Rising Storm 2: Vietnam surges out

And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for?

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam [official site] is now out, taking the serious shooting of the Red Orchestra spin-off into a new era and a new (old) war. From the jungle to city streets, players can recreate the dreadful invasion. Along with 64-player asymmetric action in the traditional Red Orchestra territory control mode, Rising Storm brings big battles with choppers and tunnels in ‘Supremacy’ mode and a smaller 16-player ‘Skirmish’ mode. Observe the war through moving pictures in the launch trailer:

Dreadful war; great tunes.

As in the real war, the two sides are quite different. The US Army and Marine Corps get fancy weapons and attack helicopters, while the Vietnamese get sturdy guns and traps and whatnot.

Pleasingly, and unlike many modern multiplayer shooters, Rising Storm 2 has no weapons and things to unlock. Instead, unlocks are more about cosmetic options: hats, glasses, tattoos, and stuff.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has launched on Steam with a 10% launch discount making it £17.09/20,69€/$22.49 until June 6th. It’s made by Antimatter Games, who made the first Rising Storm too, and published by Red Orchestra mob Tripwire Interactive.

I missed Rising Storm 2’s recent open beta weekend myself so do tell me, gang: what’s it like?


  1. Nauallis says:

    This is 100% PvP?

    • Dorga says:

      I believe so, yes. Red Orchestra 2 had a singleplayer feature but we don’t talk about that.

      • TheSplund says:

        Oh well, YAMPO (yet another multi player only) that I’ll not be buying – like we need another one

        • jmlafrms says:

          Great. The last thing we need is another PCSFBTTPCTTARTG (Person Crying on the Steam Forums Because They Think People Care That They Are Refunding The Game)

        • Premium User Badge

          john_silence says:

          And yet! It’s deeply enjoyable for people who usually favour single-player. There’s no pressure to play like an expert; no count of your deaths on the scoreboard, only your score and your kills – basically the game would rather keep track of what you contributed. It’s still preferable to be prudent so you don’t deplete your team’s tickets all by yourself, but that’s a personal choice.

          I’d argue RS 2 plays almost like a single-player sandbox, so strong is the focus on atmosphere. For instance, there’s music during gameplay – a unique decision as far as multi games go. Rather than a pure contest of skill, this is an assymetrical, layered, and eminently role-playable war game. Pick a grunt (the literal class name) and push alongside your squad, or stay back and take pot shots from a window, or crawl around in the mud, well-concealed yet powerless against artillery strikes. Pick a specialised class and sample other flavours of heroics.

          The game isn’t hugely advanced technically but the maps are packed with intricate detail, verticality, and challenging variations in the density of cover, which leads to a lot of surprises, hand-wringing advances, and short bursts of glory when you end up properly positioned. It’s a great storytelling machine.

          As you can probably tell I’m enjoying this very much, although I’d almost overlooked it since I just bought Day of Infamy – which is going to have to wait at least till the double XP week for RS2 is over :) The Red Orchestra/Rising Storm and Insurgency devs are making great strides towards combining a semblance of realism, a touch of twitchy gunplay, team-based tactics and all-around accessibility.

    • Bastimoo says:

      If you are looking for a large scale semi-realistic Vietnam game you might also check out the UNSUNG mod for ARMA 3.

      It supports PvP as well as PvE, a huge range of different weapons (I think 30+ per side?), tanks, artillery, helicopters, planes, jeeps…..

  2. Dorga says:

    I said it before and I’m going’to say it again, cool game is cool. Well worth your money if you enjoy the series or if you want a more involved man killing game.

  3. Giftmacher says:

    It’s weird how originally there was a Pacific Theater addon and a Vietnam addon developing simultaneously for RO2, with the implicit idea that they’d come out around the same time. Several years later, the Rising Storm team has put out their Pacific Theater game plus their OWN Vietnam game, and the original Vietnam addon still hasn’t come out.

