Ride eternal, shiny and chrome: Crossout hits open beta

Online post-apocalyptic car combat game Crossout has left paid early access and rolled into free-to-play open beta. Crossout lets players build their own scrapcars then drive into battle with PvE missions and PvP action. Our boy Brendy had a play during the early access days and dug the core of it, though not the grind. I guess we’ll see how much has changed over the past nine months. For now, a launch trailer:

Crossout is made by Targem Games, who were behind scrappy car ’em up Hard Truck Apocalypse (aka Ex Machina), and published by the War Thunder gang at Gaijin Entertainment. A bit like War Thunder, the free-to-play grind to unlock car parts by playing rather than paying sounds like it becomes a real chore. Brendy said:

“I cannot emphasise enough how much of a shame this is, because the actual game buried underneath all this nightmarish grind-goop is excellent. Build a weird apocalypse car and go to war in it? Yes, please! If only you could make things like those shown in the exhibition tab without jumping through all these disgusting hoops. Some hoops? Fine. But not these hoops. These hoops are rotten.”

The update taking Crossout from early access to open beta added a new PvP map and a new faction to befriend. Building your reputation with the Steppenwolfs will let you unlock mechanical legs to make a walking car, which sounds wild. See this for more details on the update.

Right now, Crossout’s open beta is only available through its own client on its site. While early access was through Steam, the Steam open beta version will follow later. The official word on this weirdness is that “there has been some concerns regarding server overload if both the non-steam communities and the Steam communities were able to flood the game all at once.” Players will be able to start playing this then link their Steam account and continue there later, if they want.


  1. int says:

    We go in! We kill! Kill! We kill ’em! They kill us, we kill them! Kill ’em! Kill ’em! Kill! Kill!

    • Psychomorph says:

      llik! llik! me llik! me llik! meth llik ew, su llik yeth! me llik ew! llik! llik ew! ni og ew!

  2. JarinArenos says:

    Can you unlock the grindy stuff in PvE, or are you forced into PvP to progress, and PvE is just training, like Dreadnaughts?

  3. Veav says:

    There is no PvE. For the first ten levels Crossout fakes you into believing you can play against bots but then it yoinks the sheet.
    You’re matched against people from there on out.

    • Veav says:

      -sorry, they did add the pumpjack runs and those are legit PvE content, but each mission type has its own loot table. If you only do PvE then there’s gear types you cannot access outside of trading on the market.

  4. Seafoam says:

    The game seems interesting, but there is just one thing really bugging about the aesthetics.
    The cars feel like they’re unmanned drones, not pieces of scrap melded together in a religious manner, not the apocalyptic tool of survival ala Mad Max.
    I keep comparing it to the Mad Max game, and the vehicles here feel soulless in comparison. In Mad Max you have Chumbucket and the Warboys clinging on to the speeding scraps of metal in maniacal glee. You can just feel that the automobile is the ultimate weapon, tool, and status symbol in this world. That feeling kept me invested in the game trough the end.
    Here? You could just say that its Robot Wars and I couldn’t tell the difference. Shame really, but what can you do?

  5. Leonick says:

    Well, that went well…

    Tried to install, as soon as setup is complete and the launcher starts my computer gets a bluescreen, tried twice. Manually starting the installed launched gives and error about a dll not built for Windows or something…

    Couldn’t even uninstall it, the uninstaller was corrupted it said…

    • cafeoh says:

      Sounds like a driver, HDD/SSD or ram issue to me. You might want to do a ram and disk check.

      • Leonick says:

        Seems to be connected to the Killer ethernet driver or software, which is up to date. Frankly, if a single app is consistently causing an issue with a driver when no other apps are, the app is probably just as much to blame as the drivers.

  6. Lurid says:

    Played about three hours now. Feels mostly like a fast paced World of tanks.

    The pve is gated behind a fuel counter, which you can either wait for it to refill, or you can bring a gas tank into pvp.

    Not really what I was hoping for.

  7. Thirdrail says:

    As a Car Wars fan/contributor and lifelong member of the American Autoduel Association, I was more than a little excited to see this game. Sadly, the steering is laggy and the damage system is ludicrous. I lost both my front wheels (not tires, wheels) in a battle and was still driving around, with diminished but functional steering. It was a very short trip from there to the uninstall button.

    I wish Steve Jackson would just make or license an updated version of Autoduel.