I’ll be playing precisely nothing because the sun is shining and I’ve no review hanging over me this weekend. NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!
Philippa: This weekend the weather looks delightful! I feel like the seaside might be a strong choice for an activity but everyone will have thought of that so perhaps the SECRET SEASIDE which is called “the bit of the garden next to the pond” would be a better option. But with ice cream. And I’ll bring my own sand. Although I read that there was a sand shortage so perhaps it would be socially irresponsible to bring sand. But then what would I put in the sandcastle bucket? PERHAPS extra ice cream. In summary: This weekend I will be carrying a bucket of ice cream and bothering the frogs. WAIT I READ THE FORECAST WRONG. I will be guarding my ice cream and bothering frogs during a thunderstorm.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. bills6693 says:

    So many choices this weekend! I could go for a new game of Stellaris now the 1.6.1 patch is out and I have a bit of time. The Utopia expansion and the 1.6 additions are amazing and have expanded the game so much.

    Or I could go for some Endless Space 2, which I have been waiting to come out of early access and am also enjoying, although don’t think I’m getting all the concepts yet or really know how I should be expanding (do I just grab every system or be more selective?)

    Or the new Rimworld patch (alpha 17) just hit, which looks, once again, like a great improvement. But I know if I start a game of that, it’s all I’ll play for the next few weeks. The gameplay, challenge, stories it tells and creativity it allows are all so much fun!

    Also got Dawn of War 2 because the release of 3 and the poor campaign reviews made me decide just to reinstall that for the great campaign and I’ve been plodding through, and Dungeon of the Endless has also caught my attention again with Amplitude’s new release. And after last weekend I had a blast with Multiwinia I might just go back to that with some friends…

  2. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    I have just given up on Axiom Verge right at the end as the difficulty spike was annoying and life is too short. Great game overall though.

    I will finally be playing No Man’s Sky for the first time, on the mode which gives you one life and wipes your save. I’ll play for however long my death occurs, then move on.

    Also Thumper on the Switch which is really quite something. Mario Kart multiayer with mates on Monday.

    Oh and the next case of Sherlock Consultant Detective with the Mrs tonight too!

  3. Talahar says:

    Might play some Vampire: Bloodlines, or some GTA:Vice City or IV, definitely will play some Neverwinter, some Rebel Galaxy, and will definitely build some more D&D5 characters, because it’s fun.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      Vampire Bloodlines for me too! With The Final Nights Mod, I’m already finishing Downtown and I’m loving it!

  4. Tuberk says:

    Playing week 6 of golfers’ elbow (I don’t golf). Luckily the weather is great and I’ve got a bunch of reading to do… to the park !

  5. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

    As much of Mirage: Arcane Warfare as it’s possible, what with the depressingly low player count.

    I’ll also complete my Spring Backlog Cleanup by finishing Zeno Clash 2: man I was surprised at how much I remembered of the original story.

  6. thenightsubscriber says:

    Fallout:New Vegas. And Dark Souls keeps calling me. Took me 2.5 hours just to get past the Undead Asylum, and I have been scared ever since. That was around Christmas time. Seems like this may be a good weekend to die some more…

    • poliovaccine says:

      Technically, I could include New Vegas in my answer almost every single weekend. God how I love that game.

    • Torgen says:

      New Vegas = best Fallout.

      I’m actually planning my first-ever cosplay as a grizzled old NCR sergeant for my attendance at my first con in 25 years. (I’ve got the “old” part down, just need to work on the tan/sunburn before the con.)

      I’ve ordered some bottlecaps that were on clearance at a brewing supply company, for making Nuka Cola caps, and just about have my templates down for NCR paper money. I really need to take a copious amount of screenshots in-game for reference in getting the NCR uniform at least somewhat correct.

      All that said, I’ll likely end up sucked back into my first play-through of FO4, where my character has suddenly realized that he was supposed to be obsessed with finding his son, instead of building a network of junky villages. Looks like I’ll be forced to take the “find more ammo” perk on my next level-up, as a shortage of gun food has been a constant nag so far.

