Altogether ooky: echolocation horror Perception is out

Perception [official site], the horror game exploring the history of a spooky house through the ears of a blind woman with magical Daredevil echolocation, is now out. Our Adam already told us all Wot He Thinks of it last week, which is that it doesn’t quite come together, but now you can actually buy and play it yourself and form your own opinions then, as appropriate, tell Adam to: 1) cram it; 2) keep on keeping on; or 3) you know, whatever.

Perception stars Cassie, a young woman haunted by dreams of a spookhouse. Off she goes to Echo Bluff to poke around, coming to discover the stories of previous residents and meeting a g-g-g-ghost! or two.

Many of the folks from developers The Deep End Games previously worked at Irrational on the BioShocks. They helped fund Perception through a Kickstarter and, two years later, it’s out. Here’s a lump of Adam’s thoughts on how it’s turned out:

“Not creepy or scary enough to quite work as a horror game, and without the sense of investigation that would make it work as a mystery, Perception falls between two posts. Its premise is strong and the echolocation works well, but there simply isn’t enough to do in that old house, other than knock on the walls and listen to tales of times gone by. It’s a game that I wanted to like so much more than I do, partly because it’s so visually appealing and partly because Cassie is such a likeable character. She deserves a better story for herself rather than to be an observer of other peoples’ lives.”

A launch discount makes Perception £15.65/20€/$20 on Steam and a few Britcents more on GOG.


  1. Da5e says:

    Whatever happened to Memory of a Broken Dimension? That looked like Scary Echolocation – But On The Computer.

  2. Rinox says:

    There are actually documented cases of people who were born blind using echolocation to navigate through the world. It’s rare, but not necessarily magical! :-)

    • MajorLag says:

      In fact, it’s a skill that can be taught, even to sighted people.

      However, it has significantly less resolution than the game. In that sense, the game’s depiction is pretty magical.

  3. Unsheep says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the studio that promised a physical copy to certain backers, should the Kickstarter be successful, but then decided NOT to actually give them a physical copy ?!