Arma dev’s free FPS Argo deploying on June 22nd

Arma creators Bohemia Interactive have announced that they’ll launch their free 5v5 tactical shooter spin-off Argo [official site] on June 22nd. They released a public prototype free in November 2016 under their ‘Bohemia Incubator’ label and have been tinkering and expanding it ever since. Argo’s an objective-driven game set on a remake of the original Operation Flashpoint’s island of Malden, and that new Malden is coming to Arma 3 on June 22nd too. Arma 3 will also borrow Argo’s cooperative mode, Combat Patrol. It’ll be a big day for serious simulated shooting.

Argo is a shooter with squads of mercenaries scrapping for scraps of a crashed space station. It’s the same serious shooting as Arma but built into game-y modes rather than simulated warfare. Three competitives modes will have the mercs fighting for control of capture points, racing to capture a series of points in order, or taking turns attacking and defending computers. It’s got a touch of co-op too.

“[Combat Patrol] mode enables up to 10 players to team up and fight against AI in an open-world setting,” Bohemia explain. “Due to its randomized objectives and procedural generation of enemy forces, combined with Malden’s 62 kmĀ² sandbox terrain, each session of Combat Patrol presents new challenges.”

Argo will also include a cut-down version of Arma 3’s scenario editor.

The game will be free. It won’t have microtransactions, though Arma will sell a $10 ‘Argo Supporter’s Pack’ offering exclusive victory animations, cosmetic kitbits, the ability to put vehicles in scenarios you make, access to Bohemia-run premium servers, and your name marked as special on the scoreboards.

If you’ve played the prototype of Argo, you might be interest in this dev blog post going over how Argo has changed since that launch.

Here, this new trailer looks at Link mode:


  1. Premium User Badge

    Grizzly says:

    This seems very clever in quite a few ways: A lightweight version of Arma that also works really well as a demo to the full game? What’s not to like?

  2. skyturnedred says:

    Remember when multiplayer shooters had 30+ people in a match?

    Pepperidge farm remembers.

    • Troubletcat says:

      If you’re trying to make a game that feels really competitive it works better with fewer people – Good luck getting 16 of your friends all together at the same time on a regular basis for co-ordinated team games. And less people means each individual’s impact on the match is more pronounced.

      Plenty of big team games like Battlefield still exist and aren’t going anywhere if that’s your thing, though. In fact the game this article is about is a spin-off of a game that supports over a hundred players in a match if you want that many.

    • drinniol says:

      I regularly play King of the Hill with 63 other players in Arma, this may be the wrong game to complain about :P

    • Bastimoo says:

      If you want the 30+ Player Version, simply buy Arma 3.

    • jhk655 says:

      remember when you knew what the hell you were talking about? yeah, I don’t either.

      Arma supports more simultaneous players than any other “shooter” I can think of. This thing is just a lite version of Arma.

  3. Michael Manning says:

    Get the thing and put it in the thing then hold the thing to link the thing to the thing and wait for the thing to interrupt the thing then capture the thing