      I did install a few mods, mostly related to Sim Settlements, though I did get the one that lets you have a companion AND the dog. Justified that one on the revelation that the FO4 code shows that Bethesda’s original intent was to allow you to do so.

  7. poliovaccine says:

    What a coincidence! America has a holiday Monday too!

    Both the most exciting prospects to me right now are directly due to RPS. First being Prey, which til their recent list of modern games to run on crumbum laptops, I didnt realize was an option to me… sooo after all the gushing praise and forlorn onlooking, that is some awesome news.

    The other is Rising Storm, which I’ve seen recommended so much and so highly I’m happy to snag it free from the Humble thing. You can tell those guys the cross promotion officially just worked, for what I’m sure must be the first time ever.

  8. Chaoslord AJ says:

    Minecraft again, progressing through Ars Magica 2.
    Then possibly Prey, I was slaughtered while exploring and my weapons were useless, maybe I have to come back with better weapons?
    Or Nier:Automata, they say it’s unoptimized but my low-mid tier Nvidia usually manages everything so I’ll see.

    • Daymare says:

      If you want some tips? Throw exploding red canisters at enemies. They take about 50% of a Phantom’s health even on Nightmare difficulty.

      There’s pipelines on the walls in many rooms that you can shoot for a continuous fire hose.

      For the shotgun to be effective you have to be absolutely HUGGING enemies (works well with that slow-mo skill).

      If you have Leverage levelled, the bigger your furniture, the more damage it deals.

      Oh and that burning Phantom right the first time you explore the Lobby? He’s a bitch to deal with. Yeah.

      I generally quicksave a lot, and savescum a lot too. If I lose a ton of health in some random encounter, I reload and try again.

      • Chaoslord AJ says:

        I’m on the second story back in neuromod division right after the first? space walk plot mission exploring off the main path. I guess it’s optional at that point so I come back with more firepower.
        For the fire phantom I used the turrets, foam and combat slowmo plus some shotgun I got even without pre-order.

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          Don’t underestimate the pistol. It doesn’t do a lot of damage but you can POP POP POP out a full clip in about 2 seconds and ammo is plentiful at the start of the game.

        • Daymare says:

          Oh yeah, those turrets. They’re functionally my Shooty Companion Cubes. They even speak.

          Re: Pistol. I wonder how good it is with those two security weapon damage Neuromods + slo-mo damage bonus.

      • Unclepauly says:

        (savescum) Sounds like an easy way to ruin the tension and atmosphere of a play through. I will only resort to this tactic if all else fails.

        • Daymare says:

          I thought about this during the break I’ve taken to finish Bloodborne.

          When do you reload, dear readers? Only when you die?

          Seeing as Prey’s one of my favorite games this year, I’m 24 hours in but am only at the halfway of the story AND I’m playing it on the highest difficulty w/o Typhon powers (except being a mug) and no walkthrough … I feel like no, it’s still great and tense for me.

          On the other hand: Maybe you’re right and it could be even tenser! I enjoy it anyway.

          • zinzan says:

            I’ll only re-load if/when I got trapped by bugs or my own stupidity. In all other cases I tend to restart from last chapter or even right from the start.

            If I ever play a game that REQUIRES savescumming I stop playing it. I don’t mind games punishing me for mistakes I just hate games that require a SPECIFIC way to win so if you make a mistake it’s game over.

  9. keefybabe says:

    What I like to call “backlog dogging”. I’ll be looking through stuff I haven’t played, trying to recognise what it is and why the hell I bought it then give it a try.

  10. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I will be shaking a fist at the grass for so rudely filling the air with its gametes. At least until the fexofenadine kicks in – then I’ll be gardening and going out and about walking off a hike until it’s time to walk around Vvardenfell and see if anyone joins me. (ESO, 8pm CEST/2pm EST, US server Saturday, EU server Sunday.)

    Also Devil Daggers, because it’s Devil Daggers. Oh! And Superhot VR is finally out on Vive now, so there might be some of that.

  11. Pich says:

    Finally finished Persona 5 this tuesday, great game thos the 2nd to last duneon is is about 2/5ths too long. Now i’m getting angry at overwatch to get loot boxes and maybe i’ll dip into that Black Desert Online sale.