    • wengart says:

      Rising Storm was originally that pacific mod. The modders were apparently doing well enough that Tripwire hired them on as Antimatter games. They then fixed up the Pacific mod into a full release as Rising Storm. (this is all iirc info of course)

      Some folks in the community were unhappy about that, but comparing RS to Heroes of the West and you can definitely see the stark quality difference regardless of the effort put into West.

      The Vietnam mod went standalone sometime in 2014 but I think they’ve gone totally dark since then.z

      My personal thoughts on the modding scene is that folks go too big too often and to succeed at that scale you need some sort of backing. So you either see mods go standalone/get picked up or be abandoned as people realize that making an entire game (even when its based off an existing one) is really hard.

    • vingt-2 says:

      I was part of the dev team of that vietnam mod. We had cool ideas, good ambitions, but little manpower and help from TWI. I went dark in 2011 to focus on my studies, by that time, very little was being worked on. In the meantime I got a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Engineering.
      It’s all about getting real traction and setting reasonable expectations.

  4. shitflap says:

    Is there no wot I think?

  5. Scare Tactics says:

    What I totally didn’t get is the arrow-to-the-knee marketing move of handing out Rising Storm 1 for free one week before the release of RS2. The game, while from 2013, has aged quite well, has been enhanced, bugfixed and balanced by numerous patches and most importantly: still had an active playerbase (which obviously exploded once the game went freebie).

    I can imagine quite a few people comparing both games and sticking to the one they got for free, since it’s..well..free – and basically the same concept, just prettier and with automatic instead of bolt action rifles as the default class.
    I bought RS2 because I like that and to support Tripwire. But I had second thoughts too. Was a completely bonkers move imo.

    • cannedpeaches says:

      I dunno. Think of it this way: there might have been a few hundred concurrent players combined across RO2/RS1 at any given moment. Tiny community. If we accept that maybe 30% of those players would actually purchase RS2 in the first month after release, and 5% of the general gaming public (being VERY generous), that’s a pittance. They’re predicating this on the idea that active RO2/RS1 players are much more likely to purchase RS2, and that the serious RO2/RS1 players are going to migrate to RS2. So if 15% of all the PC gamers out there download RS2, love it, and then realize the community is migrating away to a newer version… they may follow. Especially at the laughably low price point of $22.

      • Hibiskus says:

        This, and also, RS2 is quite different than RO2/RS. Not just an upgrade to automatic rifles. I’ve played around a dozen hours so far, so I only have first impressions, but the game feels a lot more open and complex than its ancestors. RO2 and Rising Storm essentialy boiled down to: squadleaders marking for artilerry strike, commander calling in the strike on objective, squadleaders throwing smoke on objective, then everyone hopefully ran in and capped it. A few maps mixed this up with interesting level design, but in the end, you either followed this golden recipe, or had a bad time.
        RS2 on the otherhand has a lot more diverse options, mostly because the two sides are vastly more asymetrical, so you can’t stick to just one rule of thumb wherever you are. I mean, you have attackhelis and napalm and whatnot on one side, while the other can dig tunnels that the squadmates can use as spwanpoints anywhere on the map. Also, the different functions have been spread out more through the classes which makes the gameplay more interesting.
        So, in short, RS2 absolutely has its own right to exist, and imho its a stepup from previous games. I hope they can beef it up eventually, cuz there’s a reason why that pricetag is so low (there are only a handful of maps at this point).

  6. klops says:


  7. CancerousCanis says:

    Honestly I think I prefer Rising Storm 1/ Red Orchestra 2 to this game. The movement in this game is very clunky and it’s a lot more run and gun then the other 2 games I mentioned.

  8. Neurotic says:

    I think it would help sales if the marketing and word of mouth emphasised a little more that it’s a much more approachable, pick-up-and-play game than perhaps previous entries in the Red Orchestra/Rising Storm series. Sort of clear that old-fashioned stigma of the games being awkward and fiddly.

  9. FieldyGB says:

    Had a quick blast on this tonight and yes it brings back all the right feels from Red Orchestra 2. So yes if you have played any of their earlier work and you enjoyed it then yes go get it immediately. Vietnam setting is lush and deadly..