Super Mega Baseball 2 shows off more-realistic art style

Super Mega Baseball 2

Pretty much everyone I mention my love of baseball to in the UK says “but it’s just rounders with bigger bats!”, which is a bit like saying football is just a giant game of balloon keepie uppie.

We’re not exactly overrun with good baseball games on PC, but Super Mega Baseball is about the best. It’s a cartoon representation of America’s pastime with a surprisingly complex physics system, satisfying mechanics, and addictive gameplay that keeps me coming back for one more swing.

So I’m super mega excited for the sequel, Super Mega Baseball 2 [official site], which has just got a new video detailing a more-realistic art style as well as a release window of September.

The pre-beta build footage looks cracking. The stadiums are bigger and more colourful, the animations are sharper, and the chins are smaller. But don’t worry: this is still the goofy series we know and love, with over-the top presentation and sparks flying from your bat. I’m hopeful that the final release will knock it out of the park.

Here’s the video in full, with Scott from developer Metalhead Software talking through the changes:

If you fancy stepping up to the plate in the original, it’s £14.99 on Steam.


  1. smisk says:

    I got the first game in a recent Humble Bundle, and have barely played anything since! This is looking even better, definitely a day one buy for me.

  2. draglikepull says:

    I bought the first one on a whim when I saw it on sale for $5 and subsequently convinced all my friends it was worth buying at full price. Such a fun game.

  3. Merry says:

    Pretty much everyone I mention my love of baseball to in the UK says …

    Why the preemptive strike? I assure you that everyone in the UK is no more stupid than everyone in the US.

    • titanomaquis says:

      Maybe the author doesn’t mention their love of baseball to many people outside of the UK.

      Also, people in the US typically view baseball positively, so it wouldn’t be “pretty much everybody” were the author to ask Americans, if the sample size was at all significant.

      • itsbenderingtime says:

        Also, we Americans don’t know what rounders is (are?).

        • tigerfort says:

          Rounders is a game most UK people play at primary school (up to age 10) but not afterwards; it has the same basic structure as baseball.

    • ffordesoon says:

      …Couldn’t that line just be a statement of fact or a humorous observation? I didn’t detect any hostility. I could truthfully say “Pretty much everyone I mention my love of comic books to says, ‘You mean like [insert superhero here]?'” That’s a fact of my lived experience, not an insult to people who don’t know about cool indie comics or whatever.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      I think you’ve misinterpreted this statement slightly, I don’t sense any hostility, and no indication that anyone is stupid – it’s a pretty common perception of Baseball in the UK. Japes, friend; just japes.

  4. Viral Frog says:

    I got the first in a Humble Bundle recently. Had it installed, but decided (purely because of the graphics design) that it probably wasn’t going to be that great. So I uninstalled it. I really shouldn’t judge books by their covers. If it’s as good as this article implies, then I can’t pass it up. I’ve remotely installed and will be giving it a whack (lol!) as soon as I’m home for the day.

  5. Canadave says:

    Super Mega Baseball is basically the long-lost sequel to the classic RBI Baseball series so far as I’m concerned, and no matter what the MLB tells you. Despite the goofy look, it really captures the feel of baseball extremely well, and I really like the way pitching and batting works. The way you can tweak the difficultly for each facet of the game individually is pretty cool, too.

    So yeah, I’m really looking forwards to the sequel. Hopefully the season mode becomes just a little more robust, fiddling with the coaches and staff wasn’t much fun, so it’d be nice to have a more intuitive way of improving your team.

  6. Be_reasonable says:

    Can you play this game online?

    • Person of Interest says:

      SMB 2 has online play (co-op, versus, and possibly matchmaking?) but if the single player is as solid as the original, I’ll probably stick to that.

  7. keefybabe says:

    Wait… Football ISN’T a giant game of balloon keepie uppie?

  8. ButteringSundays says:

    Awesome – it’s a great game! One of those hidden gems (although the Humble Bundle definitely dragged it into the spotlight, best decision those devs ever made).

    However I think that the assessment that this has a “more-realistic art style” is a bit of an overstatement. It’s just higher-fidelity, but clearly still quite stylised. It has the same aesthetic as its predecessor – which honestly I think is fantastic. Far too much uncanny-valley in the sports game world – FIFA games are full on chamber of horrors these days. Honestly more games need to look like this IMO. It’s a FUN game. Reminds me of the kind of thing you get on Nintendo consoles, just pure unadulterated entertainment, unashamed.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    “The stadium’s are bigger ” Come on now, that’s not how you pluralize stadium.

  10. April March says:

    Pretty much everyone I mention my love of baseball to in the UK says “but it’s just rounders with bigger bats!”, which is a bit like saying football is just a giant game of balloon keepie uppie.

    In which they are both factually correct statements?