  12. ButteringSundays says:

    Well I really wanted to play Cold Waters after Tim’s great write up but it doesn’t exist yet so I can’t!!

    So I might try and play Sub Commander (the free roguelike one, not the one on Steam).

    Also BallisticNG – I’m still not clicking with Zen, so much wall hugging – spectre seems to be my jam.

    • hfm says:

      I’m actually going to give Silent Hunter 5 a try today. I usually fit and start the SH series and never stick with it long. Hopefully setting SH5 up with a “pleb/casual”-ish difficulty will keep me entertained without getting bogged down by minutiae. I was also hoping I could do some Cold Waters as I LOVED LOVED LOVED Red Storm Rising as a teenager with a C64 in the 80’s that stayed inside playing games on it too much.

  13. Daymare says:

    Austria had its holiday on Thursday, then my school had an autonomous holiday yesterday so I’m spending this long weekend just sleeping almost 12 hours a day, meeting friends and playing Bloodborne till late at night. Currently facing Orphan of Kos, still with my trusty Saw Cleaver +10. Its relatively high damage, speed and low Stamina usage keep me from switching to anything else on my Strength-ish build.

    I wanted to use other weapons, but Blood Chunks are rare enough that I can’t just +9 whatever I want to try it out, which sucks. I’ve got an Amygdalan Arm +9 but it’s not dealing that much damage, and way slower. Everything slow I feel like I can’t use at all.

    I’m also levelling my Arcane stat to effectively use those sweet Hunter Tools and make all Arc-scaling weapons more useful.

    • fish99 says:

      Tried the Moonlight Greatsword? Scales off strength and arcane. Yes it’s slow, but the damage and stagger makes up for it.

      Orphan of Kos is pretty hard though, especially finding time to heal in the 2nd phase.

      • Daymare says:

        Gosh, Orphan was probably my favorite fight in the game. The way you slowly figure out the holes in his attacks, when to back off, where to jump when you’re close and he starts to combo. When I was done, I had 0 vials and 4 bullets left. It felt great.

        Found phase 2 significantly easier than 1. The crazy thing about p1 is how he’s got this almost 360° hit cone and how hard he staggers you. But once he transforms, you can generally get behind his back and punish him there.

        I love Moonlight’s look, but yeah, it’s so slow. I was thinking about upgrading it tho, I’ve got 2 more Blood Rocks now.

        Anyway, for now I’m satisfied having finally finished BB, my first full playthrough of a Soulsborne. I think it’s one of my favorite games of all time now.
        I’ll play through the other half of Prey and then, finally, after Pontiff Sulyvahn broke me a year ago (I downed him, but only with NPC summon), I’ll go back and try to finish DS3 after I gut gud in BB.

        • fish99 says:

          Grats :)

          Definitely go back to DS3, there’s nothing in it harder than Sulyvahn IMO. My first playthrough with 2-hand Scimitar, no shield, light armour – he was super effing hard. The DLC for DS3 is really good too.

          If you ever fancy another playthrough of Bloodborne, a skill build with Threaded Cane into Mercy Blade is super fun, and you can get to see the other endings. Don’t forget the chalice dungeons too, there’s a bunch of unique bosses in them.

          • Daymare says:

            Thanks! :)

            I was actually playing no-shield katana up to Sulyvahn (probs why BB clicked more with me, seems more my kinda playstyle)! I could reliably cheese him to phase 2 with the bow, but then he just got impossible, so I tried some shields, but he just smashed through my defense like it was nothing.

            I might just’ve gotten better at reading attack patterns and adjusting correctly now though, I wonder what he’d be like today?

            I’ve also only played DS1-3 on PC using an XBox-360 controller. After getting a PS4 I’ve now realized that part of why I sucked so bad at DS up until that point was because somehow the input of that 360 controller was really wonky, fiddly and generally slow (I know DSs are slower than BB). Like, the trigger-points were impossible to gauge, the directional cross was unusable.

            I just read Steam has some plugins specifically for the PS4 controller, that’s awesome. It’s going to feel so much more fluid.

  14. Minglefingler says:

    After finishing Prey last weekend I had a hankering for exploring space stations so I’ve installed Alien Isolation again and am remembering why I found it so stressful last time around, this time though I intend to finish it. I bounced off Endless Space 2 pretty hard after buying it on release day but it did make me want to play a space 4x so I’ve been mucking around in Stellaris for the first time in months. I was given the victory acheivement last night despite being notified that an ai federation had won the game a few days ago, I’m assuming that it was because I landed the final blows on the Unbidden. I think I’m done with that game now so I’ll need something else to play when Alien becomes too much.

    • jssebastian says:

      Yes, Alien Isolation is so stressful, but it’s such a great game! I can only play it in 45 minutes bursts… First time around I played on hard and got quite a way in. Picked it up again a few months later to continue, was even clumsier at it after the long pause so I bumped it down to medium and got quite a bit further. Did not finish it though, was in a section with a lot of synthetics and not enough EMP/stun baton charges to get through them without resorting to guns and shotguns… I am generally terrible at shooting in games, and this is the one game where your character is also terrible at shooting with the slowly tightening aiming reticule.

      I may never finish it, but I still consider it one of my favorite games. I love how everything is so tactile, from the door locks to the plasma torch to the save terminals to the stun baton and wrench brawls with synthetics. Amanda is a great character, smart, self-reliant space engineer, scared but resolute and resourceful. The first time I blasted the alien away with the flamethrower I think I yelped in triumph… Then the alien ran over me into a vent, bumping me to the floor with half my health gone. And it’s not just the alien that is terrifying, the synthetics are very creepy too, blurting out their advertising slogans while they try to strangle you.

      • BlueB says:

        Alien Isolation was incredible. One of the best games I’ve played in recent memory. The production quality in every respect (especially lighting and sound) was outstanding.

  15. hughie522 says:

    StarCrawlers, as it’s 25% off to celebrate its departure from Early Access. It’s basically Legend of Grimrock but in a sci-fi setting and with 2D sprites. You explore derelict spacecraft and corporate offices, completing objectives for megacorps and anti-megacorp / free citizen groups.

    • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

      Oh yeah, StarCrawlers. I wishlisted it years ago, back when Marsh Davies did his premature evaluation. I’ve seen it’s out but haven’t bought it yet. Is it any good?

      • hughie522 says:

        Yeah, I’ve been waiting for it to be out of Early Access. I’ve only played about 3 hours (the 2 main story missions, plus a couple of randomly generated side missions) and it’s alright. I ran into a bug where I’d used the only lockpicking device available in this one scenario and couldn’t get through a door to complete the objective. Oops. For US$15 though, I’m not complaining.

  16. Ghostwise says:

    Enjoying more Grim Dawn than I probably should, but then there’s currently a heat wave so I wasn’t going to be super-productive anyway.

  17. fiendling says:

    I, unfortunately, have to work a big chunk of the weekend.

    I’ll be squeezing in some Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer, I unlocked the Krogan Vanguard last night and he makes for a seriously fun addition to my character lineup.

    • brucethemoose says:

      I love the combat (and SP), I’ve put… wow, let’s just say a unhealthy amount of time into ME3MP, but I just can’t get into Andromeda MP. I’ve already uninstalled it, while ME3 was on my hard drive for years.

      I think it’s a combination of me getting spoiled by ME3 mods as well as some burnout and immaturity of the game, but I feel like it’s missing the magic “spark” that hooked me into 3.

  18. Stellar Duck says:

    Same thing as I’ve been playing the last month or so: Steel Division.

    That game got its hooks in me bad.

  19. Vandelay says:

    I started doing a SL1 run in Dark Souls for the first time. Managed to defeat the Gargoyles and now banging my head against the Capra Demon. Honestly, that fight is just shitty and it normally requires an element of luck, even without the added difficulty of being ridiculously low on stamina (I quickly realised that this was the biggest challenge of an SL1 run, as opposed to the low health.) Still, it feels very doable, so not too long until I am facing the Gaping Dragon (shouldn’t be too difficult, I don’t think,) followed by Blight Town (already anticipating that to be hellish.)

    Also still have large amounts of Prey. I believe I am probably around about the halfway mark, having about 12 hours play time and reached Deep Storage. Still loving the game, although I do find the evolved Phantoms a bit of a pain. Mimics and their Greater variety are entertaining to fight now that I have their peculiar movement down, but the electric, fire and other phantom are just meh to take on. Weirdly, EMPs seem to have no effect on the electric chaps and they all just seem to be a case of spamming shotgun shots until they fall over. Similarly, although I thought the Nightmare was a nice idea when I first encountered it, my second encounter just ended up being sitting in a corner that he didn’t seem to be able to follow me to for 3 minutes until the timer ran out. I expect when I become more and more powerful, gaining capabilities to actually take him on, that will become more interesting, but early on it is a bit of a let down.

    Everything else is great though. Talos 1 is a really brilliantly realised location and it is great to explore all of it. I particularly enjoyed following the audio clips of the D&D loving friends, making the place really become alive and feel lived in.

  20. Avioto says:

    Steel Division, Shadow of Mordor, Trackmania 2 Lagoon (that game is wonderfully broken right now), Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and maybe some Overwatch. I might try the Arms beta on the Switch if that’s still available.

  21. romfordpele8 says:

    I’ve finally, finally got into a game of CK2 without being scared off by the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing.

    It’s great! Plan B is the new Rimworld alpha.

  22. NetharSpinos says:

    I will be continuing my adventure(s) through Stellaris; instead of manning up and dealing with the Prethoryn Scourge I have skillfully avoided the issue by playing with my Slaver Moths instead. I’ve just bought the Plantoid species pack too, and as a result have finally created my plantoid devouring swarm hivemind. Diplomacy will be tricky, but I will persevere.
    Also on the list are Hammerwatch, Fallout 4, maybe Atlas Reactor…oh, and Everspace. I’ve been eyeing Tides of Numenera now that the new companion has been released, but that will probably have to wait for a slightly quieter time of the year.

  23. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Hearthstone, in which I need to build a new deck to get past rank 15. Looks like I’ll need to start playing the meta, which I’ve managed to avoid up until now. My wallet is going to hate me.

    Also frisbee, because it’s finally nice and the park isn’t underwater anymore (global warming FTL, amirite?).

  24. nitwit says:

    I just tried out the Keystone closed alpha yesterday, and I was pretty impressed. The movement is a little clunky, but the deck building aspect seems really good. It’s like building a hearthstone deck and then fighting it out in real time, FPS style, in an 80s retro sci-fi movie, blasters, phasers, jet packs, … anyway I recommend it. I’ll probably be playing more of Keystone this weekend.

  25. Mi-24 says:

    Sadly I will be revising for an exam I have on tuesday (God I hate whoever invented ML). Mostly. Maybe a teeny bit of rimworld will sneak in. whilst the weather looks lovely, I can’t really stand the heat so will probably cower indoors for most of the day and drink fanta, and grumble at all the happy people who think it’s acceptable to wear shorts. Because it’s not.

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      I’m taking bets on what “ML” stands for. “My life”? “Meat Loaf”? “Martin Luther”?

      Okay, in the course of googling acronyms I actually think I figured it out, but it’s a lot more fun to throw out wild guesses.

  26. Leland Davis says:

    I am trying to get back up to speed with Company of Heroes 2, because I want to finally jump into the Ardennes Assault campaign, which I heard was awesome and bought on a Steam sale sometime last year. I played the game a bunch at release, and got disgusted with how they had decided to treat the T-34, and lost all skill at the game — and it’s a hard game to play well, just like all RTS. So, that.
    Oh, and Renowned Explorers, on the side here and there, and Space Run Galaxy, and my ongoing Twilight Struggle PBEM games.
    Oh, and I am jumping into Warmachine. My first models are on the way, and I get to see how my painting experience from 25 years ago holds up.

  27. star5CR34M says:

    RiME and Friday the 13th (if I can ever find a quickmatch).

  28. Zenicetus says:

    I started Prey recently, but I’m starting to stall out on it about halfway through. It feels like the game is relying on just one or two main gimmicks for the aliens, and it’s very repetitive. Maybe I’ll come back to it, but for now it’s going on the shelf.

    So it will be Endless Space 2, and maybe some Total War Warhammer.

  29. The Bitcher III says:

    Lots of Dishonored 2, having been convinced by the demo. The levels are great! The gameplay is great! I’m on hard level so dying a lot, but I like that I have to think ahead to solve challenges and fight skillfully, rather than fluke or spam my way through. Love the way the powers and enhancements just slot into the game, rather than turn you into some OP Tank.
    In the interests of committing to a game once it takes my interest, this means Prey will have to wait.
    I’m probably succumbing to Forza Horizon 3, despite the absurd expense. I love me some racers, love the open road aspect. It’s exactly the kind of mindless escapism I need and I imagine it will fill in many, many dozens of hours.
    Looking at Rime, I love everything I see and hear, but am concerned about short playlength for the money.
    I’ve no reason to buy that when I’ve been postponing a full playthrough of the rather special Edith Finch, and will probably return to Abzu if I finish that. Oh my! Where does this leave Bokida?

  30. Carra says:

    Shadow Tactics. Been really enjoying it so far.

  31. Vacuity729 says:

    It’s a long weekend here, too, due to the suicide of some ancient poet-blokey who got kicked out of the imperial court.

    I shall without any possible doubt be continuing to play Age of Wonders III which I tried for the first time last weekend and was utterly hooked by the time Monday had rolled around. This has actually been very bad for my sleep/health/life over the last few days; I’ve been awake at sunup three times this week.

    Perhaps I’ll also play a little catchup with Morpheus. I also have an appointment in the game called “dating” on Monday. Despite my age, this is making me more than a little nervous. Something close to terrified, in all honesty.

  32. Morcane says:

    Gwent. Loads of Gwent.

  33. and its man says:

    I’ll be wandering in the sun during the day, and playing Universe Sandbox 2 at night, while waiting for the release of The Long Journey Home. Three days to go.

    By the way, a pretty point-and-click made by the spanish studio Fosfatina and going by the odd name of Saucer-Like was discreetly released last month on Steam. It has great mood, and features ravishing anime cutscenes, somewhere between Hayao Miyazaki’s smooth character design and Eiichi Yamamoto’s psychedelia.
    Really, it’s good.

  34. simontifik says:

    I downloaded Overwatch to have a try with the free weekend. After a handfull of matches I’ve decided it’s not for me. It looks and runs great but it’s just not very interesting.

    So instead I’m playing Bayonetta, it’s wonderful :)

  35. Seyda Neen says:

    Dream Machine, John. You’ve still got to review the final chapter of The Dream Machine.

    I’ll be playing Mass Effect 1, after playing 2 and 3. Planning on going through those two again with this new save. Femshep, vanguard.

    • brucethemoose says:

      “femshep, vanguard”

      This is the correct way to play Mass Effect.

  36. FurryLippedSquid says:

    That horse looks very sad indeed.

  37. malkav11 says:

    At least another chapter or two of Ghost Trick, and probably some more gold farming in Hex since they’ve rotated Kismet packs and this time the buy in is slightly more reasonable at 15k per. More Mass Effect Andromeda – I’m almost done with Kadara, I think, and might get in some multiplayer. And perhaps some Prey as well. Or I might go back to Dishonored 2, or Arkham City, or Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (which I started for some reason last weekend and immediately sunk several hours in, as AC games tend to do to me).

    Also binging some Twin Peaks. Too much of it to get caught up in time to watch the new season this weekend, even with the holiday, but hopefully I can at least get through the first season.

    • hfm says:

      I have to suggest you watch the original 2 seasons before watching the new season. They make a lot of references to the previous stuff, especially the end. I feel like people that didn’t watch the original show will not know WHAT THE HELL is going on. There’s many things that make more sense having watched it. Of course, it’s David Lynch, so there’s still plenty of things that don’t yet make sense. :)

      • malkav11 says:

        Well, yeah, that’s the plan. I’m just saying there are 30-ish episodes of the original so no way I’m going to get through all that this weekend. Probably not even by next weekend. But hey, it sounds like I have about seven more weeks before the latest series winds up so maaaaybe I can get caught up before that. Ha.

  38. Harlaw says:

    I started up my first game of Dragon Age: Inquisition a few days ago. Yep, years late; when it first came out, my rig wasn’t up to snuff. I loved DA2 (despite it getting tons of deserved backlash for the gameplay and copy-paste dungeons, the companions are probably my favorite in a Bioware game ever) so I was quite looking forward it, but so far I’ve mostly spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out how to get my character’s hair to be properly black instead of blue-black (hint: google DAI hair recolor utility) and puttering around in the Hinterlands. :p Let’s see if I can make a dent in the main story this weekend.

    • jssebastian says:

      I put some 130 hours into DAI, enjoyed some parts of it a lot, but in the end I really tired of it, have no intention of picking up expansions. The worst thing is the half-baked tactical pause system, and the party AI is so bad that you can’t just play in real time even the easy fights without party members uselessly losing health left and right. Plus every enemy you encounter is exactly your level so all fights are pretty much equally easy or hard.

      My unwanted advice would be to ignore all the useless collectibles, stay away from the rift gates or whatever they’re called with the tedious 2 wave fights, and focus on companion quests and slaying dragons (and main story because it’s needed to progress): there’s a lot of fun to be had in those parts.

      • malkav11 says:

        Actually, if you run around doing sidequests and opening areas before you do story stuff it’s extremely easy to dramatically outlevel most of the enemies both in story missions and in the various areas you wander through.

        And the dragons are tedious repetitive HP bags, so I’d do maybe one or two to see what they’re like and then skip them.

        Also, the DLCs are the best content in the game.

  39. gabrielonuris says:

    I was thinking about giving Fallout 4 a chance in this free weekend and… For Christ sakes, it’s the worst time waster I’ve played in my life since Borderlands.

    It’s basically “Crafting: The Game”. I can get over the lacking RPG mechanics, bullet sponge enemies, horrendous AI and path finding, but the crafting? Nope, I’ve drawn a line right there. People will say it’s optional, but the game mechanics were obviously designed around the junk you find in every Bethesda game.

    So, Vampire Bloodlines it is. For the twentieth (and surely not the last) time, of course.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Bloodlines is always a maybe during each of these what-to-plays.

    • hfm says:

      I have 230 hrs in Fallout 4 + Expansions. I largely ignored the crafting/building system except when a quest dictated that I had to take part in it. And then I did the minimum required to get past it.

      The only thing I did do was connect all my settlements with supply lines so I had an easier time of repairing my X-01 power armor wherever I wanted to. And then also upgraded the snot out of the power armor. Those were minor though. I had pretty much ZERO interest in building weapons or building large settlements. So there is fun to be had in FO4 without getting too burdened by the crafting/settlement building aspect.

  40. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I’ll be playing Endless Space (the original) as I mostly got the hang of it last night (and subsequently stayed up until 3 AM playing it …) and perhaps give another shot at Dark Souls.

  41. fish99 says:

    Only game I’m actively playing is Witcher 3, but I haven’t really put a lot of hours into it yet. Curious to see if it makes my PC melt in this heat.

    I’m also trying to resist picking up an Xbox One S since there’s a plethora of deals right now, but being realistic it still has very few good exclusives.

  42. Ushao says:

    Keystone alpha test most of the weekend for me! I have to say, I’m really enjoying this shooter even though I haven’t enjoyed an online shooter in a long time. Neat concepts, can’t wait to see where they take it.

  43. Rainshine says:

    Trying out the Overwatch free weekend. Last night was… not good. Brand new player up against level 75s, and a suspicious level 3 with a 43 person killing spree. Didn’t win a single game, don’t think any of my teams got outkilled less than five to one.

  44. therighttoarmbears says:

    Two fun games:
    1) Please, 3-month-old-son, sleep. This is a really hard game, with a bunch of weird difficulty spikes, but it’s really rewarding when you finish it. Hoping to be done with it by the end of the weekend.
    2) Learning Godot. Really fun, easy-to-learn cross-platform engine. I don’t fool myself that I’ll ever have a gamedev revenue stream (I have a very fine day-job that I enjoy and trained most of my life to have), but it’s a really great creative outlet. Currently going to try to make a gloriously over-the-top Pong clone, just to practice the various bits & bobs involved in finishing a game.
    3) If, after all those have reached good places and I have more time (haha haha), perhaps some more Unexplored, which is a grand old time.

  45. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Prey. Starting to make some headway with the game (17 hours) and the combat is becoming a lot easier but I’ve started to get into the exploration a lot more. The security stations allowing you to pinpoint every crew member is brilliant.

    Maybe Dead Cells. I’m up to the first boss and I’m not really having a good time. It’s one of those boss fights where the first 3/4 of the fight doesn’t even matter because the last 1/4 will destroy you anyway. Might wait until a few updates balance things out.

    I am also finding with Dead Cells that I am always gravitating towards the weapons that have a critical hit condition to them such as the assassin’s dagger (backstabs) or the infantry bow (close up). It just feels less satisfying to play with weapons that don’t give you that crunchy sound effect and big yellow damage indicator.

  46. April March says:

    Just playing a lot of Overwatch every time I have some gaming time with the PC. My team even won some matches! Actually, i even got a few best plays! (Which I don’t think it’s a big deal, but surprised me.) It’s definitively my jam, but I don’t think it’s their asking price my jam. (Admitedly, it’s been so long that I last bought an AAA game at anything other than a 90% off fifth anniversary sale my sense of pricing might be twisted. Though I like to think it’s been twisted to its proper place.) I’ll probably wait until it’s like 50% off at least, so I’ll enjoy this weekend while I can.

  47. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I’m playing some Gwent beta. Was unsure of the radical changes since closed beta but am coming around to them. Probably for the best, though I will miss some now obsolete strategies. It’s a fun game, but very very different from Witcher 3 Gwent.

    Also finished Deus Ex Mankind Dividid DLC Criminal Past. It’s quite good. Much more of a standalone story than the other expansions, framed as a flashback, with an interesting (infiltrate prison and find undercover agent) setup. It’s sizeable enough, though the compressed timeframe – everything goes down in one day – did make me wonder what it would be like to do a prison infiltration (or escape) game where you have to slowly work your way towards a goal within the routine of prison life over the course of days or even weeks, or months (not real-time obviously). Most prison fiction is about this slow build up, gathering tools and building a plan, stealing a spoon here, digging through a wall there, talking to the right person during lunch or recess… would be neat to do that interactively.

    Criminal Past hits some of those notes, but it all happens in one go.

    • malkav11 says:

      There’s a little bit of that in Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. (which I think you can only buy now as part of Dark Athena).

      Also, I haven’t actually played it but I think that’s pretty close to the premise of The Escapists.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        I played the demo of Riddick once… might have to play the game proper sometime. And maybe Escapists as well then.

  48. VeNT666 says:

    Living in Cornwall I shall be avoiding tourists and the beach (and my family) by playing that there fallout 4 that I upgraded my rig for last year but then didn’t buy. I may also purchase it during the free weekend steam is running.

  49. zinzan says:

    Playing family wedding, garden rebuilding and possible some child entertaining.

    PC Games wise : Combat Mission PBeM turns at least and definitely some slither.io

  50. hfm says:

    I hate saying this .. but after importing the original Demon’s Souls and finishing all of it and playing a large amount of Dark Souls (never finished it, but I got pretty far before getting tired of a certain sloggish part of it and dumping it).. I plucked Dark Souls II: Scholar out of my backlog and tried to start that.

    I’ve taken a couple routes through trying to get to various areas after that first town you get to.. I have become completely terrified to progress anywhere. Not sure how this happened. There’s that huge guy with a huge sword that looks the least imposing on a platform just past some water/stairs area. Then I went a different direction just past a wooded canopy area to a stone structure.

    I have no idea why I have this immense feeling of terror and dread trying to progress in this game. That’s never happened before in all my gaming career (30+ years). It’s freaking me out.